What's the difference between Density and Resolution ? (by lc8b105)

Suppose that a Voxel object is combined of 10000 small voxel unit.

1. Change Density will simply change the scale of the object in current space(please note each space/volume has it's own density). It will not change the number of it's voxel unit.

For example decrease Density twice will result in: Object size will twice as big as initial, but the number of it's voxel unit will not be changed, still keep 10000.

2. Change Resolution will change the actual number of it's voxel unit. For example degrade resoluion twice will result in: The number of it's voxel unit will become less, may be only 5000 left or even less.

1. Change Desnsity is quite easy. Just right click on corresponding “Volume” in VoxeTree panel, then choose “Decrease object 2X (increase density)” or “Increase object 2X (decrease density)”.

2. You can increase the Resolution of voxel object by click “Inc. res” button in the left tool panel.

Right click on “Volume”, there is a commond named “Clone and degrade”, it acts just like decrease resolution, but will create a new object(Volume) instead.

In shorty, Density in Voxel just like Scale in polygon world. Resolution in Voxel just like Subdivision in Polygon world. Not exactly, just a comparison.

Below is an example shown as picture:

1. The first picture shows decrease resolution.

2. The second picture shows decrease density.

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