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 ===Sketch=== ===Sketch===
 +Allows you to create volumetric objects using x,y,z projections (thanks PAbloAB).\\
 +White: add geometry.\\
 +Black: subtract geometry.\\
 +Ctrl + LMB: to paint black.\\
 +Clear Current: Fill black, each axis separately.\\
 +Fill Current: Fill white, each axis separately.\\
 +Reset Sketch: Resets all axes to white, the cube is created again.\\
 +Reference Image: activate.\\
 +Black and white image 512x512.\\
 [[https://​​qqhs468E3fQ|Skecth tool 2022+]]\\ [[https://​​qqhs468E3fQ|Skecth tool 2022+]]\\
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