This workspace is built based on the needs of modeling the basic shapes using easy tools.
It’s important to focus on the blocking stage of modeling and construct base forms for blocking out the basic shape of bodies, animals, robots, vehicles, etc.
Keep in mind when dealing with the overall shape of what you want to create, is that complex shapes are always just a combination of simple shapes.
Neil Blevens has a legendary blog post where he talks about primary, secondary, and tertiary shapes.

Example by Neil Blevens


Primitives: Use primitives to create the basis for many and varied starting shapes.
Import: This tool lets you import polygonal meshes.
Curves: It lets you place spline points directly into your scene or apply a brush along a curve.
Text: Lets you place text along a spline curve, and create text in voxel form.
Logo: The logo tool lets you import any black and white picture and convert it to voxels.
Constructor: Simplifies the 3D modeling process for PixelArt using basic geometric shapes as bricks.
Sketch: This tool is a very important addition the the toolset. It lets you create a volume object with 2 or 3 image projection, if you use 3 images, the voxel object will be more detailed.
Snake: Clicking and dragging with the LMB creates a snake-like shape in your viewport.
Spikes: Functions exactly like the snake tool, except that it tapers on the end point, causing a spike-like appearance.
Muscle: Lets you easily sculpt muscle- and tendon-looking shapes.
Cloth: This tool is a cloth simulator which you can use to drape a polygon mesh over another object.


Cut Off: Cuts polygonal or spline-shaped section away from a sculpture all the way through the volume.
Measure: By clicking and dragging with the “LMB” you can measure from the beginning to the end of your stroke allowing you to more accurately sculpt to scale.
Pose: This tool is great for quickly changing the rotation, scale and translation of a selection.
Move: This tool is one of the most powerful and versatile tools in the voxel arsenal. Not only can it “adjust” any shape, large or small, but it also can act as an “Extrusion/Intrusion” tool.
Transform: Rotate, scale and translate your currently selected Layer. By grabbing one of the gizmo handles you can constrain to whatever axis you clicked on.
Warp: It lets you twist and bend the currently selected object Layer in the Voxtree.
Axial: Some applications call this “Radial Symmetry”. Any Voxel Layer can be duplicated and rotated in number and angle from a central axis.
Bas-Relief: This looks at the existing volume of an object, and extrudes to create new volume based on the position of the gizmo.


Res +: Use this to add voxel resolution only when you have exhausted the ability of the current resolution to add sufficient detail to your sculpture. Increasing the resolution will effectively double the amount of voxels the current object layer has.
Resample: This presents you with a dialog that allows you to adjust the resolution of your model “up or down”, as you require.
Clear: Will clear all voxel information from the current layer.
Smooth All: Performs step smoothing of everything on the current voxel layer.

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