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Sometimes it is necessary to modify models in some more extreme ways, without changing the underlying topology - Poses, extreme body changes and morphs, to name a few. This is where the Tweak Room comes into play.
This Room is often overlooked and underused, yet it possesses some of the most simple and powerful means to create “after the fact” mesh modifications, model poses and morph targets. All the changes you make here can occur even after you have created topology, UV maps and textures. Great for last minute changes of mind - without ruining all of your hard work. Even minor “sculpting” can be done in the Tweak Room using “Brushes” and “Brush Options”. As in other Rooms, the “Brush Parameters Panel” contains the common Brush Settings. It is important to note that all of the Paint Room data relies on the existence of the “Objects” found in the “Objects Panel” in the Tweak Room. If for any reason you wish to delete all of your model textures and start over - you also must delete any objects found in the “Tweak Room Objects Panel” by clicking on the “X” for each Object.

Modifying & Morphs
Use these tools to make larger mesh adjustments, after all of your other modeling and texturing steps have been completed. Pose limbs using “Drag Points” - change a thin character into a fat one - create facial morphs for export.
These are just some of the uses for this direct polygonal manipulation set of tools.

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