UV Settings: Setup islands packing area and minimal distance between islands.
Clear clusters: Clears all UV clusters (also called UV islands) and seams.
Clear seams: Clears only the seams of the current mesh.
Auto seams: Clicking this option creates all the required seams automatically, using a best guess approach based on the shape of the object. Newly created seams can still be selected or removed using the 'Mark seams' work mode. It will essentially create seams automatically with a “best guess” on what edges to select as the seams.
Sharp Seams: Set seams in dependence on angle between faces. It is useful for hardsurface UV mapping.
Unify UV: Move all faces to the current UV-set. If need you may delete remaining empty UV-sets using “Delete unused UV-Sets”.
Unwrap: Fits all clusters into the UV space.
AutoMap: This is exactly same method of unwrapping as used in import dialog for automapping. It is planar mapping with test of clusters self-intersection. This method is most stable and eats any (even nonmanifold) geometry but creates too many islands.
Pack UV: This will pack all unwrapped UV clusters onto the UV map, according to a guide “rectangle” which you define. When this operation is complete, you can then edit the islands on the UV map. At this point you can perform many essential functions which require a UV map.
Shuffle/Pack: Pack the current set of UV islands in the UV set, overlapping islands will be shuffled. No unwrapping performed, only packing will be done.
PackUV2: Pack UV islands without rotation and flipping. They will be only scaled and moved to for better packing. Press CTRL to shuffle.
Auto Scale: Auto scale all islands to have equal proportion between square in space and square in UV-set.
Update Islands: When you have an existing island, and further mark a seam on that island causing it to become two, you will need to perform the “Update Islands” command to carry that information to the UV Preview Panel so that you will then have those two UV islands selectable, in the UV Preview Panel.
Update island connectivity. It you have marked or erased several seams on the mesh UV-Map will not be broken into islands immediately. You need to update islands to split or connect existing islands.
Restore UV: Restore the UV's from the mesh in Paint room. This synchronizes both rooms.
Apply UV-set: Applies the current Unwrapping scheme to the current Retopo mesh.
Save: Save UV information to a file. This option saves the marked or unmarked seam and cluster information in the current scene so it can be edited later. It does not export the final UV-Map. Use the 'Import/Export textures' dialogue in the File menu for that.
Load: Load previously saved UV information from a file.
Save contour: This command allows to save contour in real scale as EPS or DXF for further laser cutting. Length of lines corresponds to geometrical length. It is helpful if you want to cut shape using laser cutter and glue parts together.

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