There are only 2 categories of export which can be performed while working in the Paint Workspace:
1.Export of the polygonal model as defined in the Retopo Workspace.
2.Export of all of the Painted Textures which have been created in the Paint Workspace.

All Texture Painting Data is contained within the various Layers which have been created in the Paint Workspace.
This data exists in the form of the 5 basic UV Maps that are created at the same time you Paint that information onto your sculpture.

As is the case when exporting data from the UV Workspace it must be put into a format that other applications understand. This format is that of a UV Map. Separate maps are saved for each of the 5 categories of texture that you have created by painting onto your model: Diffuse Color, Glossiness Color, Emissive Intensity, Normal (bump) information and Displacement information.

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