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Your current version is 3.2.00 New stable version 4.9.02 is available.
Download latest stable version:

3D-COAT 4.9.02

There is list of changes:

3D-COAT 4.9.02
2019-07-26 23:17:27

- Retopo commands like shell/extrude/etc... will not follow mouse movements, all extrusions will be commited only with the gizmo manipulations.
- Navigation keys assignment fixed.
- Painted metallicity is not destroyed by cutoff.
- Fixed different problems related to attached smart materials.
- Essentially faster switching between smart materials.
- CTRL in paint mode works like eraser if smart material enabled.
- better quality of brushing along drawn curve (especially if curve has not much points).
- Removed duplicate messages about layers locking

3D-COAT 4.9.01
2019-07-23 15:02:30


What's New in 3DCoat 4.9
Paint room:

- Possibility of resolution-independent texture locking over the layer. Importing or calculation of normal map, occlusion, the cavity will lock the layer. Texture will be saved to disk. As soon as you change the resolution, the locked texture will be used instead of the current layer state resampling. It is very important when you want to paint the materials in low quality of textures and then get high quality at the end.

- Moving smart materials to other folder takes less space in RMB menu, it is consolidated into a single line with the submenu.

- Support of 16-bit PNG for alphas.

- Edge width correction for Cube mapping, dedicated settings panel for cube mapping.

Sculpt room:

- CutOff in surface mode completely redone. Now the shape of the cut is very uniform and accurate. Depth and back plane limitations produce an accurate sharp cut. Soft booleans supported (see image).

- Soft booleans for all primitives, volumes merging, cutoff.

- List of ghosted, isolated volumes stored into scene file (3B).

- Much more stable and powerful Geometry->Close holes.

- Automatic closing the objects before the voxelization.

- Store pose selection to layer, picking pose selection from the layer. Works similar (to some degree) to poly groups.

- Load/Save option for noise.

- Correct brushing on the edge of the mesh (blob effect decreased a lot).

- Pose tool angle snapping problem fixed.

UV/Retopo room:

- Sharp edges support in Retopo room. Baking, import/export supported.

- Context sensitive RMB menu in retopo room, it is especially helpful in "Select" tool for low-poly modeling.

- In UV settings you may control the default unwrapping method.

- Extrude-like tools in retopo room are more convenient and intuitive, similar to other 3d editors.

- Unwrap method "To stripe" has been polished and set as default within the "Unwrap" command to be used when applicable. This method unwraps strips of quads into accurate and straight lines. Unwrap detects such cases automatically.

New curves (enable in Preferences -> Show beta tools):

- Edge for all curve modifiers can be customized in a really rich way.

- A truly rich set of curves modifiers (RMB over the curve):

- Swept Surface 1

- Creating a surface of revolution

- Polyhedron

- Swept Surface 2

- Swept Surface 3

- Goose, Bird, Dolphin

General changes:

- Possibility to relocate 3DCoat's data folder in the Edit menu.

- Support of language correction. Press F2 to correct any text in UI. You may also add new languages support within the UI and translate any UI elements.

- Automatic zipping of scenes. It is disabled by default, enable it in preferences to use.

- Create alphas from 3D models updated - fast preview rendering (previously it was software rendering), so high-poly meshes allowed there.

- Image files recognized not by extension (that may be wrong) but by signature. It prevents multiple user errors. Sometimes files downloaded from the internet have wrong extension.

- Correct alpha channel visualization in Paint mode for polygonal models (not voxels/surface!). Polygons sorted from back to front in real time for correct rendering. It works fast, but if you feel it is slow, you can turn it off in the View menu.

- .exr added to the list of extensions, acceptable for pen alpha.

- EPS files import corrected.

- Ref images changed.

- ESC closes guides.

- Edit plaсement and paint over ref images are separated to different menu commands to avoid unintentional painting.

- Possibility to show plane only for exact views (option in references droplist).

- FBX support up to FBX 2019.

- Importing multiple 3dcpacks.

3D-COAT 4.8.37
2019-04-09 15:47:41

2.04.2019 4.8.37

- Context sensitive RMB menu in retopo room, it is especially helpful in "Select" tool for low-poly modeling.

- Extrude-like tools in retopo room are more convenient and intuitive, similar to other 3d editors.

- Sharp edges marking in Retopo room. Baking, import/export supported.

- In UV settings you may control the default unwrapping method.

- List of ghosted, isolated volumes stored into scene file (3B).

- Bunch of crashes fixed.

21.03.2019 4.8.36
- Unwrap method "To stripe" polished and set as default within "Unwrap" command to be used when applicable. This method unwraps strips of quads into accurate and straight lines. Unwrap detects such cases automatically.

- Voxelizing dialog offers new options - closing holes and additional subdivision before the voxelizing.

- Options for automatic holes closing/additional subdivision during the voxelisation.

- Pose tool angle snapping problem fixed, switching from other tools to Pose tool transforms freeze state to pose selection, Undo problems in pose + free form fixed.

- fixed various pose undo problems.

SL version:

- New tool in surface toolset: Magnigy layers

- Magnify depth tool works correctly for sculpt layers.

- Clone tool for sculpt layers works correctly.

- FillTool + sculpt layers are working correctly.

- Enabled eraser tool for sculpt layers.

15.03.2019 4.8.35

- Possibility to unwrap stripe-like UV islands into straight lines. Use "UV->Selected->To Stripe".
- Store pose selection to layer, picking pose selection from the layer. Works similar (to some degree) to poly groups in ZB.
- Edge for all curve modifiers may be customized in really rich way.
- Less memory consumption during the export. It means possibility for stable 16K textures export.
- Unused locked textures will be deleted automatically to save disk space.
- Running several different versions of 3D-Coat will not interfere with each other. Previously it was causing problems with Undo, eliminating cached volumes.
- FBX import without vertices welding to preserve vertex order during the export/import
- Curves got really rich update. Now it is possibly to construct many different shapes using curves in non-destructive way. Click RMB over the curve and look at the list of modifiers. There are videos that describe how it works:
Swept Surface 1 - https://youtu.be/8BCawmVqGK4
Creating a surface of revolution - https://youtu.be/XdYuoaNIwsA
Polyhedron - https://youtu.be/c7Xld8udEXM
Swept Surface 2 - https://youtu.be/pLkBVx8vKPI
Swept Surface 3 - https://youtu.be/p8g6pn_810s
Sword - https://youtu.be/Qyy-aqPG1iY
Goose - https://youtu.be/f9mY5wlvvwA

26.02.2019 4.8.34

- Very important! Possibility of resolution-independent texture locking over the layer. Importing or calculation of normalmap, occlusion, cavity will lock layer. Texture will be saved to disk. As soon as you will change resolution, the locked texture will be used instead of current layer state resampling. It is very important if you want to paint materials in low quality of texture and then get high quality at the end.

- Support of 16-bit PNG tor alphas

- Fixed polygon - painting mode (in E-panel) for materials painting in UV mode.

- "Ghost but this" corrected, it is not screwed by Undo anymore.

- Toggle UI visibility using TAB or Windows->Toggle Popup/Docked Windows.

- FBX export preserves vertex order

- Indication of ortho/perspective in right bottom corner

- Export presets listed in File->Create extension

- Correct loading scenes with transparency on Layer0

- Create alphas from 3D models updated - fast preview rendering (previously it was software rendering), so high-poly meshes allowed there.

- Image files recognized not by extension (that may be wrong) but by signature. It prevents multiple user errors. Sometimes files, downloaded from internet have wrong extension.

- Correct alpha channel visualization in paint mode for polygonal models (not voxels/surface!). Polygons sorted from back to front in real time for correct rendering. It works fast, but if you feel it is slow, you may turn it off in View menu.

- exr added to the list of extensions, acceptable for pen alpha.

- Importing models as alphas window is now hardware accelerated, big models acceptable too.

31.01.2019 4.8.33

- Edge width correction for Cube mapping, own settings panel for cube mapping

- EPS files import corrected.

- Fixed problem of 16/32 bit tiff/exr alphas importing.

- Fixed double undo problem in pose tool and lasso/rect selection

- Restored Rotate/scale controls in transform gizmo

- Correct undo after voxelization of the volume, attached to curve.

- Load/Save option for noise

- Fixed problem in curves tool - sometimes only one instance of the model was appearing.

- Importing multiple 3dcpacks

- Enabled supports for printing

- Fixed negative alpha issue

3D-COAT 4.8.32
2019-01-25 09:38:19

11.01.2019 4.8.32

- more intuitive job with "Virtual mirror" in retepo room. By default the active side is where more polygons placed.

- Fixed crash when new shader created in empty Paint room

- Switching between camera shortcuts does not cancel chosen material.

- zipping scenes polished, but still requires testing.

- Enabled Reproject in SL version

29.12.2018 4.8.31

- Fixed many different undo issues.

- Drag & Drop multiple layers in VoxTree

- Better picking edges/points in retopo room even if pen radius is tiny.

- Ref images changes:

1) ESC closes guides

2) Edit plaсement and paint over ref images are separated to different menu commands to avoid unintentional painting.

3) Possibility to show plane only for exact views (option in references droplist)

25.12.2018 4.8.30

- Fixed problems related to pressure.

- FBX support up to FBX 2019

- Undo problems fixed.

21.12.2018 4.8.29

- Zipping-on-the-fly now optional, turn it on in Preferences->AutoZipScenes. Now it works safely, even huge scenes supported, no contradiction with undo. The problem with undo existed for a long time, now fixed. Generally need to test this feature before serious usage, but IMO it is now stable.

- Freeze state kept during resampling/res+

- Fixed hide tool issues, modifying hidden areas protected whenever possible.

- Fixed problem of scenes export/import where scale=1 and shift is non-zero

- Merge 3B file problem fixed

- autopo call in applinks fixed

- moved Subdivider to the bottom

- Fixed problems related to measure tool with fixed length + curved mode

- Import raw voxels corrected (import extensions, auto-guess)

Sculpt layers:

- Fixed merge down command

21.11.2018 4.8.28

- Important! 3B scenes are zipped on the fly, so will take much less space on the disk! Saving does not lock main procss, so you may continue to work while 3D-Coat saves scene.

- Fixed crash related to screenshot in multi-display mode.

- Fixed problem related to picking volumes after scene loading

- "Naive" padding seamlessness improved essentially.

- stability of cutoff improved

- fixed crash in spike/muscle/etc tools

- Smooth all in surface mode works correctly with multiselection.

- Pose rect selection, gizmo at center mass

- fill layer problem fixed

- fixed crash during DEL


- Possibility to save curves to separate files

- Support of multiple modifiers per curve

Sculpt Layers

- Remove stretching compatible with SL

3D-COAT 4.8.25
2018-10-26 23:41:40

24.10.2018 4.8.25

- Fixed baking issue from the surface mode (critical one, multiple shells was created in 23 build)
- Booleans in surface mode - more stable and faster. Soft booleans!
- rotate/scale buttons in transform tool.
- Generally faster brushing in surface mode because of faster picking algorithm.
- Renaming any layer to 2+2 will name it not 4 but 2+2
- The removed redundant offer of old-style occlusion baking.
- Pose tool multi-symmetry correct support
- The removed invisible close icon in UI that was leading to unexpected windows closing.
- New import option - sharp edges over seams
- Add joints manually in Joints tool
- Custom gamma correction in the viewport for different monitors support, look Preferences
- Better UI for export dialog.
- Multiple stability improvements, UI related bugs fixed.
Curves changes:

- You may display chunks length, double-click over the number will change it to the given value.
- Partial extrude, selected points only.
- Possibility to display length of chunks between sharp points (in curve RMB settings), double-click on the value will change the length without affecting neighbor lengths.

SculptLayers version:

Important improvement! Much less memory consumption for per-pixel painting. Stiil requires some testing if nothing is broken in PPP.

5.09.2018 4.8.23.

- Fixed the crash problem in the measure tool( point of the first click equals to point of the second click)
- Problem of flipping pen direction fixed.
- Fixed export crash
- Measurement units kepth between sessions
- fixed problem of scaling during fill (if scene has scale <> 1)
- fixed rare crash related to complex UI configurations.
Sculpt layers:

- Duplicate layer works correctly
- Reproject tool polished, correctly works with scale, well documented via tooltips, may project color and depth and keep all this in layers.

5.09.2018 4.8.22.

- Fixed painting with symmetry problems - incorrect alpha rotation.
- Correct lasso job in UV preview window.
- 3DC does not calculate cavity/occlusion for invisible objects.
- Solved problem of UI layout changes during new/import/applinks interaction.
- Fixed problems of RMB/LMB outside the curves window.
- Fixed Undo issue if you delete object from the vox tree using backet icon.
- Proxy additional warning to prevent loosing cached volumes.
- Doubleclick to delete point in curve window, correct edit of Tapering and other windows with curves on smaller screens.
- Correct name of volume after merging mesh with complex extension
- Highlight volume information correctly stored, not lost after Coat's restart.

Sculpt layers:

- Reprojection tool! Yo may reproject using brush or whole scene
- fixed flickering of UI during depth opacity changing.


- correct points extrude function over partially selected curve.

25.08.2018 4.8.20
- Correct "Pick point1/2" picking in FIll tool
- solved different problems of volumes multiselection
- fixed script commands SetCurVolume, SelectVolume
- Open VDB codec enabled.
- baking corrected. There was a lot of problems of baking non-closed objects in surface representation.


- primitives for curves
- Curves->Modifiers menu
- Extrude points
- a lot of polishing of different tools.
- back side of curve visibility toggle.


- Merge Down, Merge Visible
- correct load/save of scene
- a lot of polishing and bugfix.

3D-COAT 4.8.20
2018-07-27 13:12:39

3D-COAT 4.8.18
2018-06-16 09:49:04

- Skip textures export if need (checkbox in export dialog).

- Axial rotation in text primitive.

- fixed problem of positioning Tool params window

- Select visible islands in UV/Retopo rooms with rectangle.

- Store camera/[panorama data to the preset.

- Curves "Apply" corrected to work in all tools.

- Possibility to click to fill in material editor (in fill tool)

- Better picking corners in all windows where curve edit required.

- Fixed problems with 8k curvature

3D-COAT 4.8.16
2018-05-23 12:31:11

- Retopo via decimation works correctly with objects of non 1.0 scale.

- Lasso works correctly in fill tool

- Correct Transform+pick volumes. Use CTRL/SHIFT to select/unselect.

- fixed problem of some commands in space menu (at the end of list)

- Fixed potential instability in Light Baking Tool.

- RFill (Quad Fill) included into regular retopo toolset, corrected to work as expected.


- fill by patch remade. Should be faster and more accurate.

- joining points.

- reworked RMB menu

- projecting points on plane

- Correct EPS/spline import export. IGES supported. But IGES is not included in community version, if you need to test it, send me request I will send special key.

- possibility to link several points if snapping to points enabled. They will be moved together.

- many more small changes

3D-COAT 4.8.15D
2018-04-18 11:21:24

3D-COAT 4.8.15C
2018-04-14 09:52:38

- fixed problem of 3B loading (in case of using Curves tool)

3D-COAT 4.8.15
2018-04-06 16:34:50

- fixed scale of objects in Instant meshes
- AppLinks specifications updated
- Space Menu shortcuts bar problems fixed

3D-COAT 4.8.14 beta
2018-04-05 08:08:08

3.04.2018 4.8.14

- Instant meshes integration. Press RMB over object, AUTOPO->..... It supports symmetry. Don't expect too much. It is about robustness and stability, but not about too great quality.

- Autopo density problems fixed.

- New curves are in very good state. Still need a lot of development, but now it is closer to Corel in 3D. Still beta. (Edit->Prefs->ShowNewCurvs)

- Posibility of 16-bit export for displacement in export constructor.

- Metall support in picture transform tool. If gloss enabled, imported image will be with metallness. You may vary it with slider.

- FlipX, FlipY, FlipZ for Tweak room

- CTRL+UnifyUV to unify UV sets with same names.

- Import multiple objects for PPP.

11.03.2018 4.8.13

- Correct PSD export, correct dropping to PS with smart materials with masks. But still have problems with attached materials. Export is OK, getting back is sometimes problematic.

- Backface culling in retopo works correctly

- If 3D-Coat unable to start, it tries to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.

- Prevenfing pivot to appear far from scene boundbox.

- To Global / To Uniform space works correctly with multiselection.

- Save VoxTree elements as 3B file works correctly with multiselection. And many other corrected to be compatimle with multiselection.

- Smart transtion between perspective and orthographic mode that keeps scale of scene near the pivot point.

- Correct pivot point management. Avoiding situation when it is randomly set somewhere outside the real scene. Left/Fromt/... views corrected to avoid - situations when you see nothing in scene after switching.

- Primitives in primitives history correct boolean operation type update.

- Curves modifiers got button "Attach to selected curves".

- Tablet pen pressure should be float to support more pressure levels

6.03.2018 4.8.12
- Fixed undercuts (was destroyed)

- Fixed symmetry painting bug (with unsymmetrical alphas).

- Painting with facture works after resampling

- Fixed problem of too bright border when you select VoxTree item in incremental rendering mode

- Constant growing in voxel "Airbrush" tool as written in description.

- Highlight tweaked to be less aggressive

1.03.2018 4.8.11
- VoxTree multiselection support. Still needs some testing if it works correctly for all mode. Please report where you see it fails. There are too much applications of multiselect, so something may be missed. Both VoxTre and Curves tree support CTRL, SHIFT, CTRL+SHIFT multiselection similar to explorer.

- New Curves are in good beta state. Enable it in Edit->Preferences->ShowNewCurves. Pay attention to RMB menu over curves.

- Calculator in each input field. You may enter expressions instead of nubber anywhere, where you need numerical input. For example, enter 1+2 or sin(1.5) or any arithmetic operation incliding trygonometry.

- Highlighting for selected objects. When you select object it flashes shortly a little to locate it easily.

- By default Auto Pick enabled, more easy switching between objects.

- Faster Bas-relief & undercuts.

- "Paste merged" in "Rect/Transform" tool enabled. Seems it works correctly in PPP.

- Fixed mesh exposion during baking with mesh extrusion

- a lot of small corrections in primitives

3D-COAT 4.8.11
2018-02-23 17:34:19

3D-COAT 4.8.10
2018-02-02 20:16:05

3D-COAT 4.8.09
2017-12-24 11:01:44

- Updated transform gizmo - non uniform scaling in plane introduced.
- Fixed UNDO issue when RMB->Save volume as 3B
- Correct SHIFT constraint outside the object in lines lasso mode, correct deleting hotkey (no auto - restore keys of undefined actions), correct lines mode work in several voxel tools.
- Baking problems fixed. Better direction of scanning (angle -weighted), support of N-gons (N up to 128).

Curves changes (enable new cues in Edit->Prefs->ShowNewCurves):
- Snapping to curves, snapping system completely rebuilt.
- ENTER to APPLY curves.
- split curve by click in adding points mode.

- Smart Materials depth scaling is now independent on ortho/perspective/viewport and on viewport size / FOW.
- fixed problem of grayed out export (sometimes, rarely)
- fixed problem of moving UV islands
- possibility to record strokes as curves (enable NewCurves in settings), set RecordStrokes in Curves menu, look CurvesTree

3D-COAT 4.8.07 beta
2017-12-10 10:22:12

7.12.2017 4.8.07

- fixed export problem

5.12.2017 4.8.06

- Fixed problems of Lathe tool (inability to move points)

- Added "Preferences > Tablet Library" selection between "WinTab" and "TabletPC"

- A lot of polishing in primitives (bolts etc)

- New Curves are much more functional now. Still a lot of work there. Find it in Preferences->ShowNewCurves, then enable spline lasso mode in E panel. Look also RMB menu over newely created curves.

24.11.2017 4.8.05

- Correct FBX export/import. Nodes hierarchy, transforms, pivots will be preserved.

- Fixed normal sampling and picking position for non-current object in clay/flaltten and similar tools.

- Fixed problem of Vox Clay with CTRL (was vanishing whole object)

- Fixed Scratches2 brush (it was unsafe, making random holes etc)

- Correct Constructor tool snapping.

- Correct usage of current color in Smart materials. Current color will be stored in attached materials as well.

-A lot of polishing in Primitives, many bugs and inconsitencies fixed.

-A lot of time was spent on updating curves, it is not finished, so not exposed in this build. You may alphatest it, enable Edit -> Prefereces-> ShowNewCurves, restart 3D-Coat. Keep attention, it is alpha version, many things are non-functional. Press E and select Lasso of splines.

3D-COAT 4.8.05
2017-11-03 16:29:18

3D-COAT 4.8.04 beta
2017-10-12 09:50:56

- Fixed problem of baking sculpt shaders to paint room

- Fixed problem of texture preview when you edit shader.

- Bake menu in Paint room. It allows to drop paint objects to Sculpt room, modify there and bake normal/other maps back on paint object.

- Plane tool in paint room works correctly with normalmap layer.

- Sticky kays activation time increased to prevent false sticking.

- fixed problem of very long importing for PPP in some cases.

3D-COAT 4.8.03
2017-09-25 17:16:04


3D-COAT 4.7.37
2017-08-29 15:25:24

3D-COAT 4.7.35 beta
2017-07-26 19:16:20

26.07.2017 4.7.35 [beta]

- Custom render size restored in render room.

- Fill with gradient noise problem fixed

- Preventing duplicate split rings.

25.07.2017 4.7.34 [beta]

- square alphas complete support, even older ones will act correctly.

- possibility to change font size in Preferences->Theme. 4K monitors support. Font will be automatically changed to big size on large resolution.

- "File->Import multiple objects" to import multiple objects in diferent ways.

- Fixed memory leaks during materuals to layers attaching

- Checkbox in Underccuts/bas relief to limit effect below the plane.

- Import AO with channel picking

- Problem of laggy rotation of symmetry plane in General mode fixed. Picking point 2 is also fixed.

- Select all in tweak room

- Possibility to switch between 2 modes during navigation - around Y and free rotation. See navigation panel.

15.06.2017 4.7.32 [beta]

- square alphas distortions fixed. In some cases alphas require reimporting. Square alphas derived from 3D models supported as well.

- fixed different little problems like rotate along motion and stamp.

10.06.2017 4.7.31 [beta]

- better support of square alphas. Less clipped at edges.

- All tools are correctly compatible with layers attacments.

- merge down, apply blending are working correctly with "Replace depth" and materials attaching.

9.06.2017 4.7.30 [beta]

- Possibility to change resolution of texture, attached materials will be automatically resmpled.

- a lot of problems related to attached materials fixed

- correctly updated material ball in layer attachment preview.

- square alphas support.

- Problems of paste UV fixed.

11.05.2017 4.7.29 [beta]

- Copy / Paste / Copy reference / To materials library in RMB menu.

- Fixed problem of non-deletable layers

- Find Sun button in parameters of additional lights in Render room.

- "ReplaceDepth" may be masked by other layer.

- Fixed problem of sliders.

- Fixed problem of lag in retopo tool

- Faster painting over layers with attached materials.

- Fill whole layer with material dropped to history.

- Support of materials references (instances)

- Fixed problem of tiled import and treating materials as UV sets.

- Find Sun button in parameters of additional lights in Render room.

5.05.2017 4.7.28 [beta]

- fixed many reported issues about smart materials attaching

- Fixed UI flickering in curve edit window

- Retopo via decimation in RMB menu

- Divide blending corrected

- Render room flickering fixed

- Fill tool controls visible

29.04.2017 4.7.27 [beta]

- Important! Possibility to attach materials to layers.


- Important! History of materials usage over layer. All materials that was applied to layer are stored in history together with all settings.

- Important! Depth blending along stroke.

- fixed different problems related to bake scan depth

- possibility to render scene directly in Renderman

- additional options for masking in Angulator tool.

- "Divide" layer blending for the light compensation.

- Bigger resolution for Model->Alpha, little tapering to avoid jags.

- possibility to bake ligh in light baking tool separately for each object in scene.

10.03.2017 4.7.26 [beta]

- Retopo->Bake->Baking scan settings - fixed crash, save/load available, symmetry works.

- Fixed problem of slow switching between tools after long time.

- Update islands issue resolved too.

8.03.2017 4.7.25 [beta]

- Retopo->Bake->Baking scan settings gon very important addition. You may paint baking depth with brush.

- Autopo problem fixed - if no mesh generated, hidden retopo mesh will not be corrupted.

3D-COAT 4.7.24 beta
2017-02-09 15:40:47

- Textures->Calculate cavity got important update. Now you may mix loacl cavity (usual) and long-range smoothed cavity (sampling based). It allows to get much better quality for PBR usage because many things depend on cavity quality.
- Transform tool in paint room got "Scale around center" option.
- Connector with PS works correctly with layers folders
- Tweak room's selection now visible (there was longstanding problem).

3D-COAT 4.7.23 beta
2017-01-25 14:14:51

- Pose gizmo: undo returns gizmo to correct place, nunerical input works correctly.
- Import for ppp rare hang problem fixed.

3D-COAT 4.7.22
2017-01-25 11:49:50

3D-COAT 4.7.21
2017-01-25 11:49:34

- Import tiles as UV sets fixed problem with negative tiles
- Warning about incorrest scene scale.
- Polished, improved retopo primitives
- curve / line drawing problems corrected.
- Line tool fixed (Line in E-panel)

3D-COAT 4.7.20 beta
2017-01-09 20:42:43

Fixed problem of lines drawig mode

3D-COAT 4.7.19
2017-01-01 16:55:11

28.12.2016 4.7.19

- fixed problems related to "Lines/curve chunk" drawing mode in E panel (line was invisible).

- Critical fix. Correct curves correction in export dialog.

- Possibility to drag sphere primitive by connector line (like cube and transform gizmo).

22.12.2016 4.7.18

- fixed several instabilities, including crash when switching from paint to render room that happens in 4.7.17

- Retopo primitives polished, new primitives included. UI in primitives polished.

- Free form primitives from RtpModels palette working correctly in Retopo room.

- Transform gizmo may be moved using not only arrows, but connector lines as well.

- Fixed smooth over seams problem in multi-UV scene.

5.12.2016 4.7.17

- Proxy slider. Windows->Proxy slider allows to change proxy density on the fly.

- Correct inverted mask preview in cube/cylinder/etc mapping modes.

- Edit in external editor padding problems fixed

- PSD edit in PS padding width increased in correspondence with settings

- A lot of new shaders for concept disign (not for baking).

- Fixed buggy merely visible glow around the stroke with gloss/metallness

- Instant Light preset included

20.11.2016 4.7.16

- Spline points are in 3D in almost all cases (except manual detouching). It means you may rotate curve in 3D even if points are outside the model.

- Export Depth along Y problem fixed, now sader baked more correctly, transform of object correctly treated for shader baking, painted color correctly blended with shader.

- Borderline for VoxExtrude etc visible again

- right align of read-only numerical controls

- A lot of polishing in retopo primitives

11.11.2016 4.7.14

- Export Depth along Y correcly exports PBR compatible result. Shader will be baked to the textures as well.

- Fixed crash in primitives tool

- Possibility to overwrite depth of current layer over bottom ones, see layers options - see Replace depth and Layer height

- Gizmo in Bas-relief visible again

3.11.2016 4.7.13

- Video hints! The example


The list of controls covered by video hints will be updated automatically online.

- Retopo cube primitive has correct topology, without zero-sized bevel.

- Correct freeze with conditions

- Correct icons for retopo primitives

1.11.2016 4.7.12

- New primitives in retopo room - cylinder, torus, cube, ellipse, spiral.

- Layer picker fixed (does not pick invisible, AO, normalmap layers)

- Numerical values in gizmos are moving ojects as well (for pose/transform). It was broken in 4.7.11

- Draw spline stroke in a single pass, each next stroke in strokes bunch uses initial normals and surface placement.

- Whole spline movements works correctly with 2d/3d snapping.

- more safe fbx export for non-english user name

29.09.2016 4.7.11 [beta]

- Primitives for retopo room. This is rather template than complete toolset. Only one primitive present there, list will be essentially extended in next update.

- Coat tool. This is non-destructive and precise version of VoxLayer. This is important step, it opens family of nondestructive tools in 3D-Coat.

- Imput decreased (the time between human's action and visual feedback on the screen).

- Enable VoXRay in surface tools, Backface culling will be turned off in VoXRay tool.

- Correct normals sampling usage in Live Clay based tools.

- Fixed crash related to extrusion using "Initial vertex normals".

- Everywhere in primitives edit boxes replaced with sliders.

- Better quality for 3D lasso selection

- Undo for renaming layer

- a lot if small stability fixes.

30.08.2016 4.7.10 (stable)

- Unify UV command to drop all faces to the current UV set

- "Editt points" in Lathe tool shows coordinates in more logical way.

- Correct stencil mapping and preview, there was problems with object scale and preview

- Warning shown if texture in smart material missing

- Correct preview for stencil/materials in navigation mode for cylinder/sphere mapping.

- Correct UnhideAll command in UV/retopo room (was not working in Mark Seams mode)

- Cone primitive got "USe sector" option compatible with bevel.

- correct Ptex export with LWO files using Export menu.

- Seed value for smart material noise

17.08.2016 4.7.09(stable)

- Stencil painting with lasso corresponds to preview
- Extrusion with 3D Spline supports stencils and works in voxel mode as well
- "Retopo->Apply symmetry to current layer" really applies symmetry to current retopo group only
- Export normalmaps without gamma correction (even if specified in export constructor) to avoid confusion with normalmaps rendering
- Click to place issue solved

15.08.2016 4.7.08 (stable)

- Top/bottom/left/right views adopted to industry standard.

- Extrude with 3D lasso (choose 3D lasso in any brush in surface mode). Edge shape follows brush shape.

- Better visibility of selected retopo faces.

- Reference images quick access.

- Added "Click To Place" actions to all new primitives.

- Better look of wireframe for Ptex "Increase resolution" tool.

- Correct export with Export constructor with MV/Ptex approach.

1.08.2016 4.7.07 (stable)

- Still image gizmo got pivot/rotation controls.

- Stencils/materials gizmo got possibility to move rotation/scale pivot. RMB over material navigation gizmo will reset corresponding position/scale/rotation.

- Fixed crash in unwrap (zero squared triangles)

- Possibility to assign hotkeys to rooms switching.

- Disable auto-deleting point in retopo on almost straight line.

- Save/Load camera stores camera/stencil/material correctly.

- Correct preview of smart material's textures when you are navigating with material navigation buttons.

- Freeze/pose bugs related to undo + brushing fixed.

- Fixed snapping of invisible vertices problem when mesh imported in retopo room.

- Retopo->Bake->Bake normalmaps with dithering option for better noralmap baking.

- Added the NGon primitive with outsider fillet.

- Disable "Vertical sync" in OpenGL to avoid FPS dropdown for OpenGL builds.

- Edit "Colors" in retopo updates colors over mesh immediately after choosing color, not afetr OK pressed.

3D-COAT 4.7.06 beta
2016-07-08 15:08:50


3D-COAT 4.5.40 beta
2016-05-30 08:11:20

24.05.2016 4.5.40

- Bake->Update paint mesh with retopo mesh

- Fixed "Edit projetion in ext editor" issue in vertically aligned window.

- "Ignore back faces" works for Move tool in surface mode.

- nice bewel in primitives with "sector" option

15.05.2016 4.5.39

- BIG ONE: Baking multiple useful maps in Paint room->Textures->Light baking tool

- IMPORTANT (main reason of this build): fixed white spot issue

- Sculpt room : Geometry : Retopo mesh->Sculpt mesh

- Retopo: Update Paint Mesh with Retopo Mesh, it replaces geometry in paint room with retopo mesh

- updated installer. It registers Coat as usual program, it is now possible to uninstall each build from "Programs and components", each build has own place in start menu.

- Raul's tools included - QuadPaint etc. Pay attention that it are essentially BETA tools.

14.05.2016 4.5.38

- There is possibility to bake Sculpt objects onto current paint mesh. Retopo->Update paint mesh. It will keep painted textures and update normalmap and layers related to Sculpt volumes. It simplifies workflow when you need to change something in geometry on very late stage. Also you may bring paint mesh to sculpt room directly using Geometry->Paint mesh->Sculpt mesh.

- "Ignore back faces" works for Move tool in surface mode.

- If you select some voume via H key VoxTree will be scrolled to show selected volume.

- Material navigation in UV mapping mode tweaked (Speed of transformation).

- Color picker gets color from everywhere on screen. In color picker dialog clicking outside the picker window will pick color as well. "V" hotkey works there as well.

- Toggle Freeze works correctly.

- prim history works correctly for voxels as well.

3D-COAT 4.5.37
2016-05-11 12:01:55

30.04.2016 4.5.37

- New splash screen :)
- Shift in Add/Split and Quads tools will cap the hole.
- Updated sort of smart materials. Additional panoramas.
- Fixed problem of navigation in render room in ortho projection mode.
- Fixed problems related to "View->View seams". It was showing seams + split normals on edges. Now it shows only seams.
- Fixed longstanding palette "Load" .aco files crash.
- fixed problem of moving collapsed maeria preview window
- AO correctly used for PBR materials for surface /voxels. There was problems since shaders unification.
- Transform/copy tool -> Import accepts not only psd files but regular images as well. It simplifies applying images over the model.
- PSD export/import corrected - metalness channel included in layers.
- Correct mip-mapping (no aliasing or blurring) for UV-mapping mode of masks application.

21.04.2016 4.5.36 [beta]

- Export constructor polished. Included a lot of presets for export for main engines and renders.
- Incremental render turned off for "Connform retopo mesh" mode for corret view.
- Minimal radius for spike/snake/muscle removed.
- CUDA and no-CUDA version unified, now all choice performed automatically.

17.04.2016 4.5.35 [beta]

- Export constructor done! It is very important feature to pack many channels into one texture in customable way. It will help to adopt 3D-Coat's texture export for any render or game engine. Look v-ray preset as example. There will be more presets for convenience.
- Smoother/angulator/sublivide got 3d lasso in e-panel
- Fixed proble related to saving/import vox tree chunks to 3B file

9.04.2016 4.5.34 [beta]

- Cut and Connect for lowpoly modeling in retopo room.
- New import option for PPP - import eah material as separate UV set.
- Fixed problem of "Apply symmetry" and mesh corruption.
- Relative paths to textures in exported OBJ files.
- Fixed problem of OBJ export, vertices are correctly distributed between objects, not concentrated in first one. This proble was the reason of C4D crashes durig import of Coat's obj files.
- When you paint with smart materials depth channel will replace current one on this layer instead of constant growing.
- Retopo shaders are pbr-compatible, retopo model lit in correspondence with panorama.
- 3D lasso selection quality improved a bit.
- Retopo->Apply symmetry messing polygons problem fixed.

27.03.2016 4.5.33 [beta]

- Shaders updated, correct rendering in render room, good sss for sculpt objects. See screenshots:
1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
- Extrude faces, extrude vertices, Intrude, Shell implemented for retopo/select/faces mode.
- RMB->Share item/folder works correctly for PBR materials
- If "Material preview" window is collapsed it will not pop-up again when you are switching rooms.

20.03.2016 4.5.32 [beta]

- Correct preview of cube primitive with symmetry
- Fixed problem of welding retopo verties with symmetry
- Drag&Dropped 3dcpack files will be installed automatically.
- Fixed mesh corruption after series of Reample+Undo+Sculpt

16.03.2016 4.5.31 [beta]

- BIG library of primitives released, includes spirals, screws, etc.
- Corrected diffuse component rendering. It result with more contrast and pretty lighting. Now PBR looks really better and is well compatible with other engines.
- Rendering quality in render room improved. Now all samples are summarized with gamma correctio that leads to much better visual result.
- "Conform retopo" improved - Undo works correctly and reropo mesh visible during transformations.
- Crash in render room fixed.
- faster initial loading
- faster switching between panoramas
- several new studion - like greyscale panoramas.

4.03.2016 4.5.30 [beta]

- Fixed problems of metall rendering in render room.
- Grid pattern with new shaders is much less visible.
- LMB/RMB/MMB outside of Sculpt RMB menu will close the menu instead of sculpting action.
- RMB over object during navigation will not trigger RMB menu.

1.03.2016 4.5.29 [beta]

- Shading using PBR was essentially changed. Now GGX lighting natively supported. What does it actually means -

1) Almost all voxel sculpting shaders are PBR compatible now. Each shader has rich set of parameters, including different textures, sss, gloss, metalness, cavity and bulge settings. Very good support of cavity and bulge is present in realime.
2) All PBR shaders effects (except pseudo SSS effect) are exactly baked into paint room.
3) PicMat-s are also present but it is not guaraneed that they will be baked correctly, so use them only on intermediate stage.
4) GGX exact support means compatibility with most of current engines and renders.
5) Painting over mesh is "as is" without modulation on background shader color. But painting over layer 0 is disabled for voxels/surface.

- Factures included in this build (DX only). It is essentially beta stuff, so it is just for review. Factures are addional covering over the voxel/surface objects. We take tiled texture and mix it with random pieces seamlessly. It allows to cover meshes with tiled textures without tiling. Also it allows to texture objects without UV-s at all. It is very important for landscapes. It was developed long time ago, but now we decided to expose it as beta tool. To use factures go to Paint room, open Windows->Popups->Factures and select facture. Now paint over object. Textue will be modulated by selecteed color.

- Old shaders are disabled because shaders system was completely re-made.
- Old panoramas are disabled, you will need to add them as HDR or EXR files from scratch.

18.01.2016 4.5.28 [beta]

- Fixed Gloss export (was not modulated by curves, was inverted)
- Fixed Extude (and other voxel brushes) + stamp issue
- Fixed crash related to PBR preview
- load/save camera shortcut in [Camera] menu

17.01.2016 4.5.27 [beta]

- fixed crash in LC.
- Fixed problem of retopo models panel - see http://3dcoat.com/ma...iew.php?id=1506

15.01.2016 4.5.26 [beta]

- Big and important! Anti-atiased painting introduced everywhere - vertex paintg, ppp, mv, ptex. It is applied to stencils, materials, brushes, text, curved pictures.
See examples (stencils) - https://t.co/zI9lOpLUBt , text - https://t.co/iLTQsmmaik
- Export of metallness is possible in gloss/specular color workflow as well.
- Export dialog got controls to correct exported textures via gamma and curves correction (preparing to make good presets for all renders).
- Move via brush tool in retopo room will not snap vertex to cursor position even if thre is only one vertex in brush.
- Contours for cutting may be saved in UV and Retopo rooms, look in Commands->Save contour. Files may be saved as EPS or DXF. It is very useful for real thing production - like shoes or acryl details.

4.5.25 [beta]

- problem of loosing PBR materials probably fixed, but anyway requires careful checking.
- Edge loops with SHIFT + click in retopo/select/edges mode
- 3D spline points from E-panel may be transformed by gizmo and re-snapped to surface using "Attach to surface" without flattening.
- The problem of painting over mirrored islands at least partially resolved. Now there is option in preferences "Prevent double painting over stacked UV islands". See description there. 90% of cases require this option to be turned off.
- Resolved little scripting issue - 3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2056
- Cancel in Smart materials editor will remove only completely empty materials (they appear if you press + button). Previously condition for removing was less strict.
- If you you are in 3D selection E-mode, loading spline will not switch you to 2D spline mode. Transforming 3D spline with gizmo is also allowed.
- If you bake multiple times same scene again and again, 3D-Coat asks if results of previous baking shouls be deleted.
- Re-organised retopo commands a bit - separated commands applicable to currect tool and to whole mesh.
- Free extrude command in select/edges retopo toolset
- Group # instad of Layer # for default names for paint groups.
- In retopo->edges->tranform ENTER will commit extrusion as well as in faces mode.
- Selection retopo transform gizmo got "Auto in local cpace" checkbox.
- Retopo/transform tool works correctly also in case when elements selected from both sides.
- ENTER in retopo transform/extrude tools will commit extrusion.
- More safe moving materials to other folders
- Rename material folder corrected
- fixed problem of spline stroke that may work incorrectly over transformed volumes.

3D-COAT 4.5.23 beta
2016-03-28 14:46:18

3D-COAT 4.5.19 beta
2015-11-20 10:56:07

- 3D-Printing function included in PRO version (edu does not include it because we want to make special cheap version specialized on 3D-printing). Look File->Export for 3D printer for details.

- Import color wil import onto new layer instead of overwritung current. Operation is undoable.
- Retopo strokes mode supports Lasso, rectangle, ellipse, spline E-mode

- Incorrect import/export vertex color with WRL fixed.
- Crash related to cavity calculation related to mirrored UV sets fixed.
- Correct preview image for PSD files. It means that packages that use preview image from PSD file instad of layers summ will correctly read PSD files from Coat. It s for example Unity and Blender.
- Fixed multiple problems related to paint/transform tool.
- Fixed pose undo problem that was able to make non-undoable mesh corruption.
- Eraser with CTRL in brush tool works correctly even if CTRL released earlier that LMB.
- Color picker works correctly over invisible layer
- Fixed problem of layer selection through opacity layer in pop-p windows
- Measure tool tweaked to be more convenient - fixed problem of line disappearing when other measure curve/point clicked.
- Left align for all list windows
- More/less button in materials control panel got logical description how it works. It is applicable for cubemapping as well.
- If two merged paint layers are using same blending mode, merge down will not drop blending to default one.


- removing smart material folders fixed
- Fixed: more on flat/curved was not working as paint conditions in paint room.
- Fixed problem of freezing of projection editing in external editor.
- Resolved problem with trial extension keys
- Fixed merge down problems

3D-COAT 4.5.16 beta
2015-08-29 06:45:11

- restored Projection scale
- Fixed Fill whole layer/Refill layer in UV mapping mode
- SHIFT LMB - rotate panorama, SHIFT RM - blur panorama, it is good to estimate glare of the model. Need to re-select navigation scheme to get this.
- Correct offset on VoxLayer tool in "Average normal" mode
- Fixed length corrected in measure tool in scenes with scale

3D-COAT 4.5.15
2015-08-24 06:19:48

- fixed refresh issue for Symm copy in retopo tool in Virtual mirror mode.
- uniform movement in FPS navigation mode.

3D-COAT 4.5.14
2015-08-19 05:55:57

New features:

- Very fast OpenCL based AO calculation routine!
- Essentially updated measure tool (completely redone)
- Auto retopology quality improved. Still does not like too much guides.
- Important addition - [Camera]->Look along normal to focus camera on point using picked normal
- Image as Mesh primitive.
- scripting file i/o and execute commands
- Sketchfab compatibility improved - there was problems when UV sets and materials have different names.
- UDIM export tiles order corrected, now it corresponds to original placement of tiles.
- Sketch tool got more precise painting - shape size exactly corresponds to pen size and lasso painting, no more inward extrusion.
- To main axis/to center mass in pose tool
- Updated description in Sketch tool, fixed little problems there.
- Scrpting got major update, classes Mat4, Vec3 introduced, first functions to use them - SetCurVolumeTransform, GetCurVolumeTransform


- voxels->plane tool got forward/back buttons with + - hotkeys for ease of plane positioning.
- Started refactoring. And seems it leads to functionaliny tweaking as well. Uncluttering allowed to use "On plane" in surface tools. It is in "Flattern tool" that may be really uselul.
- Cube with fillet primitive
- Color of seams and drawn strokes in preferences.
- AutoMap (retopo/uv room)- exactly same method of unwrapping as used in import dialog for automapping. It is planar mapping with test of clusters self-intersection. This method is most stable and eats any (even nonmanifold) geometry but creates too many islands.
- Smart material rotation control acts on UV mapping projection type as well. Very important for laying wood texture.
- Flat subdivision in "Import" tool for facetng.
- Old-style quadrangulation restored as is for those who liked it.


- very important problem of snapping retopo vertices to back faces of retopo mesh fixed.
- Fixed problem with projection painting.
- fixed several small issues of new measure tool (undo of manually edit coordinates, doubleclick to finish chunk, auto erase empty chunks)
- fixed click to place issue for sphere primitive.
- Sphere primitiv density fixed
- Crash related to layers fixed.
- fixed problem of ao/shadow rendering in GL version for ppp/mv/ptex
- fixed seams problems after opening mesh (it was happening in some cases).
- Split in voxels works correctly with Border width (in voxel mode)
- "On Plane" option in "Import" tool to be able to draw with objects outside the current object.
- Indenting in paint curve tool with CTRL recovered
- Fixed problem with unweld vertices in SymmCopy command in surface mode.
- Fixed a lot of problems of automapping over very complex objects. It is important for AO/light maps over levels/complex objects.
- Fixed problem of leaking projection from photoshop to background layer if distance between layers is small.

3D-COAT 4.5.03
2015-06-05 19:56:55

- Seamless ppp import - there was problem with auto-imported objects textures seams.
- "Import" tool with "Import w/o voxelizing" will not merge together all volumes (it was happening randomly previously)
- correct rendering of "_negative" objects in "Import tool" (ex merge)
- Complete japanese characters set included, english version loads faster due to skipping loading texture with complete character set.
- Fixed problem during loading of scenes where some volumes was isolated using ALT-click.
- Copy/paste problem fixed - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=253
- New disconnected UV islands will be auto-unwrapped without collapsing to spot afer switching to other retopo tool if Retopo->Auto update ... is turned ON

3D-COAT 4.5.02 beta
2015-05-28 13:10:40

3D-COAT 4.1.17D
2014-09-30 14:49:30

See complete list of changes at


3D-COAT 4.1.04 beta
2014-04-24 11:35:12

- chinese fonts fixed
- delete layer in MV undo fixed
- faster loading
- split&joints got delta in depth (not only in width) as well
- CloseHole with rectangle works correctly
- STL-s from Solidworks (that actuall don't correspond to specification due to "solid" work at the beginning of binary STL) will be loaded correctly.

3D-COAT 4.1.03 beta
2014-04-19 16:49:36


- Split&Joints got delta distance between joints sides
- more safe cached volumes - I vanished all known ways to destroy it (it was possible for example with Resample)
- Merge tool got "To main axis".


- different problems related to primitives density in surface and voxel modes solved. Previously merging primitive in dence volumes took too much memory and was not stable.
- UV & Retopo unwraping tool will not crash on non manifold meshes and will even try to unwrap them correctly.
- importing mesh for Ptex will trigger warning dialog if there are triangles/ngons.
- RMB->Extrude will work in real units as other tools
- Merging new mesh in retopo room will remove alone empty uv set to avoid accamulating void unnecessary uv sets.


- fixed airbrush in paint room
- fixed problem of 2x lathe size
- improved autopo usability, UI a bit changed. For complex shapes using of "Voxelize" recommended.
- New primitive - Text.
- Sketch tool problems fixed.
- Merge tool + Merge as skin works in real units and draws preview.
- Pick from retopo centrifies gizmo.
- Undo with intersect fixed in voxel mode.

3D-COAT 4.1.00 beta
2014-03-28 08:54:52


3D-COAT 4.0.04B beta
2013-06-14 06:54:21

- fixed problem with floating license that appeared in 4.0.04A
- transparency rendering improved in render room (for realtime rendering and after pressing Render)
- seamlessness of ppp painting improved on seams on sharp edges (close to 90 degrees and more).

3D-COAT 4.0.04A beta
2013-06-11 06:51:55

fixed instability when opening files that was happening in 4.0.04

3D-COAT 4.0.04 beta
2013-06-08 15:31:13

- VRML2 export/import for better compatibility with 3d-printers
- File dialog for Windows got better functionality (just become standard) - http://3d-coat.com/files/filedialog.png
- Baking ppp->ppp problem fixed, there was unnecessary seams while baking
- Clear all layers button in layers panel
- more convenient placing for primitives - "Place on pen" options and sub-options, see primitives tool
- different other mantis reported problems fixed

3D-COAT 4.0.03 beta
2013-05-29 16:32:28


- registation problem for mac/linux solved
- shaders previews updated

3D-COAT 4.0.02 beta
2013-05-29 10:34:39


3D-COAT 4.0.01
2013-05-29 09:36:03


3D-COAT 4.0.014A1 beta
2013-04-19 07:36:19

14.04.2013 BETA14A

- possibility to specify distance between UV islands when packing (see command in left panel with settings)
- a lot of major mantis-reorted problems fixed including dots and falloff problem.
- when loading model with extenal textures each texture will be placed on separate layer, better support of bump in ext textures.
- lwo import improved, now if multiple surfaces refer the same texture they will be gathered to single UV set.

6.04.2013 BETA14

- Main problems of ppp are solved. Now possible to paint even deep displacement without artifacts. Before you were able to paint only small bump-like displacement, now the normal map is calculated correctly for deep displacement, too. Painting quality comparison - [url="http://www.3d-coat.com/files/ppp_comparison.png"]http://www.3d-coat.c..._comparison.png[/url]
- Seamless painting in ppp mode improved a lot. Compare seams quality - [url="http://www.3d-coat.com/files/SeamsV3V4.png"]http://www.3d-coat.c...s/SeamsV3V4.png[/url] . Baking voxels -> ppp displacement is not tuned well, but will be improved in next build.
- LC reduce reduces more powerfully, cap turned off, LC tools are working much better on mixed big/small triangles scene.
- Primitives gizmos polished a to act more convenient and look better.
- Clone, Cut&Clone extended to surface mode too.
- Auto pick option in most tools will allow to switch to other volumes automatically while drawing without need to switch there manually.
- Split tool extended to surface mode too. It allows to split through all scene, split instances. <-- good for making broken objects.
- Rendering semi-transparent objects improved, now will be rendered correctly (sorted from back to front) almost always.
- Painting conditions preview will work correctly for all conditions and all paint modes (ppp/mv/ptex/voxels)
- A lot of mantis reported problems fixed

15.03.2013 BETA13

- Important! Baking settings improved a lot to get full control over the baking - [url="http://bit.ly/154tlJd"]http://bit.ly/154tlJd[/url]
It allows to set different scan depth for different areas of the mesh.
- Baking will take into account externally loaded normalmap
- Tiled voxel space introduced to produce tiled textures in voxel room. It is easy to export result via File->Export->Export depth along Y. See wizard in Start menu->Surface mode
- File->Export->Export depth along Y may be useful to produce textures, masks and alphas too.
- Huge amount of typos fixed.
- improved compatibility with LW11, now textures will load automatically.
- Auto seamo will act on current group only.
- A lot of mantis reported problems fixed, a lot of work done for stabilisation and cleaning.

19.02.2013 BETA12

- Main intension of the build is bugfixing, big amount of mantis reported problems fixed. A lot of critical problems solved. Often mentioned lags problem fixed too.
- camera position will be stored in save file, it is convenient to open file and occur in last saved camera state.
- Important change in masks painting - there is volume preserving mode that is now default. In this mode instead of just modulating effects by mask surface may be displaced in both sides - back and forward so that in average volume will be approximately preserved. It is very important if you use mask for detailing. This mode allows to avoid constant surface growing when painting.
- Models palette is now available in Retopo room to be merged directly in retopo room. Retopo layers may be dragged to that palette.
- E-mode circle/lasso/rectangle/spline etc will work closer to PS style - SPACE + LMB will move whole shape.
- Render room got improvement - prossibility to render blended states between several saved scenes. In so way short animated illustrations may be easily rendered. It was done mainly for my son's personal project, I think it will be helpful for community too. I expect to be criticized for this little animation support, but it was my personal needs, not just new feature, so I will be really sad in case of critics.
- a lot of small but important changes that I forgot to mention because stopped to tweet last couple of weeks. Seems should start it again.

28.01.2013 BETA11

- с++ like script langualge (angelscript) will be available soon within 3D-Coat's shell.It allows to perform batch actions, create macro commands and interactive tutorials. It has very basic functionality now and will be extended on requests. c++ like scripting chose becaus of speed, possibility to include good scripts directly into 3D--Coat's engine.
- Transform gizmo related changes:
1) Leave rotated axis turned ON by default
2) Gizmo direction&position stored for each volume. Both are correctly transformed when parent gets some transform
3) "To main axis" button - same as in retopo room. Retopo room's button renamed to "To main axis" because it has no relation to any local space.
4) Mannequin model rearranged - correct parenting, pivots and axis direction. It was very easy with new command. Now posung mannequin is pure joy.
5) To center mass/bound center are changing only position, not direction
6) [X] button near coordinates to clear them quickly
7) In primitives ahis directions are hidden by default, but you may show them if need (axis coordinates was cluttering panel a lot)
- masks preview for cubemapping (when navigating)
- lag problem when switching rooms and tools fixed
- different mantis reports fixed

15.01.2013 BETA10

- Magic wand tool in Paint room
- New items in VoxTree->RMB menu: Show all, Shoaw subtree (to make nodes visible)
- All applicable brush jitters will act on merge tool in "On pen" mode - [url="http://t.co/JynOj0D2"]http://t.co/JynOj0D2[/url]
- VoxExtruude works now correctly with different combinations of symmetry/extrude directions/flattern
- a lot of mantis reported problems fixed, big work done there

4.12.2013 BETA9C

- Important change! "Ignore backfaces" works basing on Z-Buffer, not on normals direction. It makes possible to work correctly over multilayered structures correctly (example - thin pants).
- Curve stroke improved to work well with thin walls even if b-splines are used.
- a lot of mantis bugfixes

1.12.2013 BETA9B

- fixed major problem of broken SHIFT smoothing in LC tools
- improved Absolute/Extrude/LC Extrude bruhes (how they work with pen pressure), fixed dots in General brush
- some Mantis issues fixed

31.12.2012 BEAT9A

- fixed problems with precission in spline stroke mode
- CTRL in VoxExtrude will invert extrusion
- Smooth all may work over frozen area and will work much faster. It gives good and predictable way to smooth selected areas.
- fixed all reported mantis problems

29.12.2012 BETA9

- Extrude/Flattern area in voxel suraface mode done - [url="http://bit.ly/RlzRts"]http://bit.ly/RlzRts[/url] , [url="http://bit.ly/RlzWgw"]http://bit.ly/RlzWgw[/url] , [url="http://bit.ly/RlzYoG"]http://bit.ly/RlzYoG[/url]
- VoxLayer/Extrude got nice preview of future shape - [url="http://bit.ly/VbgTU5"]http://bit.ly/VbgTU5[/url]
- VoxLayer/Extrude will make spots that will create shapes of pen's size - [url="http://bit.ly/VbhpBz"]http://bit.ly/VbhpBz[/url] It gives much better control.
- Surfacial smooth polished a lot, now it has a lot of useful options and has become very powerful tool - [url="http://bit.ly/RlzKxQ"]http://bit.ly/RlzKxQ[/url]
- all problems reported by e-mail and Mantis fixed (windows storing, occlusion, spline stroke problems and other).

16.12.2012 BETA8

- polished spline stroke. Multiple strokes per pass, closed strokes allowed. Different radius per control point if need (optional). Better spline preview. Progress shown. Good description in hints. Splines shapes tuned to be very nice and predictable.
- selecting islands in UV mode by clicking on object
- Retopo->Export groups for exporting group as separate file
- arrows icons for swapping color
- bugfixes from Mantis, forum and bugreports

9.12.2012 BETA7

- Important! New E-mode - spine stroke mode. It allows to model very nice and accurate stroke with spline and pressure graph in ANY tool where it has sense. Example - [url="http://www.screencast.com/t/8RJ8C0g5naY2"]http://www.screencas.../t/8RJ8C0g5naY2[/url] It should be very useful for painting and sculpting, you may do predictable, accurate strokes.
- TSmooth tweaked as SHIFT action
- Sevral mantis issues fixed.

24.11.2012 BETA6

- big work performed over stabilizing and optimizing 3D-Coat. I hope LC tools will work much more predictably and faster. Many areas of 3D-Coat including paint, retopo, voxels was tested and a lot of bugs fixed. A lot of Mantis bugs fixed.
- Zooming in/out speed will depend on distance from the pivot point to perform better navigation
- options how ghosting will be treated (see top panel)
- Direct uploading to sketchfab.com done

6.11.2012 BETA5

- new Bridge tool
- Decompose (Separate disconnected pieces) tool
- a lot of bugfixes to stabilize 3DC. Many of them are critical fixes.
- you may choose if material is tiled or not
- Save files will be saved to temporary file an then renamed so that previous version of file will not be corrupted if crash happens.

11.10.2012 BETA4

- Relaxation tool
- better smoothing algorithms
- Reconstruct tool
- a lot of bugfixes and small tweaks, see mantis

5.10.2012 BETA3

- Different actions assigned to SHIFT and CTRL SHIFT - see at top in surface mode. Powerful smooth is not polished enough, will be improved.
- Set of retopo bugs fixed
- Close/make holes improved a lot, but we continue to work over it
- Wireframe rendering speed and quality improved a lot. Now it works according to View->Show wireframe. By default W assigned but F4 may remain from previous install. Then you need to re-assign it manually.

2.10.2012 BETA2

- LC & close holes issues fixed. There is check box "Quality" to determine what you prefer - better quality or speed. Actually speed differs not much.
- some Undo issues fixed
- icons

1.10.2012 BETA1

- At least it looks a bit like V4 :)
- New start dialog, I hope this time it will be more useful. The main purpose was to expose different workflows there (they was usually hidden deeply in different submenus), it may be useful not only at start but in process too. You may customize it (but it is for experienced users, it is relatively not hard via xml files in StartMenu folder)
- New LC changes from Raul. But we contitue hammering there.
- New fit tool to combine separate pieces that look similar but has different topology. Important to handle scan data.
- Remove undercuts tool.
- E modes improvements: new modes for square and circle instead of SHIFT&drag because SHIFT conflicts with other modes - [url="http://bit.ly/OrVYxS"]http://bit.ly/OrVYxS[/url]
- Recangle&circle modes will show dimensions, in ortho mode - with real world values, SPACE allows to enter numbers - [url="http://bit.ly/UO5InH"]http://bit.ly/UO5InH[/url]
- 3DC got 2 choices how to calculate normals - as before or as in Maya for better compatibility.
- 3D-Coat got most common TBN space used in most 3D-applications (Maya, Blender) - Morten Mikkelsen's TBN space
- N-gons with complex shape will be correctry supported in paint and retopo rooms. It was done by the way wnen solving normalmapping issues.
- a lot of refinements in Primitives tool, especially for surface mode
- Fixed a bib load of mantis repiorted problems + blob tool problems (was working randomly)

3D-COAT 3.7.18F beta
2012-10-31 08:10:51

[31.08.2012] 3.7.18A

- Retopo tools got Faces extrude tool in face selection mode - http://bit.ly/MC23kz
- Other retopo improvement - automatic vert/edge/face selection in retopo select tool. Doubleclick will select connective area.
- Selection become additive. Use CTRL+D or ESC or click outside the retopo mesh to deselect.
- New UI global feature - if you are changing something dragging mouse manually you may press SPACE and enter exact numerical value. Space has now double action - usually choose tool, but in tools where yo pressed mouse and drag something it allows to enter precise value. It is applied to gizmos, primitives, split ring tool in retopo room.
- Collada (dae) import-export introduced as first beta.
- Add/split,Quads may work in free space too if you attaching polygons to existing geometry.
- General retopo settings moved to Menu line to save space.
- Points&faces retopo tool got set of improvements:
(1) Possibility to assign other tool on CTRL, SHIFT, CTRL+SHIFT - http://bit.ly/NpAMYE
(2) possibility to create quads only,
(3) possibility to work in free space
- In this build there will be possibility to navigate with arrow keys, ALT+arrows and NUM + -. In may cases it is convenient. Just choose navi scheme "3D-Coat_Arrows"
- Instancing&proxy problems fixed - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=588
- Fixed retopo problem that leads to disappearing faces (rarely) after welding nearby vertices.
in so way you will get good combination of artistic "on eye" and exact tools for precise work.
- Big load of bugs from mantis fixed.

[3.08.2012] 3.7.16A Win+Mac+Linux

- Sketch tool issues fixed
- lag when switching old presets probably fixed, but requires checking
- slowdown in proxy mode with reduce fixed
- rectangle/lasso selection enabled for merge/primitives tools.

[30.07.2012] 3.7.16

- To global space modified, To uniform space introduced - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=562
- Sketch tool problems fixed
- Delay when switching between tabs fixed
- Save/Open dialogs are splitting all possible extensions in several categories and are storing current folder in correspondence to category. In previous implementation in some cases stored folders was big mess with stored folders.
- Undo/Redo refined for differnt tools
- Undo/Redo implemented for Cache/Uncache
- Genius and other tablets will be supported. Wacom support rewritten too.
- 'G' key will ghost/unghost picked volume
- Specular contrast to Specular modulator in Layer options for convenience.
- UV improvement - you may select multiple UV islands, CTRL+C, select one island of similar topology and use CTRL V to put them on each other.
- A big list of mantis-reported issues fixed. This 2 weeks I concentrated on polishing 3DC.

[16.07.2012] 3.7.15

- you will be able to edit projection in external editor with bigger resolution than veiewport - with multiplier. The picture size will correspond to viewport size, not to whole window size as it was before.
- Inertia in srollable boxes improved
- selection/mouse over/pressing colors of buttons adjusted over the whole UI
- a bit updated icons
- crashes related to merging/splines booleans fixed
- Toggle fullscreen in View menu
- pose selection will work in LC mode well too.

[8.07.2012] 3.7.14A

- RMB menu disappearing after right or left mousemove fixed
- CutOff with depth limitation in ortho mode fixed
- Clone and Cut'n'Clone problems fixed
- scrolling inertia improved

[6.07.2012] 3.7.14

- Applying masks and materials via cubemapping is now available in both - paint and voxel rooms.
- Transform improved, now pivot points will be transformed together with child objects, in so way posing of chunked objects becomes very easy. Obj files export/import will srore/restore pivot point.
- Invert tool action got possibility to assign hotkey, this checkbox appeared in paint room too.
- fixed important ppp problem - appearing of random spot of big depth.
- Retopo opacity may now be varied, other UV-sets are visible too (more transparent).
- fixed - Masks can't be hidden and UNDO is not working at the same time - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=513
- fiхed - Arranging layers buggy - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=537
- fixed:"Render result" button brings up dialog that is always filtered to jpg, not the extension in use - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=533
- fixed: Info panel at bottom of screen in Retopo room not updating correctly - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=524
- Place image along spline - Erase bug - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=535
- fixed: Brush source image flipped http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=527
- In move/pose/transform tools you will be able to modify voxels and retopo simultateously (optionally) - http://screencast.com/t/iTvfetHfI0t
- I made that pressing SHIFT within transform tool allows to move only gizmo as if "Move only gizmo" chosen.
- All tool got better consistency with E panel, unused E-mode are hidden now for each tool.
- Scrollable panels got inertia.
- Fixed several problems related to planar mapping and re-wrapping separate islands. There was problem with fitting updated islands.
- Fixed set of unwrap problems over hardsurface models. Ther was problems with accurate unwrapping of multiple T-junctions.
- Current selected point in spline will be highlighted when you edit points ias table. example - http://bit.ly/LBymU5
- Important export option for real production - DXF export of UV islands contours for further laser cutting in real scalse. In so way you may retopo object, map it, export and cut it from leather, acryl or plastic.
- A lot of proxy-related problems fixed
- different primitives problems fixed

[19.06.2012] 3.7.13

- Depth/opacity/radius may now be defined as function (curve) of pen pressure. It is very useful to customize and thin tune of brushes.
- I made possubility to define alphas via curves - bit.ly/M7TIG3
- Proxy (multiresolution) may now work via decimate! It helps a lot with thin surfaces.
- New command in "VoxTree->RMB->Split with.." to split one volume with other one in two parts. It works for both modes - surface and voxels.
- Resolved conflict with layers dragging and windows scrolling - drag bar appeared over each layer.
- a lot of little bugs fixed

[8.06.2012] 3.7.12E

- Important fix: brushing quality improved - more correct handling of backfaces
- UI improvements - more informative hints with pictures in left panel
- LC extrude clay improved to provide better detalization
- Fixed: hard to select and operate over reference image controls
- Fixed: SHIFT selection not working in pose tool
- Import image as mesh improved - much better stencis mixing. Blob tool got better quality
- Fixed: Painting along curve fixed in voxel tools was not working over transformed volumes. Quality improved a lot too.
- Fixed: a bit shift down when rendering turnables

[7.06.2012] 3.7.12D

A lot of changes in UI
- new iconic UI with possibility to switch iconic/text style
- new quick panel (SPACE). There are local hotkeys and Quick Access bar, drag&drop.
- essentially updated presets system
- new scrollers, drag window contence with lmb, rmb or mmb.
- new tabbed preferences window
- more pretty general UI style

Other changes:

- fixed bug http://t.co/BaQ11qiM
- There is new possibility to send big files to support in Help menu - "Send file to support".
- Little view adjustment - corresponding axis length, storing grid and axis settings, possibility to turn off some axis view.
- Path tool updated, now every click adds point.
- a lot of smaller bugs fixed

[5.05.2012] 3.7.11

- I improved algorithm of brushing to make strokes more smooth and even. Need feedback there.
- Merge/pose tools tweaked in order to work more consistently with objects scale and gizmo placement.
- New UV path tool got really powerful options - multiple middle points, path building criterium - bit.ly/IJXmFf
- Also it will me possible to mark seams in dependence on crease angle - it is easy way to map hardsurface objects.
- pressure dependence and picker issue resolved.
- Mud brushes got noise degree slider.

[24.04.2012] 3.7.10A

- fixed slowdown when rotating viewport with ref mesh or ppp/mv
- voxel fill tool improved - now it will close holes over thin surfaces much better. It is very important to fix scan errors.
- fixed broken Textures->Baking tool

[20.04.2012] 3.7.10

- Per-face hide tool in voxel surface mode
- CutFace in PaintRoom will hide voxel pieces too. In so way freeze/hide tools in paint room act on voxels as well.
- Ghost mode introduced - http://www.3d-coat.com/files/ghost.png
- New blendmode - Highlight emissive. Read hint there.
- new item Texture->Import->Emissive intensity
- "To center mass" and "To bound centser" in Merge tool will move gizmo instead of object.
- Free-form pose deformation quality improved a lot. Matth of transforms rewritten.
- Fixed "more on bright" issue - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=491
- fixed "improper scale issue" - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=494
- fixed "Selecting Low-Poly View breaks shading views" - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=495
- mutiple uv-sets per object in FBX export/import supported.
- resolved scaling issue - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=502
- import tiles as UV sets implemented for MV painting too.
- I made better support of smoothing groups export via OBJ files. Now groups are marked explicitly http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=493
- crash when saving subtree fixed - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=501
- small fixes: renaming models in "Models/Splines" tab fixed + dropped models from VoxTree -> Models getting more intuitive names.

[31.03.2012] 3.7.09

- Colored specular and emissive channels introduced in ppp/mv/ptex/voxels. Use new layer blending modes to assign colored specular/emissive to some layers. Pay attention that colored specular and emissive work only for Default shader, so assign it as default and use it to see effect. I will update all shaders after your review of how it works now.
- Fixed problem of baking with option "Check groups and volumes correspondence"

3D-COAT 3.7.08B beta
2012-03-30 08:30:34

[26.03.2012] 2.7.08B

-AUTOPO density problem fixed.

[21.03.2012] 2.7.08A

- fixed problem of Sketch tool - incorrect shading (was result of speculatity introduction)
- improved naming of tiles - if material hovers whole tile new UV set will get name of that material and material will not be renamed.

[20.03.2012] 3.7.08

- Specularity supported in voxel painting. Warning! You should re-assign default shader with RMB click over shaders panel to get it to work. If you still not able to paint specularity - delete MyDocs/3D-CoatV3/Shaders/Custom/ - but preserve imprtant for you shaders. All shaders was re-written, so older ones will not support specularity.
- 3D-Coat will support import/export of objects that use tiles instead of UV sets - like from Mudbox. Example - how it works - http://www.3d-coat.c...mport_tiles.png
- Fixed several problems in pose tool.
- UI adjustment (even longer menus will fit into screen) - bit.ly/zAIPas
- fixed problem of rectangle/lasso painting without antialoasing in some cases.
- fixed several important bugs that are hard to describe.

[12.03.2012] 3.7.07A

- fixed crash when you delete custom tool
- fixed possible surface smoothing issue
- fixed bug in VoxLayer tool - not always possible to select area
- Example - how it works - 3d-coat.com/files/Import_t…
[10.03.2012] 3.7.07

- Voxel LC tools may be duplicated by RMB click. You may customize new tool in own way and share new brush. In so way you may create for example variation of GeneralBrush and store/share it.
- much faster initial loading
- Sketch tool got improvement. Now it is possible to assign images as top and bottom stencils and set tapering angle (positive and negative). Examples - http://bit.ly/xv0491 http://bit.ly/yTHhh9 . It works as advanced loft tool that may join contours of different topology.
- fixed several UI glitches.
- fixed problem http://3d-coat.com/m...hp?id=486#c1396

[03.03.2012] 3.7.06B

- Important change for retopo room symmetry - bit.ly/wmr78T
- lot of crashes fixed
- shaders list problem solved

[27.02.2012] 3.7.06

- Clone tool got major update (mv, ppp, voxels) - see how it works now - http://www.3d-coat.c...es/cloneray.png
- Unclosed meshes with color may be opened in voxel room preserving color. Merge as skin + Merge without voxelizing - http://bit.ly/Aw2WYj
- There was not enough space for new functions in VoxTree->RMB, so I made several improvements:
1) combined some items to submenus, made access to all items in VoxTree->RMB via hotkeys
2) RMB menu in all lists will be generated dynamically, so speed of interface grown and memory consumption decreased. It leads to faster moving between rooms, less UI lags.
3)UI will not flicker when dock panels will be resized, all will be resized smoothly.
- Important change: now all numeric values in sliders (like brush radius), input fields will be in same units as imported model. It is super important for real production where you need to know and operate with exact sizes.
- VoxTree->RMB in surface mode got 3 new commands:
1) Create shell. Model will be transformed into thin shell for ease of futore voxelization and preserving color.
2) Close surface holes. Important for importing models directly from scanner when you can't ensure that model is waterproof. You will be able to specify max hole size to be able to close only small holes if need.
3) Bake color there from all volumes - allows to transfer color with layers from set of volumes to the current one.

[19.02.2012] 3.7.05B

- PLY export/import with vertex color. Good for color scanners and for exporting to xNormal. It is fastest way to drop mesh to xNormal.
- OBJ files with vertex color compatible with xNormal.
- restored missed control in Free form pose tool - "transform only gizmo"
- better pose selection through all volumes - works well with rooted volumes like paw with claws. Previously only one claw was selected.
- multithreading support for Hide tool and many other with rect selection

[16.02.2012] 3.7.05

- You will be able to import image(s) as mesh - look examples - http://www.3d-coat.c...ImageAsMesh.png
I replaced older logo tool with this new one, it is much more powerful. You may also access this function from File->Import->Import image as mesh
- If you will import model with texture for vertex painting color from texture will be projected on vertices.
- I made several improvements and bugfixes in pose tool.
1) Correct work of pose through all volumes with rooted child volumes. Previously only one root was selectable.
2) Possibilitty to select several control points in FreeForm mode.
3) Possibility to move only gizmo in free form multiple selection mode
- Retopo room speed optimized to work much faster in all modes up to 2x - 5x
- Cavity painting quality and speed improved a LOT in all paint modes. Much much better than it was. It is based on the same pronciple as cavity painting in voxels. It is based on normals divirgence instead of geometry curvature measurement.
- Baking speed and quality essentially improved especially if you want to bake displacement. If baking ray not touching surface nearby and spike appears in so way special filter will cut it out. Also you amy apply this filter manually if need. You may also enter scan depth values manually to control baking better.
- Voxel measure tool updated - now it may measure length of curves, lasso, perimeter of the section - http://bit.ly/y46LmR
- Rotation gizmo in pose tool modified a bit for ease of rotation in screen space. Rotation handlers direction will be adjusted automatically.

[31.01.2012] 3.7.04C

- fixed major vertex paint crash for all OS
- Fill Layer/Fill object work correctly in Fill tool

[29.01.2012] 3.7.04B

- fixed crash in pipeline surface-paint-voxels, change-surface
- fixed crash in vertex painting due to mullticore optimisation
- fixed gizmo problem - too difficult to select arrow in some positions
- fixed sphere primitive placing problem

[28.01.2012] 3.7.04A

- I made good pipeline to maintain color while surface<->voxels transitions. See description -
- Cavity painting in voxels done - http://bit.ly/zQL6mJ
- All boolean operations [even between volumes] will preserve vertex color.
- Resample will keep color too. Color will be re-projected. New routine opens possibility to preserve color in almost all cases.
- FBX import export supported with vertex color
- Any layer may be marked as "Use as vertex weight" and used as vertex weight map if you will export scene as LWO. It works in all paint modes. Weight may be 0..1 or -1..1 on your choice

[16.01.2012] 3.7.03C

- painting over multiple voxel layers simultaneously.
- Connector to Photohop works with voxel painting too.
- Fill tool preview will not lag even on highpoly voxel objects.
- New tool intodiced - layer. It is intended for medical application, but will be very useful for cloth, hardsurface modeling and many other. See example - http://3d-coat.com/files/VoxLayer.jpg
- clone tool bug fixed - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=459

[12.01.2012] 3.7.03B

- import/export of vertex colored obj & lwo files. Lwo - via vertex maps. Please check compatibility with xNormal
You may import obj-s from ZB and continue painting.
- multicore optimization.
- Frame fixed
- several crashes fixed
- symmetry plane works better (consistent size)

[11.01.2012] 3.7.03A

- export compatimle with ZB (should be tested)
- picking works correctly (H and V)
- baking problem mettioned by Phil (probably) fixed.

[10.01.12] 3.7.03 - beta

- painting over voxel models. Just switch to paint room. If you need to turn it off - use View->Show voxels in paint room
- better symmetry support in Paint room (there was problems with Points & faces)
- better colors correspondence when baking voxels->paint room
- new brushes in LC tools - build, extrude, updated general brush, flattern.

[16.12.11] 3.7.02 - beta

- Free form primitives and pose tools got multi-selection and gizmo (if multiple elements selected) - http://bit.ly/tihLm7
- All retopo tools will support realtime symmetry updating. If you change something on one side of existing symmetry - it will be done on other side. Turn off "Retopo->Show mirrored" to see clearly how it happens. It is very important if you want to update existing mesh without breaking UV set.
- Primitives updating done to produce really good quality in surface mode booleans. Grid density may be varied by slider.
- Found one more lag in retopo tool (and UI in general). Now it will work faster, especially on undo/redo and tool switching.
- I found why importing model for ppp may take long time in some cases. It was realtime pading preparing routine. Now optimized a lot.
- airbrush in ppp & freeze issue solved - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=447
- Pose, primitives & Free form with symmetry problem resolved - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=441
- UV room "add clusters" bug fixed - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=445
- UV mapping in retopo room improved - when you add polygons UV will be extended properly after switching other tool - http://www.3dcoat.co...s/UV_update.png
- Fixed bug - keeping scale of merged object in voxels was inaccurete up to 3%. It was well visible on far off-ce0ntered models.
- fixed cube lag: http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=435
- attempt to fix Linux delay bug, but really not sure there ...

3D-COAT 3.7.01B beta
2011-11-25 11:36:39

- Adaptive Decimate Brush: reduce without fear of loosing detail http://wp.me/petJN-zY
- Snake/Spikes/curves/Muscle/Toothpaste tools are supported in surface mode too (even faster) - http://bit.ly/vMlC3X (booleans of course). It is 160 k model. To get same in voxels you need probably millions. Of course that spikes/curves are not separate pieces but merged into object - look a little manual smoothing near some spikes.
- curves of objects supported in surface mode.
- shader thumbnail issue fixed - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=430
- droplist item selection fixed - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=426
- Shadow casting issue fixed - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=428
- I made compatible LC tools and booleans - LC&stuff will preserve sharp edges until edge is not smoothed by SHIFT.
- Sphere tool with cubic interpolation fixed.

3D-COAT 3.7.00
2011-11-11 17:44:45

See full feature list here: http://3d-coat.com/3d-coat-37/

3D-COAT 3.5.19 beta
2011-05-18 07:20:21

- important performance problem in couple of last builds solved!
- New (or old for V2 users) stamp mode modification introduced - http://bit.ly/dSkIm8
- Set of problems in stamp mode fixed - http://bit.ly/i2CvrJ
- Very important addition! Move & Pose tool may be optionally applied through all visible volumes (see checkbox "Through all volumes"). See examples - http://bit.ly/gZAIlS , http://bit.ly/erzctN
- Free form transformations in Pose tool are finished up to level acceptable to be publicly released. Example - http://bit.ly/itnFBA , http://bit.ly/jed7ym
- Invert selection will work correctly in Pose tool.
- Next tweak to pose tool - it will be possible to save/load pose
- Longstanding pose tool problem fixed - http://bit.ly/fBnPC3
- Longstanding linux bug fixed - http://bit.ly/iI4TiM
- Edit in ext editor will respect freeze - http://bit.ly/gROHlA
- Smooth dark edge related bug fixed - http://bit.ly/ftx0j6
- I improved blending between transparent layers to be closer to PS especially if ground layer is semi-transparent.
- Copy/Paste related bug fixed - http://bit.ly/gD6wL2
- Ihe problem of Copy tool with CTRL resolved - http://bit.ly/emVe6C
- FBX library used in 3DC upated to Fbx2012, it solved previous issues with incmpatibility - http://bit.ly/jOduVp
- Fixed problem of slowdown while using big alphas. It appeared after introducing mipmaps for brushes. Now works really fast.

3.5.18 [beta]

- I made support of alpha images mip-mapping. It leads to really good stroke quality. Compare: http://bit.ly/ea0WCL and http://bit.ly/eS5cqK . It is especially important if contrast high resolution alpha is used. Old style stroke was too noisy, new style - smooth like in PS. More images to compare - http://bit.ly/guuQjL and http://bit.ly/eWxOZz .
- You will be able to see amount of UV vertices in retopo room. It is important if you have budget of polygons for game model.
- Inverted chiesel brush issue fixed - http://bit.ly/guiy7k
- Freeze and Rapid2 issue fixed - http://bit.ly/hSQxMP
- Brushes preview problem solved - http://bit.ly/ev515y
- Importing of subdivided T-shapes fixed - http://bit.ly/gslNP2
- Curve tool issue fixed - http://bit.ly/euee4N
- In latest couple of builds there was error on non-english Win that caused screwing some brushes settings (like depth modulator). Now fixed.
- Specular brightness issues fixed - http://bit.ly/fuWr6e and http://bit.ly/e6m62d
- The issue with mesh bereaking fixed - http://bit.ly/ii3H6h
- I found one potential rare source of small dots artifacts while transforming from surface to voxel mode and written code to prevent it.
- Wireframe in paint mode will be shown without missing chunks.
- Absolute brush issue fixed - http://bit.ly/dJnURk
- Fixed important bug - possible crash after using hotkey to make something massive - like import mesh for PPP.
- Crash fixed - http://bit.ly/fYf7Cr
- For ease of acccess to all import possibility you will be able to import retopo mesh/mesh for voxelizing from file menu.
- The problem with incorrect UV-sets resolved - http://bit.ly/dIkgrb
- tif/exr included in regular texture export format. You will be able to choose if you need to use it with or without alpha in Textures menu.
- Adding materials folder improved a bit - http://bit.ly/e2uKSB
- I made "Apply to visible" and "Apply to subtree" in shaders RMB menu.
- Image picker navigation will work correctly even if picker is docked.

3.5.17 [beta, not verified]

- I restored older version of surface clay and combined it with new brushing engine, it produced really nice brush!
- Rapid2/Mud2 brushes as smoother and nicer versions of Rapid/Mud brushes. That new brushes are based on the same principle as new Clay brush.
- I made checkbox "Smooth back faces" in "E" panel in Voxel room
- Smooth in voxel surface mode is now CUDA accelerated. It is especially obvious under big smoothing degree (500% for example). Non cuda smooth improved a lot too.
- I made additional checkbox "CUDA smooth boost" that will enable 3X strength of smoothing if CUDA enabled.
- You will be able to assign hotkey to any button in 'E' panel.
- I tuned Surface Fill tool to work nicely.
- I made new brush based on surface clay that acts close to Build in voxel room and Wax in MB. It is little modification of clay, but looks like it is super cool to buildup shape. Plobably I will call it Buildup.
- I improved merge surface->voxels algorithm to produce much less artifacts like that - http://bit.ly/i4rmT6 . They was usually appearing after surface was smoothed in voxels a lot and then move applied (as well as any surface change). It is hard to avoid them at all, but they will appear muchh less now. To remove them at all use depth shader or "To global space". It are not actually surface distortions but rather normals calculation problems. It happens due to voxel surface thickness variation. Smooth makes surface thicker, so this problem appears.
- Snapping to voxel surface become faster, fixed possible lags and hangups.
- Slice tool in retopo room will work correctly with non-voxelized meshes too.
- I updated AppLinks specifications a bit - http://bit.ly/gadLuD
- Fixed several bugs in retopo transform tool.
- The issue about retopo transform solved - http://bit.ly/gxsJ5W
- Fixed problem of holes over big faces in ppp mode when 8k textures are used.
- Fixed problem in retopo symmetrical copy whan multiple UV sets are present
- Problem with "Edit points table" in "E" spines metu solved.
- Problem with "To global space" and instances solved.
- The problem with move tool tearing and symmetry resolved.
- Fixed bug in Apply UV that was producing holes in mesh in some cases.
- I found why using huge brush radius leads to massive slowdown (almost hang). It is fixed and resulted with sculpting speed increase.
- If SHIFT and LMB was pressed simultaneously then even if SHIFT will be released but LMB pressed 3DC will act as if SHIFT is still pressed.

3.5.16 [relatively stable]

- Fixed a bunch of instability problems + retopo transform problems
- FBX import will catch color, normal and specular textures if attached
- New floating server released, it is is compatibel with previous 3D-Coat version, but it is better to use 3.5.15/16 - http://bit.ly/f7gZpk
- Adding faces/bevel and other retopo tools will not discard current UV set, changed islands will be autobatically updated
- dropped image may be assigned to be background

3.5.15 [beta]

- I made clone function in Retopo->Select [faces] to clone parts of mesh.
- You will be able to transform whole retopo mesh or it's selected part with new transform tool in retopo room.
- EPS file format supported for importing shapes for E panel.
- Symmetry panel got "Lock symmetry plane" checkbox to lock symmetry plane and avoid unnecessary movement by TAB key. Also ALT-TAB will not conflict with TAB pressing to mave symmetry plane.
- I improved surace smooth tool a bit to avoid producing visible seams. Also I removed spikes appearing on noizy surface due to backfacing.
- I improbed a bit shape and cleanness of voxels strokes in CUDA mode, I found why BUILD tool was producing dirty results sometimes.
- I performed really big work over memory management. Found many leaks. It will improve stability and speed after hours of work in 3D-Coat.
- FBX export crash fixed in 3.5.14B but FBX export of big meshes is still too slow, we wil optimize it.
- Export big meshes/close holes got better stability on big meshes.
- Fixed possible instability in texture baking tool.
- Draw by lines issue fixed - http://bit.ly/fOkslE
- Freezing issue resilved - http://bit.ly/dFXFV5
- I made that 64 bit build will produce very useful bugreports [for me to discover crash reason] if crash will occur. 64-bit bugreport was almost useless before this change because of missing callstack. 90% of peoples are using 64 bit version, it was so pity that I was not able to analyse bugreprts deeply. Now it is solved. It is important step to make 3DC more stable. 3.5.15 contains multiple stability improvements based on bugreports that was sent me with this system.

3.5.14 [beta]

- I made support of painting/carving over planes/surfaces defined by 3 or 4 points -http://bit.ly/gk6xi0 , http://bit.ly/el1Sql
- Image picker will respect usual navigation rules to navigate image.
- Fixed bug in Logo tool that was causing dirty result sometimes.
- While fixing Logo tool I made possbility to load grayscale pictures as contours in E-panel (through "Load shape" button).
- I made improvement for merged objects scale - http://bit.ly/dTKpNX
- The problem with single polygon hiing resolved - http://bit.ly/eaGejr
- Undo in polygon hide mode done - http://bit.ly/gEQHaT
- Specularity merge down issue fixed - http://bit.ly/ijpvy0
- Painting whole polygon issue fixed - http://bit.ly/fcLDYg
- The problem in "Merge without voxelizing" resolved -http://bit.ly/gIK3n6
- I fixed some problems in AUTOPO and it will always produce meshes without holes.
- I made possibility to render turnables [from help menu] with post-batching to create customizable videos.
- Fixed UV room texture mapping issues - http://bit.ly/euXzrQ andhttp://bit.ly/dO4hL1

3.5.13 [beta, relatively stable]

- SVG import fron "E" panel. It is a bit raw, needs testing - http://bit.ly/dRpeVs ,http://bit.ly/e4OUGn
- Quality of voxel drawing with "E" panel curves/lasso improved a lot.
- Al lot of small bugfixes to make 3D-Coat more stable, recovering from problems of 3.5.12

3.5.12 [beta, not stable]

- I improved image picker a lot. This is how it looks/works now - http://bit.ly/hKF7Vz
- Voxel surface layers will be correctly baked with occlusion (including not voxelized layers).
- I made that merging without voxelizing will create 1 volume per object for convenience. OBJ files from Wings3D with instancing supported.
- I made much more accurate fading on edges while getting back projection from Photoshop (or other) - http://bit.ly/fqs2I6
- Options.xml split ot several logical parts to avoid loosing important data if you deleted it.
- Support of FBX export/import done.
- Bugreporting system after crashes restored.
- I made painting over edge to be anti-aliased even in not "Fade on edge" mode - http://bit.ly/fP4rAs
- Topological symmetry problem in microvertex mode fixed - http://bit.ly/gUautz
- Fixed problem of incorrect behaviour of objects/materials palette - http://bit.ly/hMz0XF
- Slider ploblem resolved - http://bit.ly/fUFmMN
- "Apply blending" problem solved - http://bit.ly/f0Q5ak
- Fixed problem of adding Masks folder - http://bit.ly/gnxTBs
- The intrface problem related to floating windows fixed - http://bit.ly/dKDaIx
- Fixed "Auto-scale" in UV room problem - http://bit.ly/gsMzSj
- "New" will reset primitives and merge tool - http://bit.ly/eI76YO
- Fixed automapping bug - http://bit.ly/g4hRTn


- I made possibility [optional] to merge mesh into voxel scene without actual voxelization. It will appear in voxel surface mode and will be voxelized when you will turn it to voxel mode. It is important milestone for future implementation of dynamic tesselation and highpoly booleans that may change the face of digital sculpting. In it's current state it is convenient for instancing, but it's actual power is in possibilities that this new approach opens.
- I made much better algorithm for adding external normalmap + painted depth in ppp. No artifacts appear there - http://bit.ly/fCaC8m
- Leaks problem discovered and improved - http://bit.ly/i8hzgC
- I made primitives controls a bit more convenient - it will always be possible to rotate camera + arrows will never become too small.
- UV packing problem with overlapped UV islands resolved - http://bit.ly/dKI4zz
- The longstanding problem of rough normals [http://bit.ly/eJZCA2] in surafece mode finally solved.
- The smoothing issue fixed - http://bit.ly/fC9MvJ
- Export dense quads prblem fixed - http://bit.ly/icpG9K
- The spacing issue fixed - http://bit.ly/flnejA
- Fixed smoothing problem in voxel surface mode - http://bit.ly/euHNlU
- The problem related to ZB brushes importing from folder resolved - http://bit.ly/gIDUQT


- I made support of COPY-PASTE in UV tool - http://bit.ly/e1hFqU . It is useful to perform UV mapping over repeatable or symmetric details.
- Fixed problem of incorrect scale when usung Voxels->Toggle proxy. It was the reason of all problems with proxy scale.
- 3D-Coat will paint with cavity detection a lot faster.
- I made that subdivide individual faces in retopo room will not destroy UV-coordinates - http://bit.ly/gk8Ey5
- I fixed problem of deleting face while collapsing edge with RMB - http://bit.ly/evJiwy
- Splines export problem fixed - http://bit.ly/hiQuKO
- I made ALT+eye click to work correctly with instances.
- bug fixed - http://bit.ly/edFmCe
- Compatibility with OBJ files from Rhino improved (ending slashes supported, if line is long Rhino places \ and continues on the next line).
- I updated OBJ files support. Now you wil be able to import color, specular, normal, displacement during OBJ import. There is document that describes changes - http://bit.ly/gUUi45

3.5.09 [beta]

- Wrap tool essentialy updated - look several examples - http://bit.ly/fRHtIv http://bit.ly/hOgkon http://bit.ly/gY92cM
- I made much much better preview of cube-mapped material in paint room. It will be easy to place cube-mapped material over the model. Bugs related to loosing control panel in cube mapping mode fixed too.
- Fixed problem in retopo strokes tool that happened because of instancing introduction.
- possibility to upload turnables to YouTube (as always,95% is done by webmaster in this area)
- Fixed crash while baking subdivided mesh from retopo room - http://bit.ly/ha2nKx
- Resample + undo/redo bug fixed - http://bit.ly/h3S6Hl
- 2D snapping ploblem fixed - http://bit.ly/gvcVBt
- I corrected painting strips in voxel room, it was too messy.
- Fixed problem with big sphere drawing/primitive in non CUDA mode (especially important for Mac)
- Full support of selecting invisible objects. You may select and operate over them, but can't change them.
- I fixed problem with proxy scaling. Additional advantage is possibility to transfrom object in proxy mode that will be applied to the object
- 3DC will respect negative volumes in Merge tool, instancing mode

3.5.08 [beta]

- Support of instancing (Look Instancer toll + new check box in Merge tool). It opens possibility to use one volume multiple times in scene without additional memory consumption. For example you may do several bricks and made building of them and scene will be still very light and only initial bricks will take memory. In so way you may manage really huge scenes if they can be decomposed into less count of basic elements. Scene in viewport will also be rendered faster because of much less video memory consumption. It is extremely helpful for architecture, hardsurface modeling, sometimes - for organic (scales, teeth).
- Arbitrary change resolution of voxel volume done. You may chnahge mesh resolution to any given number of polygons.
- All big numbers in all tools will be written in readable form - like 31 765 321 (compare with 31765321)
- Fixed bug - http://bit.ly/gdMy7t
- Smudge artifacts problem solved - http://bit.ly/hYAmn6
- fixed issue http://bit.ly/el7NLV
- fixed 3B-file merge related issue - http://bit.ly/eVUT57

3.5.07 [beta]

- I made possibility to paint through object, start stroke besides object or end stroke besides object - http://bit.ly/dQFJPQ
- Also stroke will never dive into object, it will be drawn over it's top, it gathers advantages from both - projection and direct painting.
- 3D-Coat will store changed data to User's folder and will not change initially installed files, so will not require admin right.
- Found and fixed one brushing performance problem.
- Problem with "Interpolate" in voxels (carve especially) fixed.
changes during 3.5.06 evolution:
- Specular contrast/brightness in Layer options will work more correctly. I also add "Copy channels" to layers RMB menu.
- I made support of multiple UV sets in retopo room.
- Only visible faces will be baked in retopo tool during baking operations.
- Fixed bug in normalmap-based shader baking.
- I made possibility to save separate voxel layers as 3B files (with subtree or no).
- Fixed problem of "dots" using File->Export->High poly mesh
- New option in brush settings - "Keep color along stroke" to be able to draw fur-like textures.

3.5.06 [beta]

- In paint mode and voxel surafce mode you will be able to choose style of brushing-new one with smooth stroke shape and self intersection like in PS or rather old-style (but improved) with strict following alpha shape (but with strict self intersection).
- I improved a lot Model/Splines tabs in Voxel room. You will be able to add new profiles, drag volumes/external objects to that windows, Add/delete/rename items/folders. Importing spline profile is now very user-friendly. It is possible using Drag&drop or VoxTree RMB menu.
- Hue, Saturation, Lightness jitters are implemented in Brush options panel
- Extrude - like tools in voxel improved - they work will in lines mode (snap to surface) + more uniform stroke.
- Depth painting quality in ppp improved a LOT, now it is very smooth and accurate.
- Rapid/scratches/mud brushes tuned to be more "clay-like"\
- fixed incorrect painting in single polygon painting mode.
- resolved issue - http://bit.ly/gQSfqR
- Fill tool, fill with smooth will work correctly with smoothing opacity.
- Eraser corrected to work closer to PS-style
- fixed big slowdown in "Change mesh and texture resolution"
- updated specifications of AppLinks, now it is possible to skip export dialog and drop spline profile to 3D-Coat.

3D-COAT 3.5.05 beta
2010-11-19 00:58:32

- new brush engine in native voxels (but CUDA mode is not 100% optimized). Strips supported in voxels.
- I made much better projection connector with external image editor. It will fade edges accurately, imported image will be more accurate. It will be possible to apply projection through object if need.
- Ptex related bug fixed - http://bit.ly/anEWvf
- Undo bug fixed - http://bit.ly/bBUsfs
- I have fixed important problem of holes while sculpting - http://bit.ly/ddCGkz

3D-COAT 3.5.04 beta
2010-11-06 11:23:42

3.5.04 [beta]:

- New brush engine in paint and voxel surface modes. Native voxels are still untouched. The main purpose was to make strokes cleaner and smoother.
- New brushes: Scratches, Mud, Inflate
- Every tool stores own brush/alpha. It can be turned off in preferences.
- Fixed OSX clipboard memory leak problem.
- Fixed bug - incorrect export of world space normalmap when normalmap layer is present.
- SL-related prolem solved - http://bit.ly/bZYJHL
- Depth based shaders will work in ortho mode too.
- Fixed bleeding problem while exporting PSD with just current layer.

3.5.03 [beta]:

- Loading for ppp, change map resolution, Apply UV, Fill tool are now multicore optimized and work much faster.
- New tool in voxels - clone. It acts like cut&clone but skips cutting.
- Hiding/showing all but this layer using ALT will work for everything that has eye icon - retopo, objects, materials, voxels, paint layer.
- I made ZB-like navigation preset just for big ZB fans.
- SHIFT-axis-snapping while navigation done
- I made reading of OBJ files a lot faster
- 3D-Coat will detect tablet pressure levels count automatically.
- experimental option for voxels export - export as dense quads. Possibly it will be helpful to bring raw meshes to ZB.
- Fixed problem of deleting sub-objects in paint room.
- Fixed possible hang in autoretopo tool.
- The issue http://bit.ly/cJ9QrC fixed.
- The issue http://bit.ly/9BLAD4 fixed

3.5.02 [beta]:

- 2 new powerful tools in paint room (Layers menu) - Clamp depth and Copy channels. Both respect freeze. Copy channel allows to copy any channel (R,G,B,Luminosity,Alpha,Specular,Depth) to any other channel of any layer. Copying masked by freeze.
- more optimizations over speed, fixed most problems and instability issues from previous build.
- docked windows will not be lost when you are dropping new object in 3dc with drag&drop

3.5.01 [beta]:

- essential speedup in per-pixel, microvertex and ptex mode
- speedup in voxel surface mode
- overal speedup everywhere
- new specifications for AppLinks - see http://www.3d-coat.c...LinkUpdated.doc
- Better numerical controls for transform gizmo, several useful improvements there
- better Auto UV mapping

3D-COAT 3.5.00A
2010-09-16 22:06:45

- Compatibility with PSD files used by ZBrush as Alphas (8 and 32 bit).
- Updated Japanese and Koran translations

3D-COAT 3.5.00
2010-09-15 09:25:24

Please see the full list of changes there:


3D-COAT 3.3.01 beta
2010-05-30 12:50:32

- I made the same transform gizmo for retopo tool (on Import) as for Transform tool in Voxels. Undo works there too.
- I improved gizmo used in Transform and Retopo to avoid contradiction between moving gizmo in screen space and rotation of the scene.
- I made support of multiple UV sets management in UV room. You may change UV set of any face, add UV-set, remove unused UV-set. New UV stuff will work in both - per-pixel and microvert mode. Previously only per-pixel was supporting multiple uv sets in UV tool.
- Naming of objects merged from retopo to paint room improved - name of object will be combined from groups names instead of RetopoSurfaceXX
- "Update islands" crash fixed - http://bit.ly/bBt2lr

3D-COAT 3.3.00 beta
2010-05-25 11:30:47

This is new major update, see list of changes there:

3D-COAT 3.2.10 beta
2010-04-14 09:00:46

- measurement tool in voxels.
- I improved 3D grid essentially. It can be customized to work with real units. 3D-Coat will be ready much better for precise works.
- Voxel primitives will follow grid points while moved with SHIFT (use CTRL, CTRL+SHIFT for smaller step of movement)
- There was problem with scale of quadrangulation in recent build. It is fixed.

3D-COAT 3.2.09 beta
2010-04-14 08:59:43

- I made possibility to measure and define everything in Voxels using physical units like inches or meters. It was longstanding request, at least I done it. It is extremely useful for real production and prototyping.
- I hope that I succeed with exporting Ptex to Renderman. At least Renderman's utility ptxview displays 3D-Coat's ptx files correctly.
- I made special simple method for external programmers to make connector between 3D - application and 3D-Coat. I hope many connectors between 3D-Coat and different applications will be developed soon. I will post full description of the pipeline in a couple of days.
- Quadrangulation quiality and speed improved. Don't expect edgeloops but it is better then it was.
- I fixed several problems with STL export/import
- I resolved object/materials palette constant duplication problem if it is not docked.
- I restored checked "Use source positions" in export dialog for perpixel painting. It is necessary if you want to export model that was subdivided, painted and uv was changed. In this case it was impossible to export coarse (unsmoothed) low-poly object.
- I made possibility to create/install 3d-coat extensions from File menu. Extension may contain any sort of files - shaders, pens, strips, materials, masks etc. It is just image of additional files in coat's folder. It is good method to share 3D-Coat's content.
- At least I made expansion pack using Oliver Thornton's textures and pens in new format (3dcpack) that is cross platform and easy to use. He sent me tons of really cool stuff (great masks and skin textures, pens) and at least it will be published to community. Thank to Oliver! There is the link to package:
Use File->Install extension to install package.

3D-COAT 3.2.08 beta
2010-04-02 11:40:52

- Much much better correspondence between Voxel room and baked color in Paint room.
- Problem with incorrect "Framing" work in voxel tools solved.
- Framing improved - you can focus on object or on pen position (scaling depends on radius in this case)
- I have made command that is very useful when you have very many objects in scene - combine current layer with all children layers.
- Pick tool for voxels. It is very helpful if you have many layers and want to select current object visually without VoxTree
- Fixed Voxels->Ptex merging, multiple ptex objects merging.
- I have done very longstanding request from SL community - support of multiple SL objects in scene.

3D-COAT 3.2.07 beta
2010-04-02 11:40:21

- Solved most longstanding problem - jagged strokes in paint modes (see http://bit.ly/aiw8u8 for reference).
- Fixed incorrect work of ApplyUV command over some models especially in microvertex mode problem referred there - http://bit.ly/cylc4A ).
- Upload screenshot bugs fixed

3D-COAT 3.2.06 beta
2010-04-02 11:39:52

- Lines/curves in 'E' panel will not dive into surface in Voxel mode too (in the same way as in Paint tab now)
- I (and webmaster) made useful feature for 3d-coat experience exchange-quick making of screenshots from 3DC shell and hosting on our server. In so way it will be possible to post screenshots with text very quickly. It was relatively easy to do on my side.
- Merging voxels->ptex fixed.
- I have add metadata record from http://bit.ly/aN7nVX for compatibility with Renderman.
- I improved 3DConnexion support, I hope drifting issue will be fixed. 3DC will perform calibration during start. But 3D mouse should be untouched during 3D-Coat's start, otherwise drifting will appear.

3D-COAT 3.2.05 beta
2010-04-02 11:38:21

- Ptex import when separate textures are assigned to initial faces before subdivision (not to subdivided faces).
- Ptex files export/import in new Ptex representation (texture per non-subdivided face)
- Dynamic Ptex resolution is done in new approach - one texture per non-subdivided face.
- support of merging multiple objects/deleting part of objects in Ptex representation.
- I checked that ptx files exported from 3D-Coat are correctly rendered in external renderer. Of course I made only simplest tests.
- Splines/Lines in E panel will not dive into surface in paint room. In so way you can easily draw over curved surfaces.
- solved longstanding problem with licensing when license file gets corrupted randomly (and rarely) in the middle of the work.

3D-COAT 3.2.04 beta
2010-04-02 06:00:51

- Ptex export/import done. You will be able to export/import color/specular/displacement separately. Ptex files are much closer to textures so I placed export/import ptx files in Texture menu
- Merging retopo room with reference mesh/painted mesh -> per pixel painting will respect color of the reference/painted mesh. In previous builds normalmap was baked correctly but color was not baked t per pixel painting if reference mesh was used.
- In Retopo->select tool Relax will act only on vertices selected in Retopo->Select->Verices. Snap button will work in the same way.
- Fixed render problem when rendering custom size frame was not properly centered.
- I fixed multiple problems with snapping in retopo tool. Problems was especially visible on the "creature" model.
- I fixed issue with crash in Linux while using 'V' key.
- I improved cylinder-like manipulator to avoid controls squashing.
- Fixed PSD export issue - incorrect (dotted) padding.

3D-COAT 3.2.03 beta
2010-04-02 05:59:29

- I made much much better algorithm for limit subdivision surface directly after importing model for microvrtex painting and Ptex. Model after import will look much closer to the limit subdivision surface.
- Increase resolution in Ptex improved - faster and more efficient. Expand/contract selection is add to this tool.
- Many small improvements inside Ptex - displaying textels count, better management of local subdivision.
- better padding for PSD files export
- Fade on edges in pen options will act on all pens simultaneously

3D-COAT 3.2.02 beta
2010-04-02 05:59:18

3D-COAT 3.2.01
2010-01-27 11:19:35

- Selection opacity slider was add to pose tool.
- Eraser will lower normalmap strength when applied over the normalmap layer.
- Rectangle selecton with depth limitation will work in ortho mode too.
- fixed important linux/mac issue - adding multiple layers while exporting vector displacement. Sometimes adding layers can happen on Win too.
- Missing bronze shaders recovered