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8 Classic Lamps

8 Classic Lamps
Artem Ba
Album created by
Artem Ba
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  • Image Comments

    • Aunque es muy fea pero buen hecho!
    • The eyes are the lamp of the soul.
    • @fractionalist :
      Ha! OK . I understand better. My characters are from another space time (another reality). The notion of good / bad is foreign to them. So, I do not know that it's the soul.

    • Not at all - it has no 'eyes' therefore it has no 'look'. In other words, the eyes are the HEART OF THE SOUL - and it has none... it's PHYSICAL - or material - not 'living' - creatures without eyes are very like an 'amoeba' or a worm - higher forms of 'life' have well-developed EYES. A cat's eye is not as developed as a human eye etc., When you look at someone - you always look FIRST at the EYES. All the focus should be the eyes. Look at REMBRANDT, or RAFAEL or VERMEER paintings... or GOYA! Look at Goya's INK DRAWINGS...