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Sword Study

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Based off of the shape of Conan's sword. About 10 hours to model, give or take.

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Only the blade was modeled in MAX, simply because I'm not sure how to get that shape to come to a point and stay so refined. The handle was created with a capsule primitive that I manipulated with the move tool, a cylinder for the grip. For the knob at the end, it's just a sphere slightly stretched and I cloned a slice out of it with symmetry on and rotated and stamped a few times. The skull I have in my model library from years ago.

90% of this model was made using the Muscle tool with Steady Stroke  on 15 and Smoothing Speed on 10. Sometime I have to take Steady Stroke off to stay on top of high relief areas. Just paint all those muscle strokes then dupe, Smooth All to melt them together and merge back into the master layer. Really looks like cast metal. Just a bit of a run down on my process.

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Your Muscle tool work would make an excellent tutorial. Of course, the strokes themselves depend on the skill of the artist. Really nice work.

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