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SR1 Wallpaper Compared


Model comparison. Note: the left face is my model and the one on the right is the original and is not owned by me.

Recreation of the GlyphX Kain model used in the opening cutscenes of the Soul Reaver games. Model started in 3D-Coat, finished in Zbrush. Retopologized in 3D-Coat. Polypainted in Zbrush, finished texturing in Photoshop. Normal Maps, generated mostly in Zbrush with a couple blended in from 3DS Max. Maya for smoothing normals. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2. Metalness maps for metal items and Kain's skin; specular and gloss for all other items.

Final low polygon count: 55,000 (will probably be worked down further when all parts are combined to animate)

From the album:

The Hylden's works

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