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    26.02.2019 4.8.34 - Very important! Possibility of resolution-independent texture locking over the layer. Importing or calculation of normalmap, occlusion, cavity will lock layer. Texture will be saved to disk. As soon as you will change resolution, the locked texture will be used instead of current layer state resampling. It is very important if you want to paint materials in low quality of texture and then get high quality at the end. - Support of 16-bit PNG tor alphas - Fixed polygon - painting mode (in E-panel) for materials painting in UV mode. - "Ghost but this" corrected, it is not screwed by Undo anymore. - Toggle UI visibility using TAB or Windows->Toggle Popup/Docked Windows. - FBX export preserves vertex order - Indication of ortho/perspective in right bottom corner - Export presets listed in File->Create extension - Correct loading scenes with transparency on Layer0 - Create alphas from 3D models updated - fast preview rendering (previously it was software rendering), so high-poly meshes allowed there. - Image files recognized not by extension (that may be wrong) but by signature. It prevents multiple user errors. Sometimes files, downloaded from internet have wrong extension. - Correct alpha channel visualization in paint mode for polygonal models (not voxels/surface!). Polygons sorted from back to front in real time for correct rendering. It works fast, but if you feel it is slow, you may turn it off in View menu. - exr added to the list of extensions, acceptable for pen alpha. - Importing models as alphas window is now hardware accelerated, big models acceptable too.
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    Dear friends! I am a developer and have been working at 3DCoat for a year now, and have 20 years of experience in developing 3D-CAD. Andrew told me, that I needed to work on the Retopo room with love. We need to make excellent tools so that the work gives you only pleasure and satisfaction. I want to hear your advice.
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    Hey everyone, Let me give you a very sincere opinion regarding 3D-Coat and ZBrush. Nobody here can deny that ZBrush is the program that owns everything or almost everything an artist needs to do anything realistic. They got where they are today because they invested a lot and listened to the artists in what they would expect from a sculpture program and what they were needing in the workflow. In this conversation with professionals (artists), Pixologic began to make a list of features and tools that should have absolute priorities so that any artist in the world wished and wanted to have ZBrush and the result would be the sales success of Zbrush in the world. Pixologic became master of high performance with millions of polygons allowing the artist to sculpt and detail incredible details without having any problems, evolved the system of brushes with complete control of the surface of the mesh (imbed and etc), system of alphas that have several functions that the user can configure in real time (midvalue, Curves or Levels tool and etc) and apply with extreme quality on the mesh surface, powerful system of Sculpt Layers, reprojection of details, boolean operations (including non-destructive), possible rigging with ZSpheres, displacement map application on mesh surface with preview, noise maker system, fast and powerful mask system, wonderful Polygroups system, ZRemesh and a world of things. Some people may call me crazy, but 3D-Coat is not far behind. 3D-Coat is extremely powerful and unique in several things as well. The biggest problem of 3D-Coat is not to strengthen and evolve the tools and features that the program already has, as well as making each of them free of bugs. I have been using 3D-Coat a lot to sculpt my realistic characters and to be honest with all of you, I have been suffering a lot with mesh problems (sometimes there are blasts in the mesh, holes that appear, mesh surface unstable and with serious problems with the use of Remesh brushes, Reconstruction and other functions) in the surface mode. The performance of 3D-Coat is not very good in relation to Brushes and 3D-Coat's features become slow. Most of the features take a long time to complete and often the program stops working after a long time calculating some operation and I have to force the exit of the program and restart the 3D-Coat. Despite all this, I love and use 3D-Coat. I can get great results on 3D-Coat and I'm always trying to suggest to Andrew things that can improve not only my life, but like that of all the artists who use the program so that we can get similar or even better qualities than the ZBrush. Most artists use 3D-Coat to make retopology, Uvs, and paintings. But do not use 3D-Coat to sculpt, they end up preferring ZBrush to sculpt and detail. I am not criticizing anyone and everyone has the right to choose the direction of use of the program and what programs they want to use to carry out their work. But I think 3D-Coat has incredible potential in the Sculpt Room area and in my opinion it's a waste to not see this area being so evolved and strong. I get frustrated. I agree with AbnRanger that it is necessary to study and choose carefully the battles that will be invested in the program since the 3D-Coat team is smaller than the ZBrush team and can not make the wrong decisions. I believe 3D-Coat has everything just to stand out in the Sculpt Room area. We have Voxels, a powerful system in Surface mode, impressive tools like Copy Brush (surface mode) that is abandoned and this tool does not even exist in ZBrush. Now, have you ever wondered if Pixologic launches a tool similar to Copy Tool? ZBrush users would be crazy! We 3D-Coat users already have this tool and the tool is forgotten and with problems. For example, in surface mode, where the magic of sculpture happens, we do not have an appropriate Boolean system. Whenever you want to do a Boolean operation most of the time that error window does not allow operation, this is frustrating! Many people would say, "Why not convert to voxels and do Boolean operation on Voxels?" The answer is simple, sometimes it is not possible, imagine if you have an extremely detailed character where the sculpture and details are done locally and optimized by LiveClay and Remove Stretching, if you convert to voxels the sculpture will not be the same ( even putting billions of polygons) and then the process to optimize this sculpture will become time consuming and very difficult with Reduce or Decimate that will generate problems on the surface of the mesh like expolsões and holes in the mesh. Unfortunately, features to fix possible surface mode issues can lead to more problems than repair. And the performance in calculations becomes slow and with great possibility of freezing the program. When I try to suggest tools and features it is not like a child who wants a gift just to satisfy himself at that moment and then pull the toy over. I try to make an effort and explain to Andrew and his team of developers what artists they really need to do a job of equal or better quality than ZBrush. Sometimes I feel like I'm bothering the developers sending emails with suggestions, but.... I would like to thank Andrew because sometimes he listened to me and I'm glad to see that in some released versions of 3D-Coat there are some suggestions and bug fixes that I submit related to the Sculpt Room. If we had special and strong development attention in the Sculpt Room, would you imagine how many artists would buy the 3D-Coat to sculpt? If we were too strong in the Sculpt Room, most artists would prefer to sculpt 3D-Coat. With that, Andrew could increase his team and further develop 3D-Coat. Please, do not get me wrong, but I see 3D-Coat as a gigantic and rare diamond, but it is raw and not completely polished. Despite this, 3D-Coat is my main program with no doubts.
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    Well, with a much smaller staff, you have to pick your battles carefully, and it's already quite an accomplishment for a Texture Painting app to draw that close to ZBrush in terms of sculpting capability, and even offer some advantages over it, in certain areas. Auto-Retopo, for me, works quite well, especially when you factor in the integration of Instant Meshes, as another option. I hope Andrew instead, focuses more on bringing Sculpt Layer functionality up to par with ZB and MB, by adding Masking and Modulation Brushes. Then add a library of Noise Types to the Noise tool (Surface mode) and the Fill brush (Paint Room).
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    Rendered in blender's eevee.
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    Hi Alex Although I do believe that the Retopo room needs to be modernized, both in the performance and in the administration of files; I think it's important to mention that in the long term, retopo room should become a CAD modeler. As i remember time ago Andrew helps Wings3D development with some lines of code. Being able to gradually convert the Retopo room on CAD modeling room would greatly help the insertion of 3DC in the market as a total modeling solution. Thx and best regards CA 0000616: Possibility to create and manipulate nurbs surfaces and transform them to voxels
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    Hey Everyone! Another progress of the face. I think the face is getting good. I still have a lot of work to do on him and then I will work on the body. Thank you!
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    This is and extended shader pack, but the user can easily tweak/change and rename to their liking. I asked Andrew to add it to the default shader pack, but he hasn't responded, so it's at least available to whomever wants it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1u5muo_i3QCaJyjL8JQUyohBm44IL8qVd
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    Hi 3DCoaters! I totally missed it to post this image here although a huge part of the creation process was done in 3DCoat! You can find a small making of at Blendernation: Behind the scenes: It came from below Hope you like it!
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    Doing a sketch based on on this piece by Lius Lasahedo
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    gbball, 3D-Coat has several programs in one. I understand how complicated and complex it must be to maintain a program as powerful as 3D-Coat is. And it's great to see what Andrew's team is capable of doing. So, I congratulate Andrew and his team! @gbball If you like to program, dedicate yourself that you will get there! You will succeed! I do not see anything wrong or unrealistic if you have the desire to contribute tools and workflows to 3D-Coat. I do not understand programming a lot, but maybe it would be something to be thought of adding to the Python language in conjunction with the main language of 3D-Coat. I see incredible things happening in Blender through Python. If this Python language implementation were possible, there would be excellent programmers who could do fantastic things for 3D-coat through anabolising addons. I do not know if Andrew has ever thought about Python, but it might not work with 3D-Coat or he has some other reason. But there might be some way that would make it easier for programmers to program code outside of Andrew's team, I do not know anything about Angel Script whether it's easy or not. Look at the users' passion and Blender community. For me, the version of Blender 2.4 was a real terror. I wanted to move away from Blender, for me it was completely confusing and difficult to understand. When they released version 2.5, I became interested, I thought it was another program, but to my surprise it was Blender and I started learning the program. Now at the present look at Blender version 2.80! It's fantastic! See the evolution of the program, the passion of the users and programmers where they took Blender. I know it's an Opensource program, but even so the passion for this program has led them to complete success in my opinion. I do not know how Andrew's team works in the development of 3D-Coat. But I agree with you about dedicated people in each room separately. Today I saw that a programmer from Andrew's team opened a topic asking for suggestions to develop the Retopo Room, in which he spoke to give a lot of love in that area. That's great, but to be very honest with you and everyone in the community, my dream would be if it happened the same in Sculpt Room. Have you ever imagined Andrew or another developer creating a topic and asking for help developing the Sculpt Room with love? I would definitely try to help in the best way possible because my greatest strength is sculpture. Maybe someday we'll see something similar happen in the Sculpt Room.
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    Could we have a custom pivot point placement for retopo objects? (example : I made a crate with a lid that needs a specific pivot point to open correctly. right now I must go to maya to adjust the pivot point)
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    Thank you, haikalle My name is Alex. I forgot to write that I already made some new tools. InSet, Bridge, Splite Edge, Improve Bevel.
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    Daily practice
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    Thanks for testing. Did you use the same shader for your tests? Or Did you use a different shader for each test? I think I found the error for this problem of the Preview of the Reproject Tool (Sculpt Room). The problem is the shader. Not all shaders allow the preview of the Reproject Tool to happen. Before, any shader I used had the preview of the Reproject Tool, now I realized that only a few shaders work with the preview of Reproject. I believe this is a related bug between the Shader and the Reproject Preview.
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    The SM folder is located at C:\Users\username\Documents\3D-CoatV48\patterns You can move the *.pbrm to another folder, but textures links (found inside smart material editor) remains on the original folder.
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    FBX importer bug was fixed and now blender 2.8 official build can import multiply uv-sets.
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    Ok I'm about 12 mins in the presentation where the guys is setting up a toon shader look in the viewport and already I'm going wth is up with all the clicking everywhere.. I mean everything is buried all over the place in different menus.. Complete incoherence. <- maybe it's just me but that would snap me right out of creative mode, I'd be constantly digging in menus. I didnt think 2019 was going to be a new interface but you always hope they have some sort of vision on how to gradually simplify the interface.. Nope,
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    Hi As a reminder, avoiding posting on Zbrush in the Andrew forum was my suggestion. But I asked Andrew and it's good for him to do it. Therefore feel free to write whatever you want about it.
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    Is it possible to get an instancer brush? Something that is a mix between the instancer tool and the import tool? I'd like to be able to import a simple mesh for all these orbs and then later export to Blender without it being treated as one big object.. If I could brush into the scene from an instance of a 3b object...then I could adjust the 3b object afterwards and have the placement and size be kept. Further...I'd like to be able to export this out to an external package like Unreal or Blender and have each orb be instances of the same mesh. This was done with sphere tool with max spacing on the brush and some size and position jitter. Currently it's all on one voxel layer. But this hurts my pipeline because I will have to duplicate work. I want to optimize this for real-time rendering. I
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    New update .34 says So probably GIMP as usual, doing things in strange ways, isnt exporting the EXR as it should so 3DCoat can read the signature to properly import it as a EXR.
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    Hey everyone! __________________________________________________ 1. First Test regarding the 16 bit Exr format. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I created in blender an alpha and saved that alpha with 16-bits in EXR format: 1. When I directly import this alpha created in Blender into 3D-Coat, 3D-Coat imports the alpha correctly. 2. I took the same alpha, opened it in GIMP, edited the alpha and saved the image in EXR. When I try to import this alpha created by GIMP into 3D-Coat, to my surprise, the following message appears: "Incorrect extension of mist_exr_skin2.exe. The file looks like Png. " But why this message if I saved as EXR in the GIMP? It seems that all the alphas I export from GIMP in EXR is generating me this message. I do not know if it is some GIMP export problem. After the message, the alpha appears in the alphas palette, however I believe that this alpha that I saved as EXR will be converted to the PNG format. After that, I do not know if alpha is still EXR or if 3D-Coat will convert Alpha to PNG. I believe that the alpha still has 16-bit, but I can not say because 3D-Coat has no option of the user to check the bit depth information of a texture, alpha or stencil. In my opinion, it would be very valid if developers could provide us with this bit depth information.
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    Finished retopo, baking, texture painting, and exported to LightWave. Still need to add hair.
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    In the nearest "3DCoat" build for Windows the gestures will be supported in "Tablet PC " mode. The video below demonstrates "3DCoat" in "Tablet PC" mode on "Surface Pro": http://pilgway.com/~sergyi/Video/3DCoat-TabletPC-Gestures.mov The build "4.8.34" with gestures will be here: https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22364-3dcoat-48-beta-testing-thread/
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    Soooooooooo wonderful addition to the already excellent painting toolset, many thank 3DCoat team ! I love you, again ♥ Regarding the Blend, could it be possible (as well as good idea ?) to have some modes like Modulate2X, Add, Multiply, Lighten...etc ? Or add an input texture the user can pick (a grayscale map) to use it as lerp's alpha ?