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    daily practice
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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 ---> Suggestion: Selection Polygons in 3D-Coat --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video, I would like to suggest the implementation of Selection of Polygons in the 3d-coat Sculpt Room. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 ---> Suggestion: Refining Polygons Selections in 3D-Coat --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video does not contain audio! In this video, I'd like to suggest two features that would serve to refine the polygon selections in the 3D-Coat Sculpt room. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 ---> Suggestion: Polygons Groups in 3D-Coat --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video, I would like to suggest the implementation of Polygons Group in the 3d-coat Sculpt Room. I'll try to talk about the main features of this essential functionality that would change and improve everyone's work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 ---> Suggestion: Creation Polygons Groups in 3D-Coat --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video, I would like to suggest the implementation of Polygons Group in the 3d-coat Sculpt Room. I'll try to talk about how you could create Polygons Group in different ways within 3D-Coat Sculpt Room. I hope to have helped in some positive way and in case you like what I did, please send an email to Andrew (support@3dcoat.com) referring to what I did, asking him for these implementations and if anyone does not like anyway, ask Andrew for these implementations because you would benefit as well if Andrew develops these suggestions! Everyone stay in peace! See you next time!
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    I suggested to Andrew that adding a SPLINE DEFORM operator/mode in the POSE Tool (Should be renamed TransPose tool...don't care if it borrows ZBrush naming convention...like Smart Materials, it is a generic description that indicates it has a dual function) and add updated CUDA support for the tool, would really take modeling in 3D Coat to the next level. It would allow the user to make subtle, nuanced shapes in the surface, like on an automobile, that are very difficult to do now. Maybe soon after V5 is released, he will add it. Make sure to send this request to him via support@3dcoat.com.
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    https://cgworld.jp/feature/201806-cgw239-t23dc1.html https://cgworld.jp/feature/201806-cgw239-t23dc2.html https://cgworld.jp/feature/201806-cgw239-t23dc3.html
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    Just finished an overwatch themed character +D I'm still using only 3DCoat for all texturing process, it's sooo goood ! Full project here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/veJvO
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    Some test I made using 100% 3D-Coat, well, except for one brick's sculpt (ZBrush) but the wall itself was done on 3DCoat. The Tile Plane is an excellent tool, I love it but I'd love that the issue with curvature/AO bake could be fixed one day, I can manually edit both maps on photoshop but a stable bake could save hours of painful editing and unleash our creativity =)
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    You're right, I don't understand why a good function becomes a stupid button.
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    hmm after reviewing the video again, this time all the way to the end, I've found that my solution was in the last 45 seconds of his 10 minute video. My bad. for those that don't want to watch it, after importing the model with your options selected, hit enter to voxelize, and add a bunch of resolution. For whatever reason, hitting enter and typing in a number (try somewhere in the millions, mine looks fine with 500,000) doesn't smooth the model and preserves the hard edges. Thanks guys!
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    Hi Please send any support-related questions to Andrew Shpagin at support@3dcoat.com Thx
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    Hi Please check this video
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    Pretty interesting use-case scenario, I've done something similar to this in the past, except I could hide bits of the sculpt, whereas I think in your example you'd have a hard time doing that. I could be miss-remembering, but I had a super super dense monster model, 3 arms on each side and my poor laptop was struggling big time, so I ended up removing 3 of the arms from one side of the sculpt to get my frame rate up, and copying their retopo UV's onto the side that had the mesh. Maybe I got lucky with the left/right and I could have ended up with a blank bake.
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    One option will be to split the retopology islands in groups and use this option. Another is to hide islands and perform 2 bakes then merge. * Is a workaround because islands are the same but overlapped
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    daily practice
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    Thx Gary. I did some tests on my side and got your same wrong results. I reported this problem as bug.
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    4.8.18 (expected to be stable) - Skip textures export if need (checkbox in export dialog). - Axial rotation in text primitive. - fixed problem of positioning Tool params window - Select visible islands in UV/Retopo rooms with rectangle. - Store camera/[panorama data to the preset. - Curves "Apply" corrected to work in all tools. - Possibility to click to fill in material editor (in fill tool) - Better picking corners in all windows where curve edit required. - Fixed problems with 8k curvature I am working over sculpt layers and other V5 stuff, so only polishing present in this build. Beta version with other features like sculpt layers and joint based kitbashing will be available within month.
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    daily practice, 3 hour,all in 3dcoat
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    Early stages of a Skin Builder I am making using 3DC by applying a combination of smart materials. Some hand painting is required using a smart material for different color zones of the face. It is not a one click solution but a building up of layers and the use of blending modes. I would say I am at the alpha stage in development seeing what works what does not. Model is not completely done everywhere like old man wrinkes. I working on just the skin texture atm. I also got rid of the skin texture that was in the scanned model to create my own skin. Used the sculpt room to smooth out the skin texture that was present. 4k textures. Ok, everyone has seen this model on the net since it was graciously provided by Ten24, a few years past. LOL, of course the texture is on the slight bit of hair he has.. http://ten24.info/tag/free-3d-scan/
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    I got Oculus specifically for Oculus Medium...it's change my life. i use it ALL the time at work now. It's great but...it's not 3d coat. VR+3d coat would be ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Please tell me this is in the works. It's insanely fast sculpting in true 3d, i can only imagine sculpting with all the insanely great tools in 3d coat. PLEASE tell me this is happening. Cheers.
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    Haha, I just was thinking I could repaint some 3D-Forge Stuff to fit my game, S4g4n comes along to add something to the topic: you can get a wealth of smart materials from: https://gumroad.com/michaelgdrs
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    Photoshop's heal brush has always had a special place in my 2d workflow. The clone tool isn't quite robust enough for many situations, and having the ability to heal in areas with the depth, spec and colour taken into account could be really powerful. Thoughts?
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    So here is the result of all the testing/playing and help from Artman and the others on the forum: Original renders were about 6K each (this file is about 30K pixels wide at full res ) Thanks to all for the help with this - I really appreciate it. b