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    Hey guys, nice to meet you..my name is Hebron, an Indonesian who likes using 3d-coat for making concept art. Here I want to share my progresses to make a concept art from sketch until finish. I mostly using 3d-coat for concepting, then paintover on 2d to give a finishing looks.
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    daily practice
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    Here is a small video about the applink. I think that in couple weeks we can put to public beta.
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    Guys , sorry but i need to jump in to this , whatever is interactive is only for good , guessing and go back and forth is not the optimal way. Please dont destroy existing tools that works great because you are used to work with it in a certain way on another software. (i believe this is the reason) To ask something that does not exist thats another thing and its always welcome (i believe) , but to destroy tools is not the best way to go and improve the software. My 2 cents , nothing personal.
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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 ---> Suggestion: Selection Polygons in 3D-Coat --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video, I would like to suggest the implementation of Selection of Polygons in the 3d-coat Sculpt Room. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 ---> Suggestion: Refining Polygons Selections in 3D-Coat --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video does not contain audio! In this video, I'd like to suggest two features that would serve to refine the polygon selections in the 3D-Coat Sculpt room. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 ---> Suggestion: Polygons Groups in 3D-Coat --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video, I would like to suggest the implementation of Polygons Group in the 3d-coat Sculpt Room. I'll try to talk about the main features of this essential functionality that would change and improve everyone's work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 ---> Suggestion: Creation Polygons Groups in 3D-Coat --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video, I would like to suggest the implementation of Polygons Group in the 3d-coat Sculpt Room. I'll try to talk about how you could create Polygons Group in different ways within 3D-Coat Sculpt Room. I hope to have helped in some positive way and in case you like what I did, please send an email to Andrew (support@3dcoat.com) referring to what I did, asking him for these implementations and if anyone does not like anyway, ask Andrew for these implementations because you would benefit as well if Andrew develops these suggestions! Everyone stay in peace! See you next time!
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    I suggested to Andrew that adding a SPLINE DEFORM operator/mode in the POSE Tool (Should be renamed TransPose tool...don't care if it borrows ZBrush naming convention...like Smart Materials, it is a generic description that indicates it has a dual function) and add updated CUDA support for the tool, would really take modeling in 3D Coat to the next level. It would allow the user to make subtle, nuanced shapes in the surface, like on an automobile, that are very difficult to do now. Maybe soon after V5 is released, he will add it. Make sure to send this request to him via support@3dcoat.com.
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    https://cgworld.jp/feature/201806-cgw239-t23dc1.html https://cgworld.jp/feature/201806-cgw239-t23dc2.html https://cgworld.jp/feature/201806-cgw239-t23dc3.html
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    Just finished an overwatch themed character +D I'm still using only 3DCoat for all texturing process, it's sooo goood ! Full project here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/veJvO
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    Oh! i see! i made that folder
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    Both, actually. With the brush tool I rearrange the vertices of the instant mesh so that they are where I need them.
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    it seems the export constructor checkbox makes all the difference... when unchecked I get what I need
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    The app directory is fine and it opens Photoshop but not with the associated file. I'll try a few more approaches and if i can't fix it i'll send an email. Thanks!
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    Excuse me but are mixing two different tools concepts. Each of them need their own development because they are 2 different work systems. Both processes can have automatic creation options. - Grouping. - Masking (Freeze). Polygroups are groups of polygons that we can define to identify the different parts of our mesh. A mask is an area of your model that is ‘shielded’ from sculpting, painting, etc. Masked areas are not simply on/off. Instead, they can be unmasked, partially masked to some degree, or fully masked or blurred. The effect that operations such as sculpting have on masked areas of a model depends on the intensity of the mask at each point. Groups of polygons areas are simply on/off operations.
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    The AO baking crash has been solved after being updated to Development version wine 3.11
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    Ok, tried with a 3rd party model (.obj-file) and now I see the export window. Before, I've been modeling something from scratch and most likely forgot a couple of basic requirements... First day of testing, a lot of things have to be learned. :-) Thank you, Carlosan.
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    Krita 4.1 released today. https://krita.org/en/item/krita-4-1-0-released/ The animation timeline received a good upgrade, and is now much friendlier to work with. The new reference images tool is very nice too, as is the option to save and load work sessions. This release includes the following major new features: A new reference images tool that replaces the old reference images docker. You can now save and load sessions: the set of images and views on images you were working on You can create multi-monitor workspace layouts An improved workflow for working with animation frames An improved animation timeline display Krita can now handle larger animation by buffering rendered frames to disk The color picker now has a mixing option Improved vanishing point assistant — and assistants can be painted with custom colors Krita’s scripting module can now be built with Python 2 The first part of Ivan Yossi’s Google Summer of Code work on improving the performance of brush masks through vectorization is included as well! And there are a host of bug fixes, of course, and improvements to the rendering performance and more features. Read the full release notes to discover what’s new in Krita 4.1! Get it here: https://krita.org/en/item/krita-4-1-0-released/
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    I am on ubuntu using 4.8.17 downloaded from beta testing thread https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22364-3dcoat-48-beta-testing-thread/, it's running fine.
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    Hey thanks for the alert guys, I've emailed and I'm sure we can work things out
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    If you bought it while it was on sale, and didn't get the discount, just contact Stas at sales@3dcoat.com. They are honest folks who will do what's right.
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    A quick pose I did this evening =) ( By the way, thanks a lot for featuring on FB guys ! ♥ )
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    Have been working on this for a couple months (modelled in Hexagon). It has a fully detailed undercarriage. But the mats have been completely done in 3dC (all bar the chrome trims on the guard covers) Have used the PS bridge to do some work on the decals. But have a nice collection of international decals for this now. I am hoping to have this ready to rig by next weekend. But I need to create smart materials and I don't know how to. I have Filterforge 7, but don't know how to transfer the tiles for use as a 3dC smart Materials preset. That's a small frustration. Would love a quick how to on that. Stay well ppl
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    Hi Javareda, I teach computer software for a living. I'm a teacher. Do you work for free? What do you do for a living? I would not ask you or anyone else to work for free. How do you pay your bills or feed your family? Does your landlord give you free rent? Do you have access to free food?