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    25.12.2018 4.8.30 - Fixed problems related to pressure. - FBX support up to FBX 2019 - Undo problems fixed.
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    21.12.2018 4.8.29 - Zipping-on-the-fly now optional, turn it on in Preferences->AutoZipScenes. Now it works safely, even huge scenes supported, no contradiction with undo. The problem with undo existed for a long time, now fixed. Generally need to test this feature before serious usage, but IMO it is now stable. - Freeze state kept during resampling/res+ - Fixed hide tool issues, modifying hidden areas protected whenever possible. - Fixed problem of scenes export/import where scale=1 and shift is non-zero - Merge 3B file problem fixed - autopo call in applinks fixed - moved Subdivider to the bottom - Fixed problems related to measure tool with fixed length + curved mode - Import raw voxels corrected (import extensions, auto-guess) Sculpt layers: - Fixed merge down command PS: Now working over unified brush engine, so not much changes there, mostly urgent stability/usability needs.
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    The team behind 3DCoat is excited to present the Beta of our brand new library of scanned PBR-ready Smart Materials today! Functioning in the Beta mode currently, the dedicated Store of PBR Scans has been revealed!
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    I don't know if any of you are interested in turning your 3d printed sculpts into bronzes, but that's what I have done over the last couple of years.Actually I use a combination of clay,wax and 3d prints to create the originals, then I make a silicone rubber mold and pour a wax copy etc. I won't go into the entire casting process because it is rather extensive and there is plenty of info. online if you want to learn about it. With the help of my parents, my wife and my son we built our own casting facility through which we cast our own work.It is a resurrection of the foundry my Dad and I built years ago.If your thinking about casting your own sculpts you may want to contact your local foundry because building your own foundry is costly and labor intensive and not worth it if you are only going to do one offs and not sell multiple editions of the piece.The cost of casting will vary depending on your location and the particular foundry you use.Where I live, (North Carolina), I have been quoted anywhere from several hundred for a small uncomplicated piece to several thousand for a more complex piece.It's not cheap but it may be worth it if you value your art and want to preserve it forever. Casting my own work has saved me thousands but like I said it's not for everyone. Some of you may remember some of these compositions I created in 3D Coat years ago, which were subsequently reworked in Zbrush and printed on my 3D printers.There are many advantages to doing the sculpts in a modeling program rather than in clay, a couple of the main ones are that you are able to enlarge or shrink the work depending on your needs.Also the work doesn't sit around in a studio taking up space and perhaps getting destroyed waiting to be cast.I mainly use 3D Coat as a concepting tool these days, it's perfect for quickly hashing out ideas before 3D printing or creating a clay of the concept. Anyway I just wanted to share with you how I have used 3D Coat as a tool not only for concepting but for creating bronze sculptures through 3D printing. I would also like to share with you my new website and to thank Andrew and his team for reigniting the sculpting spark in me which has lead to me getting back into creating bronzes.It has been a lot of work getting to this point and hopefully it is just the beginning of a long line of work to come.I have many new works in progress and will post them on my site as they emerge from my studio.My site is in its early stages and needs a lot of work, but it's a start. If any of you are interested in casting your work or have any questions on the process let me know I would be happy to chat with you. http://sarasinsculpture.com/ Email: lookerfortruth@yahoo.com Take care and Merry Christmas to you all. Rick(tree321) P.S: These 3D Coat sample sculpts were created in a very early beta stage of 3D Coat (2009) when there was only a few basic brushes in voxel mode only so forgive the crudeness of the sculpts.
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    @ Sorda. You are discustingly negative and offensive. Also I would like a lot of changes in 3D-Coat, but pissing at the developer will not help. The more **** people are mindlessly throwing at them in this forum the less likely they want to read this. This forum is here so we can report bugs and (preferably positively or at least neutrally) comment features that got implemented. So please grow up mentally and think before posting.
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    Todays update. Trying to refine all edges of the plates of the mask.
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    All bugs confirmed and reported, but let me clarify something. Dev team is working over unified brush engine, so not much changes there, mostly urgent stability/usability needs. This means that they will not be doing patches of every bug reported, only the urgent ones will be solved. Unify the brush engine will probably modify the base code adding new bugs that will add to the previous ones. After the integration it will surely be necessary a stage of testing and cleaning the code to achieve a stable version.
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    In this video, I show my first sketch. which was made on April 5, 2017 by using a new at that time tool in voxel mode - 2D Paint. This tool allows you to sculpt directly in 3D-space. It's very funny! And of course - then I've tested the new Renderman 21, which was first integrated into the 3D-Coat 4.26 version. I spent exactly 1 hour for creating this sketch.Enjoy watching! Video content: 00:00 - 00:18 - Intro 00:18 - 00:48 - Demonstration of the final result. 00:48 - 1:20 - Creating a platform by using a primitive. Use a 2D-Paint brush to sketch a water splashes. 1:20 - 4:13 - Creating a monster's body by using the same tool. Adding another water splashes 4:13 - 8:47 - Setting the view for the render. Application Renderman Shaders and continue the detailing. Test renders in Renderman 21. Change HDRi. Setting Dof and lighting. Adding small drops. 8:47 - 9:49 - The final render. Postprocessing in Photoshop. Demonstration of the final result. 9:49 - 10:05 - The ending. Video preview of other lessons. A subscription button, as well as a button for support on Patreon. If you like this video: ► Click on the “Thumb up” ► Subscribe to the channel to avoid missing new releases ► Share with friends - do not be greedy =) After all, they also want to get this knowledge =) Enjoy watching! Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.
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    Working on some Christmas illustrations. Created "Christmas Eve Napping" with DAZ Studio, Photoshop and Topaz Impression...
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    Please be more kind. I used to critics, but word "garbage" toward my job is offensive. But what I do is generally aimed to solve existing problems of brushes - "too many", "too slow in LC mode", "can't be well tuned", "not perfect shape", "bumpy on high resolution" and many more. And, I don't see report about problem you mentioned earlier on my e-mail.
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    From my experience on that path, nothing is achieved. What is used with sculpture programs is to use them for sketch, fast rough modelling. Then you go to the Retopo stage where yes you can work on hard surfaces without problems. And then, if necessary, we re-import that model in the sculpted area to add details that are then baked.
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    Created using DAZ Studio 4.10, Corel Painter 2019, Lightroom Classic and Photoshop 2019. Rendered via DAZ Studio's Iray implementation.
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    Dear Friends, Please, accept our warmest greetings and best wishes of Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for being with 3DCoat and your support! May the inspiration and creativity abide with you! Have a great holiday time and a blessed next year! By tradition, we are happy to offer you our special Christmas deals! Starting from 6:00 PM (EET) on December 21 until 23:59 PM (EET) on January 9, 2019 we are offering $100 off on 3DCoat Professional and $20 discount on the Amateur license, therefore lowering the standard prices to $279 and $79 accordingly. Check out the Buy page to make use of this special discount. If you haven't yet checked our Beta for the Smart Materials store, you should go ahead and try it! Especially that we have some Christmas offers there as well! Save 50% on your Annual Subscription Plan! Get your Monthly Subscription Plan half-price for the next 6 months as well! Check out the offers available. Those are time-limited offers, so hurry up to get those deals before it's too late! Happy holidays! Sincerely yours, 3DCoat Team
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    a material practise. modle&txture by 3dcoat render by marmoset.
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    Congrats of the smart materials store , i see some great materials there.
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    Here is small update. My main goal is not only make this applink useful when doing texture painting, but also in your sculpting. Here is a example where I take an object from blender and do some cutting in 3d-coat and return it back. There is some issue with this workflow but you can already see that this can be handy in some situations.
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    No. You asked me if Pie Menus were in the plans. My answer was "I don't know." If you want that changed, send Andrew an e-mail (support@3dcoat.com). Aside from that, I just mentioned one way that it was already available. Don't worry, I won't try to offer you any helpful information, going forward, if you are going to be this abrasive.
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    Good start, have a few questions/feedback: - I like the layout, seems easy enough to navigate, look forward to seeing the library grow (if it does). - For the material preview of cloth is that a custom material ball used? I don't remember seeing that one in 3D Coat by default. - Other than subscription is there a way to buy individual materials or possibly a pack? - Is there a possibly in the future for users to contribute their own materials to the store to sell as well (maybe a user selling section and 3D Coat gets a small percentage of each sale or something)? Or will this strictly be materials only created by the 3D Coat team?
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    I remember the time when I started learning about CG in General. I had no idea, but I heard of 3dC, ZB, Blender, LightW, Modo etc.. I tried them all out and 3DCoat was by far the most easiest to learn. So Back then I Noticed people requesting optimizations and after a while I started noticing why these requests were made. From a Integration to other software, Improvements in workflows and until this day I have yet to understand why only so few have been fixed or better optimized then others. concerned so much I started asking and requesting too because I cared and still do, but during theses few Years I've noticed very little on behalf of what was requested and what was considered to be of importance to be fixed or improved on. It is as is and most probably will stay that way. What i would expect from 3DCoat in 2019: A loading bar showing us how much time it is has left to solve what ever it is doing. Option to have The Canvas Separated from the main Frame ( Multiple Monitor Support ) Updated Applinks Better integration with other Industry Standard Apps. (The first Step was taken A texture Library, but who cares there are 20 other PBR Library's out there where the Price is much fairer then the one given. That is bad marketing.. Still good move Next I wish to see it native inside of 3DCOAT. No more 3DCoat_Path, make a real 3DCoat_Sandbox Work with XMD he did it right. (Like URE4, itch, Unity Hub.. // Auto update. // Login to account over a Hub ( why is this not a thing yet...) Control is key) VR Support. This is not a joke. VR is here to stay and is now docked. "The first is the last and the last is the first" Fix them bugs. Don`t introduce new ones and call it Stable. More Community Social experience. Not just what the Tools do ( It is great that they are shown, but Prove to new People what 3DCoat can really do. Show real time Professional Workflow inside 3DCoat only (YT). Every Company that you can take Seriousy have shown Social Activity's. Why not 3DCoat. Nobody is going to give it to you.. Have better organization. There is no softer way of writing this. thanks for understanding.
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    I just want pie menu like Blender does not help to understand current needs, and also understand your point of view to generate a constructive discussion about that new feature you asked. Will be more specific please ? I personally do not think that pie menus help the navigation of a sculpture program. I think that will be more helpful undock windows outside main display, lock/unlock windows position and contract/expand it.
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    I'm frustrated with those who get in Andrew's ear, selling these Blue Sky ideas how a separate version of 3DCoat would be great for this niche or that. Why not just buy 3DCoat and use it for what you need out of it? My goodness, the Non-Commercial version has practically everything the Professional version does, except for a 7 layer and 2k UV map limit. If you need it for 3D Printing, use that. If you need to make some game mods, use that. If you need to design some shoes, use that...unless it is for commercial purposes, in which case you can get it on sale for $280! Why is that so hard to grasp for these people?
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    Another skin, still textured only with 3DCoat =) Cyborg, full post here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GXeWKB
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    Textures 100% made with 3DCoat ! ♥ full post here (with marmoset viewer ) : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gJ8kL8 New Skin for Syblast (exclusive one, not available for purchase) Des Bisous !
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    A personnal work done in two weeks, using almost only 3DCoat for texturing (+Knald for curvature generation which still have huge issues on 3DCoat when meshe's UVs overlapps + Photoshop for final texture packing and tiny minor stupid tweaks ^^" ) here's a link to the full project : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8lWw2w Ow and, just a suggestion guys but could it be possible to add a switcher for curvature map uses inside 3DCoat, something that allow user to load at least 2 different curvature maps and and decides wich one to use when painting with its properties ? Here I used for example the classic curvature map for all classic purposes like wornedges/cavities, etc, but also a heightmap as curvature which allow me to paint water inside pavement's holes (which looks damn coool !). But I had to reload my curvature several times...as I switched from one aspect to another =/ Please add it And of course if you could once and for all fix the overlapp baking issue on UVs it would be awesome for making tileable maps, like REALLY awesome. I'd rather bake all my maps inside a single software instead of having to switch to another, which, in the case of Knald, doesn't take account of tileable areas of the atlas =/