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    4.8.16 - Retopo via decimation works correctly with objects of non 1.0 scale. - Lasso works correctly in fill tool - Correct Transform+pick volumes. Use CTRL/SHIFT to select/unselect. - fixed problem of some commands in space menu (at the end of list) - Fixed potential instability in Light Baking Tool. - RFill (Quad Fill) included into regular retopo toolset, corrected to work as expected. Curves: - fill by patch remade. Should be faster and more accurate. - joining points. - reworked RMB menu - projecting points on plane - Correct EPS/spline import export. IGES supported. But IGES is not included in community version, if you need to test it, send me request I will send special key. - possibility to link several points if snapping to points enabled. They will be moved together. - many more small changes
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    Here is the body . remember I had hard time about unghosting layers ? there are around 80 layers and I had to individual unghost them. what a pain.
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    Prism is an artist-friendly Pipeline, mainly for animation and VFX projects, but it can help anyone who works within the CG industry. Prism does not only manage your scenefiles, exports and imports, but it also takes care of your playblasts, renderings and more. Prism works with many industry standard tools out of the box. This includes Blender, Houdini, Maya, 3ds Max and Nuke. And finally, Prism is free to use! Here is a short introduction video of Prism: You can download it for free on the website: https://prism-pipeline.com
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    The Coat tool is an editable mesh after applying it. You can still edit points on the spline and it is updated in real time. The vox layer tool you can not edit after applying the mesh. That is the biggest difference. FYI. You can add points, delete points, move points etc, etc.
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    updated version of previous picture
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    High Fashion 4262018.
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    I will give you a tip, it is a unsupported feature of 3DC but might work in your case. I use it on models that have been scanned with textures to bake textures to a low polygon model. To transfer the textures from the scan mesh to the low polygon mesh. This method does not use the sculpt room. Method: 1. Import your dae model into the paint room or if have saved the 3DC file, the one that has all your textures, open that file. 2. Switch to the Retopo room. Import your quad polygon obj file under the retopo menu. This will become your retopo mesh for baking. Do any seam creation and unwrapping if necessary. 3. Now bake to the paint room. If you do not know how, plenty of tutorials on baking. The method uses the same baking process as if you have a model in the sculpt room. 3DC will see the model in the paint room and use that model for baking and transferring the textures. 4. Once done baking, delete the Dae model from the paint room and any layers that you do not need. 5. You will now have the obj quad model with the textures transferred to that model and the uv set. This works, I have done it many times... You could use the texture baking tool but it does not support the baking of PBR textures and it's normal map presets are limited as well. Note: if there are any real sculpt layers with models, hide those before baking.
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    My ballet dancer ... In progress ... but soon, she loses her shyness and will appear better!
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    While the new Curves tools is under construction, I would like to take this time to plead with Andrew for a new, well-thought-out BEVEL tool that works in conjunction with this new Curve tool. This area has been a major weakness of modeling in the Sculpt workspace. Beveling has largely been a real PITA, unless you just click SMOOTH ALL to round edges. That works some times, but isn't sufficient when you want to apply specific beveling. Elements of a new Bevel tool would include... 1) Small Library of Bevel Profiles (that can be added to, by the user, much like Spline Profiles, now) 2) Points along the Curve have the option to "Show Profile" (brush radius with the profile inside it), and rather than the brush radius sitting flat on the surface, it would be perpendicular to the surface, facing down the curve path (just like repeated CURVE tool objects do, currently) 3) An option to rotate selected points or entire curve (slider in Tool Options panel and/or gizmo similar to current CURVES tool) 4) Preview mode option would be awesome. 5) Needs some Corner (self) Intersection correction option to resolve problems 3D Coat currently has when trying to use brushes along a curve, to bevel. It creates a mesh in the inner corners.
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    Hi all ! This is all my work using 3DC. Thanks for looking! --------------------------------- Nosophoros Sculpt Modeling, retopo, baking, SSS paint, cloth paint: 3DC Lighting, shading, render: Blender cycles Comp: Gimp
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    I confirm this problem. When auto click is enabled, it should not add to your selection but only choose the layer you select. That is the standard in most programs When holding down the shift key or the Ctrl key then you can multiple select layers which is also the standard in most programs.
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    Hi Carlosan, It's only joined vertex. One piece only extruded part : The problem is solved by reinporting the mesh (a lot of wasted time) .
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    I would advise just trying it. If you hover over the tool it will tell you all you need to know really. Aside from that if you just use it you'll see.
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    Now I can't seem to reproduce it, regardless of back faces on or off. Next time it happens I'll try that and see if it fixes it. Thanks.
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    Thank you. I never paid attention to the Tweak room. I guess my setup is a bit clumsy, but it seemed smart to be able to render a whole bunch of different object types together for a quick scene (and not have to retopo or UV the sculpts).
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    Hi It is not possible to set the compression level directly. Please drop a mail to Andrew Shpagin at support@3dcoat.com asking about this requests. Thx
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    I think that retopology is the best option. Try out the new instant meshes available in the latest beta.
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    OnShape is free for the basic account, but know that all your projects will be public and accessible unless you pay for the license. Otherwise, it is pretty good, and is being developed by a bunch of prior SolidWorks devs.
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    Version: Beta 4.8.15C Possible bug Fill Bucket tool. At this time you can only use the adjustable Rectangle and the adjustable Circle splines to apply selected areas to fill with any of the select parameters we have in the tool panel. The other splines though not grayed out do not function. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT: Regular Rectangle and Circle spline do work as well. Vertex Lasso, Stroke and Closed spline do not work.
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    One of the Biggest lacking feature in 3dcoat is Bevel Tool. that allow to bevel a Curved Edge (not straight Edge, you can use cut tool and trip the edge to bevel it). Some people has their own way to bevel curved edge but took alot of work and the result not precise. So I thought about the cut tool using the curves as the guide. have the cut tool cut straight line between two curses. So doesn't matter how complicated the edge is, we always able to bevel the edge. Problem solve and precise.
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    Site What is Krita? Krita is a FREE digital painting and illustration application. Krita offers CMYK support, HDR painting, perspective grids, dockers, filters, painting assistants, and many other features you would expect. Check out the gallery to see what other artists have done with Krita
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    Personal shuttle craft.
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    Early stages of a Skin Builder I am making using 3DC by applying a combination of smart materials. Some hand painting is required using a smart material for different color zones of the face. It is not a one click solution but a building up of layers and the use of blending modes. I would say I am at the alpha stage in development seeing what works what does not. Model is not completely done everywhere like old man wrinkes. I working on just the skin texture atm. I also got rid of the skin texture that was in the scanned model to create my own skin. Used the sculpt room to smooth out the skin texture that was present. 4k textures. Ok, everyone has seen this model on the net since it was graciously provided by Ten24, a few years past. LOL, of course the texture is on the slight bit of hair he has.. http://ten24.info/tag/free-3d-scan/
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    Check out an amazing pack of 30 PBR materials for all kinds of environments by Artem Lebedev. Do you know the best part? All the materials are free!
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    I miss doing hard surface design. #fun #conceptart #hardsurface #flyer #art #design #conceptdesign #photoshop #3dcoat