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    24.10.2018 4.8.25 - Fixed baking issue from the surface mode (critical one, multiple shells was created in 23 build) - Booleans in surface mode - more stable and faster. Soft booleans! - rotate/scale buttons in transform tool. - Generally faster brushing in surface mode because of faster picking algorithm. - Renaming any layer to 2+2 will name it not 4 but 2+2 - The removed redundant offer of old-style occlusion baking. - Pose tool multi-symmetry correct support - The removed invisible close icon in UI that was leading to unexpected windows closing. - New import option - sharp edges over seams - Add joints manually in Joints tool - Custom gamma correction in the viewport for different monitors support, look Preferences - Better UI for export dialog. - Multiple stability improvements, UI related bugs fixed. Curves changes: - You may display chunks length, double-click over the number will change it to the given value. - Partial extrude, selected points only. - Possibility to display length of chunks between sharp points (in curve RMB settings), double-click on the value will change the length without affecting neighbor lengths. SculptLayers version: Important improvement! Much less memory consumption for per-pixel painting. Stiil requires some testing if nothing is broken in PPP.
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    Omicron Starfighter.
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    Starfighter 10.18.2018
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    3D-COATober: Day 22 - Expensive
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    Did another test with a Voxel layer. I create a duplicate, so I can use one as a cutting object, to trim away the innermost part of the thin layered version. You can use VoxLayer to create a shell as one approach. Another is to RMB > Extract Shell (Voxels) > increase the resolution of the Voxel layer, so you have roughly 20-30mill polys. It needs to be pretty dense to maintain all the shape and detail of the chainmail. Use the EXTRUDE brush with RECTANGLE Lasso draw mode (or freeform lasso) chosen from teh E-Panel (make sure IGNORE BACKFACING in the E-Panel is unchecked, so it will work all the around the model) . Set your brush depth to 25 or so. Use the Stencil w/ Cube Mapping mode > adjust the scale of the stencil accordingly. Make sure VERTEX Normal is chosen for the Extrude Direction, in the Toolbar for the EXTRUDE brush. Now select all the way around the model. It will take a bit for it to calculate, but it should extrude all around the mesh. Now, you can use the original as your cutting object. I RMB clicked that layer > EXTRUDE (by -.05) this is like a PUSH modifier. It will shrink the original. It helps to use a different shader for the cutting object, so you can see where it is in relation to the shell. Subtract it from the thin shell (RMB > SUBTRACT FROM______) layer. You should get something like this.
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    3D-COATober: Day 21 - Drain
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    Works good now! Thank you very much!
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    I wish Andrew would make ALL paint layers expand to show content for each channel, much like layers in Smart Materials show the different channels and associated maps. When collapsed, show the little Depth, Color, Gloss icons when any pixel data is present on those. So, for example, if only DEPTH has been applied to a layer, it should have only the Depth icon visible. Vertex Paint/Sculpt Layers should have some kind of visual indicator, that makes it easy to differentiate between layers for PAINT (low poly-UV mapped) OBJECTS, and SCULPT (Vertex paint) OBJECTS. Perhaps a brighter color for Vertex Paint/Sculpt layers, or highlighted border, etc + a small letter box in the upper left corner, with the capital letter P (for Paint Object) or S (for Sculpt Object). I asked Andrew recently about doing something like this. He agreed it needed to be done, but others will have to ask for it, to get some movement on it.
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    3D-COATober: Day 19 - Scorched
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    Here is the result with the transparency applied to Layer 0
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    I did a quick test of the latter technique. Auto-Retopo delivers fantastic, evenly spaced quads, results when the shape is rather simple. It's when you throw a lot at it, where it can be rather fussy at times. It can still do a good job on complex shapes, but it's very reliable and good with more simplified shapes. That's why even on a very complex project, if you keep your models separated into logical parts, and if they parts are not overly complex, Auto-retopo can do a really good job, and remove the need for manual retopo in many cases. I did a quick test and here's the results...
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    3D-COATober: Day 18 - Bottle
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    3D-COATober: Day 17 - Swollen
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    3D-COATober: Day 16 - Angular
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    Now that we can paint depth with vertex painting, it is really awesome. It does not make sense to paint on the lowpoly anymore.
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    It probably is easier to do in ZB, with NanoMesh. However, if I wanted to do that in 3DCoat, I might create a duplicate voxel layer > give it enough resolution and thickness (you can RMB the voxel layer and click EXTRUDE, to add thickness or shrink the thickness....sort of like a PUSH modifier). Then try and use the chain mail Stencil. Use the CARVE brush, perhaps. You may want to experiment with the INVERT action, so it's trimming rather than extruding. Adjust your brush depth level, to make sure it cuts out the black in the stencil. Another approach would be to AUTO-RETOPO > Quickly unwrap the UV's (just create a seam where you want to split it > hit UNWRAP and that should be all that's needed to get a clean even texture pattern). Then, in the Paint Room, you can use that Stencil to create the Chainmail, using UV Projection method. It should be MUCH cleaner than anything else...and you wouldn't have to waste time creating a tiled Nanomesh object.
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    Just thought I'd share. I have a new tutorial on using Reality Capture with a regular phone camera and a drone to scan a building.
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    Voxel sketches All done with 3d-coat 2d-paint tool Fuad Quaderi https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Dxk3aA
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    3D-COATober: Day 8 - Star
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    Hi everyone ! Syblast is an Overwatch themed character made from scratch, I used this project to improve my skills in stylized anatomy sculpture and I learned a lot on this one. The character was inspired by Joseph Korso from Titan A.E and more generally overwatch charadesigns. I may do other skin variations one day in order to explore how things may work on overwatch, but it's a fanart, and I know nothing I guess ^^" I made this guy using : - ZBrush ; Sculpt & polypaint (IDMap) - 3dsMax ; Hardsurface elements except the Curveboard, then retopo + UVW - 3DCoat ; Texturing (using StarWars-Redemption's smartmaterials) - Akeytsu : Rigging/Skinning/Posing - Marmoset 3 ; normalmap/IDMap baking & lighting/rendering Full project's link : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/veJvO Like always, I rigged/posed him into my beloved Akeytsu, if you didn't already tried you should, even if you don't like animating props or characters, cause it takes rig/skin and animating tasks on a clever way than you could find on any other software. Akeytsu was just built for animation, no more, no less. Btw rigging Syblast took me something like an evening, you got facial features and mechanical moving parts where you could expect it of course And here is the conceptArt I did in order to imagine what this character could be, as I'm not that good in this I only focused on strong shapes that may belong to this character and only him, I found triangle generators were a good thing with some kind of "vents/radiator" on it, these generators are just big cells which helps having energy throughout the armor parts ( like IronMan micro ARK reactors ^^ Yeah, I'm a fanboy of stark's metal suits =D ) And for those who are interested about the sculpt...;)
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    Nice tank, but that tractor is awesome Carlosan. Cool work buddy.
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    thanks kenmo. First generation Industrial Bot. Used to handle hazardous materials. #concept #robot #3dcoat #photoshop #roughconcept #art #design