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    Andrew I know. You always answer my emails which is unprecedented support, and look I am still here. Because I like your belief system and where you are coming from. The thing is you are getting yourself this requests by implementing more and more unpolished features instead of making exisitng features rock solid. I said it for years. UI needs to be cleaned up. It’s a mess. You need to work very closely with professionals. This software can be polished and I have no doubt. So the stop developing thing for me would be more like a, stop and go back to the drawing board. Invite professionals and get their ideas. All you need is 3 good people. No community. Vito
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    An open letter to Andrew. Andrew, some years ago you have worked with 3D-Coat yourself and created a nice personal project. It was a 3D sculpture of an ant animal. While this small personal project you have realised how well your own product work and where it stuck or make it really hard to work with. You have learned a lot and improved some important workflows and fixed bugs within this time. At the time it was your personal project experience with your own tool that pushed 3D-Coat a lot. More than every user post in the forums. I'm a professional user and I don't bet for brand new features here or a faster tool. It't much easier: My personal request: Andrew, please stop developing 3D-Coat, not forever but just for a while. Stop programming 3D-Coat for one or two weeks and take some time to create a new own project in 3D-Coat. Just for you. Close all doors and don't talk to someone of the communiy. I'm shure this will give you the needed distance to the development and I am shure it will open you some really big issues in your great tool. I know you have a lot of work and the team grew, but it would change a lot if you would do this. You don't need pages of community threads to see what is wrong with 3D-Coat. Just use your tool. Try to find a project where the most features of your app will be needed. I am writing this, because it's still possible. Pilgway is a small and friendly team, where people get feedback fast and directly from the leads. This is not something natural in the industry. The 3D-Coat users have still really big problems in different areas while working with 3D-Coat. Crashes are not rare, tools are broken and basic functions like an undo are still missing in a lot of areas. This is a fact since years. After a longer brake (About one year) I've implemented 3D-Coat into my current client project. After some hours of work in 3D-Coats paint and UV room it was like a deja vu for me. A bunch of old problems still exists and 3D-Coat feels like an alpha tool. Sadly for me this recognition is nothing new - and nothing nice, too. Because I know 3D-Coat like this since I am working with it. And I am one of the first users. I bought 3D-Coat when it was called "3D-Brush". This is more than 10 years ago. Some time ago I've bought Allgorithmics tools, too. They became industry standard so it was a must for me as a professional to use their package. My clients asked for it too. So I know what happens in the industry. 3D-Coat still has some really great and important features, where other tools are still dreaming of. Some of the features are simple paint functions like afterward mirror copy or multiple object painting - somethnig completely normal for 3D-coat users but day dreams for others. 3D-Coat shows always what could be possible. So please try to get your time, Andrew. Please USE your own tool. Forget coding for some weeks and you will feel the same pain we feel very often. My letter sounds maybe a bit harsh, but it's the truth. I respect all the developers work and love some new implementations like instant meshes. But it's really time for a stable tool with a correct working undo function and a lot more that feels like started but not finished. I will still do my work with 3D-Coat, like the most time. But I will do it as long as I will not get the same features in other tools that became better slowly. Best wishes Chris PS: For everybody who don't know me. I am working since over 10 years with 3D-Coat and know what I'm talking about. Some of the todays features of 3D-Coat are based on my ideas and a collaboration with Andrew. I'm an official trainer for 3D-Coat too and have translated the german version of the tool. The mantis bug tracking was an idea of mine too, but for any reason everybody seem to like chaos more and use the forums for bug posts since years... But I've accepted it.
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    Small update. Changed the 3d-coat panel from scene tab into 3D view tools. Thanks for Mifth and his applink version to point out that it's working much better there Here is again small video about the prosess where applink is heading.
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    25.08.2018 4.8.21 - Correct "Pick point1/2" picking in FIll tool - solved different problems of volumes multiselection - fixed script commands SetCurVolume, SelectVolume - Open VDB codec enabled. - baking corrected. There was a lot of problems of baking non-closed objects in surface representation. Curves: - primitives for curves - Curves->Modifiers menu - Extrude points - a lot of polishing of different tools. - back side of curve visibility toggle. SculptLayers: - Merge Down, Merge Visible - correct load/save of scene - a lot of polishing and bugfix.
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    Hi, For some reason I can't seem to start a new topic in the Feature Requests section, so I thought to post this here: The new Quadriflow auto-retopology algorithm looks very promising. It includes an option for sharp edges as well. It would be fabulous if Instant Meshes could be upgraded to Quadriflow in 3D-Coat. Quadriflow has much less singularities and triangle dead-ends than Instant Meshes, and better support for sharp edges. Many thanks in advance!
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    @AbnRanger Yea for a single universal room to work there would also need to be a universal outliner. Depending on which type of object is being edited different tools would be set to an enabled/disabled state (disabled = greyed out). For ABC order, you're right that Max doesn't do that, but it does do a rather good job of grouping everything logically. I only really brought that up because of the mess that is the Windows > Popups menus: https://i.imgur.com/Tw35udX.jpg
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    I'm just going to put in my 2c here; I think feature wise 3D-Coat is great overall (other then the lack of traditional paint masks...), but the UI needs to be redone from scratch. Right now each 'room' works almost like a separate program, but I firmly believe the UI should just be a series of preset button layouts for a single room, and be fully user customizable. But even if we can't have that, the items in each menu should at least be in ABC order.
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    Been a while since posting. Model was done and rendered in Blender as well as smoke FX. All texturing was done in 3D Coat.
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    5.0 Version is out ! I mean applink Now code is very stable that you can play with it. Have fun. I will make official tutorial a little bit later but for now I created a small guide for you into first page. Main new features in this version are: Added node support You can take multiply objects into 3d-Coat, not just one. You can move, scale, rotate each object in blender scene and it dosen't break the applink link.
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    An updated version with some corrections and color grading.
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    Nobody knows at this point. It's still at a very experimental stage, with a number of (Sculpt Layer) features still to add. I think it's a good idea for Andrew to keep an updated stable build and keep the Sculpt Layers builds separate, for testing purposes, until the features he intends to add, are completed. He may merge them soon. We'll have to wait and see.
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    Finished my gunblade concept art, all done in 3dcoat
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    I understand you. But the problem is that I have several important pending tasks that should be finished. Sculpt layers, curves, GPU painting. But I understood your point. Actually sometimes I use Coat for own hobby tasks. But that are mostly sculpt projects. You mean probably really wide workflow.
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    I am trying to compile it for Windows and make it available as script (whenever I get free hours here and there). So far Cmake for Windows is giving me troubles finding Threading Building Blocks... If I (ever) get it to run on Windows before Andrew gets it incorporated, I will let the community know. I am not promising anything though.
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    I can understand why he might keep Voxel and triangulated meshes, separated from the original low poly mesh, as it becomes a completely different mesh type or object type. However, I have appealed to Andrew to consolidate the Paint and Retopo meshes, so that there is no longer a need to copy meshes from one workspace to the other, like it's a separate app. This way, when you bake, you bake to the same mesh...not a copy. It also simplifies the whole app, especially for new users. It would eliminate the confusion of which room one has to use to do UV's in. It also would make mesh editing simple for models one may be texture painting. Basically the Retopo room would be like the Tweak Room...just different tools working on the same mesh. It would also allow the Tweak Room to be removed. This would be the closest thing to what you are asking for, that I could see Andrew doing. As for the ABC order, I don't personally see the benefit in that as I don't recall seeing menus in listed in Alphabetic order in other apps I use. Don't recall 3ds Max having them listed that way, as an example. However, I have asked Andrew repeatedly about making TOOL GROUPS in the Sculpt room especially, to consolidate like brushes into their own group, just like Photoshop and some other apps, where you see a little triangle in the lower right part of the button, telling you there are other, related tools available in a fly-out menu. So, for instance, the Rapid and Rapid 2, Mud and Mud2, Scratches and Scratches2 brushes could be consolidated. Likewise for the FILL and LUTE brushes. Clay and Build are virtually identical, with "Buildup" unchecked on the Clay brush. So, those two could be groups and the Extrude, Absolute and perhaps Gum brush could all be grouped.
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    My pleasure, @Andrew Shpagin. It'd be great if Quadriflow could be added to 3D-Coat. Thanks!
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    I have solved it by 1) Texture >> Mesh and texture resolution >> lower resolution 2) exporting out the textures that require lower resolution.
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    Sounds like an auto switch issue of some sort, as they're the only export-related functions that run on a timer. Try turning off both 'auto switch' options in the Applink window. If you aren't able to do that, go to your windows documents folder > Applink_Max3DC > AppLink_3DC_settings.ini , then open the ini file and set "Auto Switch to 3DS Max" to false , and "Auto Switch to 3D-Coat" to false. Hopefully so long as you don't turn them back on in the applink window itself the issue won't occur any more. That is a very strange issue though and I haven't heard of anyone else having it before.
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    Thanks for pointing! Very interesting!
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    There is a METALNESS parameter in the Toolbar, to the right. Adjust that accordingly and you can apply Metalness as you paint. There is also a METALNESS slider in the LAYER panel, that can be adjusted per layer, like you can with Opacity, Depth, and Glossiness.
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    Hello, Thank you for the information. I was importing an object directly into Retopo, instead of Sculpt, then retopo. It works now.
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    I have asked for and hope we at least, get a Sym Copy Brush, that let's us brush copy from one side of the symmetry plane...similar to how the Clone Stamp tool works in the Paint Room. There are times where I do not want to have to Sym Copy the entire mesh. Just some portions of it. A projection tool and/or brush would be a welcome addition, too.
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    Hi! Just two seconds ago I updated the applink script into blender2.8 branch. So next blender 2.8 build that is put into https://builder.blender.org/download should be much more stable than versions before. I made i quick tutorial video how to use. Still in beta thou
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