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    Unfortunately it appears to be something I cannot change. Sorry. We'll have to ask Andrew to fix it.
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    Hi I currently work on this character desing, just for fun I think to an environment for this character but it is not still quite undefined .
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    Hi folks, I decided to give this guy his own thread here in the WIP forum. You may recognize him from my Doodle thread. I actually managed to create a retopo mesh for him despite his chunky thighs, so I thought I would post the results. Seems there may even be a chance to animate him now that the poly flow is all looped out. I'm also attaching a link for a 360 turn rendered in 3DC. http://www.OT3D.com/cyborg_full2retopo.swf <=animated swf of full voxel and retopo mesh (basically the 3 images posted here with transitions). http://www.OT3D.com/cyborg_turn.mp4 <=voxel 360 turn Painting up next I think. Final renders will be posted in the Finished Works forum. I already have some ideas for my next model, definitely in a more rigging-friendly pose, perhaps something more monstrous.
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    update, hand base constructed.