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    Also heres another sketch hope u like it
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    Hi all, my name is Brian. I've dabbled in 3d for years, but never had the time to get completely serious about it. Still don't honestly, but I fit it in when I can. I consider myself a novice still, but I have a good foundation to work with. My sketchbook won't compare to most of the ones on here, as there are some great artists in this community and I'm a noob to 3DCoat. But here goes! Here's my first real sculpt after messing around with all the tools for a day. Didn't get too crazy as this is more about practicing on retopo, detailing, baking, texturing. Not for anything particular just trying to figure out a good workflow for myself. Hopefully I'll have a cooler looking finished render for you guys to check out soon. Anyways, any critique is welcomed and I'll see you soon!
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    Regarding the substances, or lack there of... If procedural noise/patterns can get added, as well as the method in which to modify the values/behavior of those noise/patterns... then they could be used in a similar fashion to substances. At least within 3DC itself, since outside applications (maya, modo..ect) have direct ".sbar" support these days. The output maps can be used however. --> https://trello.com/c/BgbsyDSK With regards to nodes, that's a tough one. Layers are basically nodes, only they are stacked and layered in a fairly linear fashion. What nodes bring to the table is a mixture visual UI elements and user options in regards to input/behavior. While I am not entirely sure it would be a perfect match for 3DCoat (as it stands now), I do think it could benefit from a more basic form of nodal workflow... at the very least as far as noise/pattern set ups go. They could be extremely powerful when used with voxels and mesh generation as well.
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    Modeled in Groboto3D & Hexagon3D. Texturing in 3DC...
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    Nice clean work and workmanship...
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    IMO, Brushes are the main vehicle for getting things done, in 3D Coat. In fact, he originally called the app "3D BRUSH"...but changed it soon after, to keep from sounding like a ZBrush knock-off and/or avoid naming infringement. At any rate, Andrew should do everything he can possibly do to make BRUSHING in 3D Coat impeccable in every way. From brush feel, performance and especially accurate application of brush alpha's. In this regard, it falls far short of that, and needs to be addressed ASAP.
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    BRUSH COLLECTION ONLY FOR 3D COAT https://gumroad.com/products/EjqcD https://www.artstation.com/p/oPbAL