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    AMD will be showing off the next generation of Ryzen CPUs on Wednesday at CES, so I'd wait 2 days and see how that goes before deciding on a new CPU.
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    Hello Carlosan, Thanks. That's it! I played with decimate command and it's perfect. Moreover, I've seen your post of Jan 10 2018 which helped me to go farther. Now i've just to see more videos to understand the next steps. Thanks again for the help you gave me. Regards Philippe
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    Computer graphics applications get no benefit from SLI, and the only benefit you will get from a 2nd card is when using a GPU render engine that supports multiple cards. Let's use Blender's Cycles engine as an example. The 750Ti would be ok to use as your display while letting your 1060 handle the rendering. But it could limit the overall rendering because the card with the smallest amount of RAM sets the maximum amount of RAM the GPU render engine can use, for all of them. So, in that sense the chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. That is why it's always best to use cards that are the same. Such as a 1080Ti w/ another 1080ti. Since the 1080 and 1070 both have 8GB of VRAM, you could pair both of them together, no problem. The 1070 is largely a 1080 with fewer CUDA cores.
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    Thanks, I've found that thread, but the problem is - there is only one driver for this device on HUION site, as this is very fresh device, released in December I guess.