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  1. Carlosan

    Textures disappeared after adding more objects

    Hi Are your comp specs enough ? Are you using latest version 4.8.40 ? Are graphic drivers uptodate ?
  2. Carlosan

    [Solved] Importing OBJ for voxel sculpting

    Is there possibly a way to convert a surface sculpture to voxel while preserving the details ? No, voxel mode is used for rought details, block modeling, average shapes.
  3. Carlosan

    Import of curves/spline

    Hi Using latest version 4.8.40 Curves > Activate curves editor > Load Curve (eps file format) Then pressing RMB over the curve, a popup show up letting you to select the command Attach tube or model array Hope this help
  4. Carlosan

    Shortcut Curve Tool

    Hi, some hotkey are editables but hard coded are not. Check inside the folder C:\Users\username\Documents\3D-CoatV48 opening the file Options_Hotkeys.xml at line 931 > <ID>SELTRANSFORM_SELGRAD</ID> you can see that shortcuts.
  5. Carlosan

    Can someone explain layer locking in the paint room?

    When you look, texture at its current state is saved to disk. If you work at lowres and lock the layer, when switch to highres it wont be upsampled, right. If you work at lowres and but dont lock the layer, when switch to highres it be upsampled.
  6. Carlosan

    Can someone explain layer locking in the paint room?

    Hi, what part of the description did you not understand?
  7. Yes, we are waiting new revision to be ready soon.
  8. Check this link, hope it help
  9. Carlosan

    Painting in External Editor 2 way?

  10. Carlosan

    Painting in External Editor 2 way?

    Some apps will work for some task, but may be not for everything (brush edit as example)
  11. Carlosan

    Painting in External Editor 2 way?

    Hi The Photoshop exporter requires the presence of Photoshop to work. 3DC export the painted detail as a Photoshop Document and therefore that PSD can be opened/imported into both Photoshop CC and Affinity Photo. However without Photoshop, the file save/export from Affinity Photo as a Photoshop Document, can not be open/import as the same PSD exported from PShop with same layer hierarchy. It is AP incompatibility with that file format. //Edit Thx digman for sharing an useful workaround.
  12. Carlosan

    Does 3d coat support OpenType-SVG ?

    Hello As i remember currently is not possible.
  13. Carlosan

    What Are You Working On ?

    If needed, create a new thread about it on CGrelated subforum please. Thx
  14. Hi all ! This is all my work using 3DC. Thanks for looking! --------------------------------- Nosophoros Sculpt Modeling, retopo, baking, SSS paint, cloth paint: 3DC Lighting, shading, render: Blender cycles Comp: Gimp
  15. Carlosan

    KRITA - free open-source paint app

    Krita 4.2.0 is now available brings over a thousand bugs fixed and new features including support for HDR displays. Let’s have a look. The new version adds updated support for drawing tablets, support for HDR monitors on Windows, an improved color palette docker, scripting API for animation, color gamut masking, improved selection handling, nicer handling of the interaction between opacity and flow, and some other features. The team needs your help to continue improving the tool. “With millions of downloads every year, and that number is growing rapidly, Krita is clearly very popular. That’s great! But we’re running into the limits what we can do to help people with questions and problems, and we need you all to help out, by helping your fellow Krita artists on Reddit, Ask, the Forum and all the other places”. Check out the release notes for the full breakdown.
  16. Site What is Krita? Krita is a FREE digital painting and illustration application. Krita offers CMYK support, HDR painting, perspective grids, dockers, filters, painting assistants, and many other features you would expect. Check out the gallery to see what other artists have done with Krita
  17. Let me ask something. Your steps are File > Export > Selected object Reduction Percent = 0 Right ?
  18. Carlosan

    Disk space error when using cut&clone tool?

    Try downgrading to any other older version until this issue is resolved. Thx
  19. source... http://www.cgchannel.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/190606_EpicGamesBuysShaveAndAHaircut.jpg Epic Games has acquired veteran Maya hair plugin Shave and a Haircut from original developer Joe Alter. The firm plans to make both source code and compiled binaries for the final commercial release of the plugin, version 9.6, available free to Unreal Engine users under the terms of the engine’s EULA. One of the earliest commercial hair solutions for visual effects A staple of VFX and animation workflows in the previous decade, Shave and a Haircut was used by a number of major studios, including Weta Digital, Double Negative and Scanline VFX. The technology was also licensed by Autodesk and integrated into both 3ds Max and Softimage. However, updates slowed in recent years, with the last commercial release, Shave and a Haircut 9.6, appearing in 2015. At the time, it was priced at $399, but later moved to a rental-only model. Version 10, which would have ported the entire application to the GPU and added new hair grooming and sculpting tools, was previewed at Siggraph 2016, but never shipped. It isn’t clear from Epic’s announcement whether it has acquired the GPU code developed for Shave and a Haircut 10, or how, if at all, it intends to integrate the technology in Unreal Engine. We’ve contacted the company and will update if we find out more. Availability and system requirements Shave and a Haircut 9.6 for Maya will become available free, as both source code and compiled binaries, on Epic Games’ GitHub “in the coming weeks”. Epic also plans to release the associated shaders for Arnold, RenderMan and V-Ray. On its release, version 9.6 was compatible Maya 2014 and above – at the time, the current release was Maya 2016 – on Windows, Linux and macOS. Read more about Epic Games’ acquisition of Shave and a Haircut for Maya on its website
  20. Carlosan

    Brush to un smooth areas

    Hi There isnt a tool to perform that task automatically. And switching from surface mode to voxel mode keeping details... you need to increase to very high values the voxel density polycount on the layer before switching modes to keep all details.
  21. Carlosan

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hi All this issues were reported. Thx.
  22. Carlosan

    Merge subTree issue

    I am glad that you have found a solution !
  23. Carlosan

    Merge subTree issue

    Is every layer switched to global space ?