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  1. Hi, hope this help This video compares the two different methods for importing a dense mesh into 3DCoat
  2. https://alicevision.github.io/ Meshroom 3D Reconstruction Software Meshroom allows you to run the whole photogrammetric pipeline. Put your images and it will generate a textured mesh automatically.
  3. Carlosan

    Treat materials as separate textures Not Working

    Hi, is not working. Try moving all faces to one retopogroup before bake. Retopo Objects = Paint Objects UVsets = Surface Materials
  4. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XSWUJmaLAlmz-PuQS5Q6bdGVhtgoP0-dGD40YHmgaUs/edit The model to be used seamlessly over the spline should consist of 3 objects, named as Top, Bottom, and Middle. The Middle object is the one that will be constantly tiled along the curve. It has vertices approximately in the range [0..1] along Y-axis. Top and bottom of the Middle object should be open and opposite vertices positions should differ exactly by 1 along Y. Here’s an example of the Middle object: There may be several objects named “Middle_anything”. They should get identical open edges, but in the middle the geometry may be different. 3DCoat will use random middle objects to place them along the curve. The Top object is placed exactly over the Middle object and has an approximate [1..2] range of Y-coordinate. This object is open at the bottom, the vertices should get exactly the same values as on the Middle top vertices. An example of the Top object, marked red: The Bottom object is placed exactly under the Middle object and has an approximate [-1..0] range of Y-coordinate. This object is open at the top, the vertices should get exactly the same values as on the Middle bottom vertices. Here’s an example of the Bottom object, marked red: The whole curve will be tiled with Middle sections, the first section is Bottom, the last one is Top. If the curve is closed, only the Middle sections will be used. Open edges will be welded with nearby sections, so if you made everything correctly, the whole object will be closed. So, the final model looks like this:
  5. Carlosan

    New Curves Beta

    3DCoat new version 4.9.5 - Essential improvement of the models array in curves/splines. Now models will be placed very uniformly along the spline. Full specification is there. - Snapping for curves imporoved a lot - SHIFT snapping, distance snapping, vertical/horizontal alignment snapping.
  6. Carlosan

    mesh density with a brush

    Another way more interactive: Focal shift = 0 Falloff = 0 Depth = 0
  7. Carlosan

    mesh density with a brush

    I am following this steps
  8. Carlosan

    mesh density with a brush

    Subdivide: Subdivide surface with Loop subdivision method. Select area to subdivide and use Tool Options. Subdivide Frozen Area. Subdivide Non-Frozen Area. Subdivide Entire Mesh.
  9. Carlosan

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Hi You mean something like this ?
  10. www.artstation.com/artwork/58Vwag
  11. Carlosan

    3D-COATober 2018

    This video series by Sándor Veres 'Allexr' show one month of daily sculpts. It's frankly extraordinary and a must see.
  12. Carlosan

    Modeling jogurt bottle

    Hi Hope this help https://youtu.be/FIOjJUfLPt8?list=PLlQ3JITh9bXMvBlrpIqwB-CcnJiIfwHxN
  13. Carlosan

    Retopo - next big Step

  14. Carlosan

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    No crash, sorry. Try using any other model on a fresh new project.
  15. https://robotpencil.artstation.com/store/yr3G/3d-coat-hard-surface-basics 3D Coat, Hard Surface Basics Video 1: Intro to basic UI and navigation and intro useful tools Video 2: Discuss further the tools you'll need to make cool hard surface stuff in 3d coat and more UI basics. Video 3: Making a cool hard surface bust. This product contains: 90 minute video, PSD File, 3d coat file. For more videos please visit Robotpencil.net/tutorials. If you have questions email robotpencil.info@gmail.com
  16. Carlosan

    Restrict height/depth for bass relief?

    Yes, will be better Sculpt the figure, merge the backplane later. Check this:
  17. Carlosan

    Sculpting a ornate picture frame suggestions?

    Another idea:
  18. Carlosan

    [Solved]Position when using numpad ?

    Clicking on the “Camera” drop down arrow located at the upper right side of the interface will reveal a few options for your camera. You can specify a pivot point for your cameras rotational navigation (world center, pick point, etc.). Camera Presets:
  19. Carlosan

    How to modify an object with a texture on it

    https://all3dp.com/2/blender-recalculate-normals-simply-explained/ Hope this help