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  1. Hi Issue reported at andrewshpagin@gmail.com Please send an email requesting support to the same address. Thanks
  2. Headset: SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth Review - TechPowerUp. Keyboard: Drop Tokyo60 Keyboard Kit Review- The Affordable, Aluminum HHKB - Tom's Hardware. Misc: ASUS ZenBeam Latte L1 Projector Review - TechPowerUp. Motherboard: Asus ProArt X570-Creator WIFI Review- Thunderbolt 4 Meets Bandwidth Galore - Tom's Hardware. RAM: Lexar Desktop Memory DDR4-3200 2x 16 GB Review - TechPowerUp.
  3. twitter等で載せた1~2分の3D-coatのミニテクニックを詰め合わせた動画2です。一部動画を復元しているので画質は低いです ペイント系テク 00:03 スペキュラマップの光沢をカラーテクスチャに転写 02:11 UVを変更するとテクスチャも変更される 04:19 筆圧の強さはグラフで変更できる 05:31 レイヤーの順番をうまく変えるコツ 07:44 画面上に網目を出せる「2Dグリッド」 10:00 ステンシル用のループ画像を作る方法 12:10 レイヤーをロックすると解像度を下げても復元できる 12:50 1ドット単位の線がぼやけるときの対処 14:30 いらないノーマルマップを一気に消す方法 ボクセル系テク 15:05 ボクセル曲線を直接ポリゴンに変換する方法 16:08 低解像度に吸着でカーソルをローポリの頂点に合わせられる 17:07 放射対称で線を回転対称状にたくさん引ける 18:18 インスタンスコピーは形状の変形も反映される 20:20 三角面を四角化できるApply quadrantration
  4. Carlosan

    Finished Works

    Gallery of finished works by artists using 3DC in their workflow
  5. 3DCoat-2021-63 Sat Oct 16 21:14:33 2021 - Panoramas window remade, now it supports all default actions like all other items windows - folders, batch adding, moving items between folders etc. In addition panoramas are now present in the activity bar. Fixed set of problems - faster loading, correct switching between panoramas (render related).
  6. Hi On latest version 2021.62 is it inverted too ? Smart Material only accept for depth grayscale images
  7. Case: Antec Draco 10 Review - TechPowerUp. Laptop: Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 review- overpriced and underpowered - The Verge. Thanks Neutronbeam. Misc: Quick Look: ORICO M2PAC3-G20 NVMe Enclosure - TechPowerUp. Motherboard: The EVGA Z590 Dark Motherboard Review- For Extreme Enthusiasts - AnandTech. NAS: TerraMaster F5-422 NAS Review - Guru3D. PSU: Overclockersclub checks out the Pure Power 11 FM from be quiet (video). RAM: Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith RGB DDR4-3600 32GB Memory Kit Review - TweakTown.
  8. How i fixed this issue Select the lower horizontal border line of Environment panel Press and hold it to push up drag it up up up, finally the complete full panel must appears Hope it help
  9. 3DCoat-2021-62 Thu Oct 14 22:14:19 2021 - If you import the mesh for the vertex painting and it has textures, all of them will be applied to the mesh (color, gloss, metal, displacement) - Now you may transform paint objects to sculpt objects, textures (color, gloss, metal, displacement) will be transformed to vertex paint layer.
  10. CPU Cooler: The Be Quiet! Pure Loop 280mm AIO Cooler Review- Quiet Without Compromise - AnandTech. Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Apex Motherboard Review - TweakTown. SSD: SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE SSD 2TB Portable Review - TweakTown.
  11. Hi You can add New UVset Create a new polygroup layer, and move selected faces to new uvset And turn ON bake selected faces only. ----------------------- Sculpt High Poly model on Sculpt Room Create Low retopology on Retopo Room Bake from Retopo Room to Paint Room Modify any previously baked UVlayout on UV Room (if needed), -> Apply UVset and send it to Paint Room UV Room work as Paint Room extension. Paint Room <-> UV Room are synchronized automatically. Retopo room and UV room are pre process and post process of UV creation/editing. You can also lock any Paint Object / Surface Material to avoid any changes.
  12. Hi Where can I find the brushes you use in the tutorial ?
  13. Sorry for not being helpful Please drop a line to andrewshpagin@gmail.com asking for this issue.
  14. https://artstn.co/m/KGYkP Software used : 3D-coat - keyshot - photoshop Time : 02:25:00 Sounds : no
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