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    Gallery of finished works by artists using 3DC in their workflow
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  3. 3DCoat-2023-20 Fri Jun 2 21:05:43 2023 - Multiple small bugfixes - Voxel object->RMB->Axial symmetry corrected - The Core API restored, now it works correctly (it was broken for 2023 builds). - The Python scripting support in 3DCoat preliminary release. It is still in development and testing sand growing stage, but the base version already available, including basic documentation. We will add more functionality, samples, improve functionality in next builds. The Python API is very close to Core API, same classes, same functions, same logic, but applicable to the Python. Currently embedded Python 3.8 used (as last that supports Windows 7). No any additional install needed, all included. - 3DCoat > Edit > Preferences > General > Store Window State - Fixed problem of text correction (text not applied locally). - Fixed several problems of voxel extrude tool. - Fixed stamp + voxel brush engine with color. - Fixed narrow, but important problem of hotkeys: if you assign hotkey to the tool that currently present in UI, then switch (say to voxels) and try to activate that action it will now be triggered anyway if it is generally applicable. - The new mechanism to extend 3DCoat implemented - some (more heavy) assets like VDM alphas may be downloaded right from the alphas panel (if you will get to VDM folder). Generally this mechanism will be extended to other assets as well. - Logging the usage of the environment variable "COAT_LICENSE" - Tool "To NURBS Surface" - Bug fixed for Auto Unify. - Bug fixed for Lofte mode with Undo in Tool Smart Retopo. - Tool "To NURBS Surface" - Added button Auto Unify. "Unify the surfaces within rectangular regions that are formed by selecting edges."
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