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    On 4/12/2014 at 4:29 AM, Javis said:

    Forum Conduct
    - No beating a dead horse - Constantly repeating a point, complaint, or otherwise bringing up an issue over and over does not improve the quality of discussion. There are better ways to bring issues to attention.
    - No "versus" threads - Direct comparisons of one software over another are not allowed. Discussions about tools, workflows or development implementation is fine, but absolutely no "app vs app", or derogatory statements about an app. These bring needless debate that too often becomes contentious.
    - No quote battles - Line-by-line arguments, particularly those on semantics of individual sentences do no one any good. These take away from the quality of the thread and discussion. If an issue cannot be resolved in a post or two then it should be taken to private messages, or dropped.
    - No harassing, insulting, trolling, antagonizing or other such behavior is allowed. Treat others with respect at all times.

    - If you have a problem with another user, don't be a vigilante. Take it up with the user in question in private or report the problem to a moderator.

    For cases involving insults, bigotry, antagonizing behavior and any bullying of any type toward any user or admin/moderator, a temporary ban without a warning will happen.
    Repeat offenders WILL be banned. Please treat others with respect.

    Let's keep the forums a fun, productive, and positive place for everyone. As a reminder, it's our practice to first privately warn users of any violations.

    If the user continues to push their bounds then we'll either follow with a second warning or temporary ban. If you ever feel you've been unfairly targeted, or that a moderator/admin is abusing their power you can email via sales AT 3d-coat DOT com


  2. 3DCoat-2023-20 
    Fri Jun 2 21:05:43 2023


    - Multiple small bugfixes


    - Voxel object->RMB->Axial symmetry corrected


    - The Core API restored, now it works correctly (it was broken for 2023 builds).


    - The Python scripting support in 3DCoat preliminary release. It is still in development and testing sand growing stage, but the base version already available, including basic documentation. We will add more functionality, samples, improve functionality in next builds. The Python API is very close to Core API, same classes, same functions, same logic, but applicable to the Python. Currently embedded Python 3.8 used (as last that supports Windows 7). No any additional install needed, all included.


    - 3DCoat > Edit > Preferences > General > Store Window State


    - Fixed problem of text correction (text not applied locally).


    - Fixed several problems of voxel extrude tool.


    - Fixed stamp + voxel brush engine with color.


    - Fixed narrow, but important problem of hotkeys: if you assign hotkey to the tool that currently present in UI, then switch (say to voxels) and try to activate that action it will now be triggered anyway if it is generally applicable.


    - The new mechanism to extend 3DCoat implemented - some (more heavy) assets like VDM alphas may be downloaded right from the alphas panel (if you will get to VDM folder). Generally this mechanism will be extended to other assets as well.


    - Logging the usage of the environment variable "COAT_LICENSE"


    - Tool "To NURBS Surface" - Bug fixed for Auto Unify.


    - Bug fixed for Lofte mode with Undo in Tool Smart Retopo.


    - Tool "To NURBS Surface" - Added button Auto Unify. "Unify the surfaces within rectangular regions that are formed by selecting edges."
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  3. Hi, there is an old report about XPpen, try this  

    On 11/5/2022 at 7:30 AM, Baisop said:

    It's not just a 3D-coat problem, but I've tested that FreeCAD and Rhino3D also have this problem. I found the reason why this is happening on the Rhino3D website.
    The problem is caused by Nahimic dll from audio driver (99.9%).
    I have Asus  STRIX RAID DLX sound card and driver use Nahimic dll for something.
    After I disable the part of the driver that used this dll, everything start working normal.
    You can try shutdown all part of audio driver in Task manager (mainly part with Nahimic) and you see if that works.


    Hope this help

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