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  1. twitter等で載せた1~2分の3D-coatのミニテクニックを詰め合わせた動画2です。一部動画を復元しているので画質は低いです ペイント系テク

    00:03 スペキュラマップの光沢をカラーテクスチャに転写

    02:11 UVを変更するとテクスチャも変更される

    04:19 筆圧の強さはグラフで変更できる

    05:31 レイヤーの順番をうまく変えるコツ

    07:44 画面上に網目を出せる「2Dグリッド」

    10:00 ステンシル用のループ画像を作る方法

    12:10 レイヤーをロックすると解像度を下げても復元できる 12:50 1ドット単位の線がぼやけるときの対処

    14:30 いらないノーマルマップを一気に消す方法



    15:05 ボクセル曲線を直接ポリゴンに変換する方法

    16:08 低解像度に吸着でカーソルをローポリの頂点に合わせられる

    17:07 放射対称で線を回転対称状にたくさん引ける

    18:18 インスタンスコピーは形状の変形も反映される

    20:20 三角面を四角化できるApply quadrantration

  2. 3DCoat-2021-63 
    Sat Oct 16 21:14:33 2021

    - Panoramas window remade, now it supports all default actions like all other items windows - folders, batch adding, moving items between folders etc. In addition panoramas are now present in the activity bar. Fixed set of problems - faster loading, correct switching between panoramas (render related).

  3. Hi

    You can add New UVset 

    Add new UVset.jpg


    Create a new polygroup layer, and move selected faces to new uvset

    Move selected.jpg


    And turn ON bake selected faces only.



    Sculpt High Poly model on Sculpt Room

    Create Low retopology on Retopo Room

    Bake from Retopo Room to Paint Room

    Modify any previously baked UVlayout on UV Room (if needed), -> Apply UVset and send it to Paint Room



    UV Room work as Paint Room extension. Paint Room <-> UV Room are synchronized automatically.

    Retopo room and UV room are pre process and post process of UV creation/editing. 


    You can also lock any Paint Object / Surface Material to avoid any changes.


  4. link to this course https://click.linksynergy.com/deeplin...

    Get familiar with 3D Coat's interface, major features, and terminology. By the end of this course, you will have learned the user interface, understand 3D Coat's terminology, including what voxels are, and be able to move between the major functions of the program. Just an internet connection. No materials or software are required, but following along with at least a trial version of 3D Coat will help.,The purpose of this course is to introduce you to a magnificent multi-purpose 3D modeling tool, called 3D Coat (I cover this using version 4.0.04B).

    With this program, you can sculpt hard and organic surface creations using Voxels, retopologize your sculptures, UV unwrap them, paint directly on them (while baking high-poly details onto lower poly meshes, and export in a number of formats). This course includes almost 4 hours of instruction and is aimed at beginners to advanced 3D hobbyists and professionals who want to get familiar with 3D Coat for the first time.

    Students will receive custom user interface themes created by the instructor, as a bonus.,This course is intended for NEW TO ADVANCED USERS wishing to get familiar with 3D Coat for the first time.,This course is intended for NEW TO ADVANCED USERS wishing to get familiar with 3D Coat for the first time.



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