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  1. great! Anyway I found some bugs selecting mask as clipping mask. Thanks for your hard testing, very helpful
  2. yes, on that way works. and you can use that curve for later. I understood from your workflow that you wanted to modify the cut in realtime, altering the shape of the curve, as if it were a CAD program? Was it like that or did I misunderstand?
  3. I found that all layer clip using Layer0 Layer0: avoid painting it for any purpose but transparency. If you erase the paint, things still bake just fine. However, the transparent areas created will be baked as alpha/trans. Also, if you hide Layer 0, it bakes fine and entirely with alpha/trans, whereas any other layer doesn't contain color data.
  4. Crash confirmed and reported, thanks for point it up Did you send the crash report?
  5. Hi Bug confirmed Thanks for point it up
  6. There is some incompatibility Booleans operation are performed on voxels. Attach model/splines to curve are performed on surfaces.
  7. Hi To understand your workflow. Is it an external model that you imported into 3DC to modify it? Is it a new model created in 3DC ? Is the model very small? may be autosnap values join vertices during baking... Did you paint something in Layer 0? What type of textures are you exporting? Do you use any for displacement?
  8. I can't see to turn off clipping mask. As you can using a Layer mask for clipping, need to turn off the mask, not the layer
  9. took me longer than I wanted Can i ask why ? I like to know differences with your current workflow. Why was it slower and what could be improved to speed up the steps? And know if there is any comparative advantage making in on 3DC or it is just copying what can be done with other software but slower.
  10. RealityCapture 1.4 is now available to download from the Epic Games Launcher or via the new Epic Developer Portal with an updated pricing model. WHAT’S NEW Updated pricing model Starting today, RealityCapture is becoming free for students, educators, hobbyists, and companies making under $1 million USD in annual gross revenue. Subscription seats can be purchased for $1,250 per user per year for companies over that threshold. You can also purchase RealityCapture as part of the Unreal Subscription, along with Unreal Engine and Twinmotion, for $1,850 per user per year. You can find more details about the updated pricing model in our blog announcement. RealityCapture 1.4 in the Epic Games Launcher Direct downloads, installations, and updates for RealityCapture 1.4 and subsequent builds are now available through the Epic Games Launcher.
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