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  1. Hi Do you owned 3DC 2 OS version ? Win & (Mac or Linux) - 419$
  2. nice find ! ty for sharing it //note: Is a July 2012 review.
  3. Which are your NM export preferences ? Edit Preferences
  4. and RenderMan has always worked well with in a complex pipeline and at SIGGRAPH last year Pixar showed an incredibly fast mock-up of a GPU based KATANA (from The Foundry) solution. That GPU prototype was shown as a technology demo and not a product at SIGGRAPH. Today there continues to be ongoing work within PIxar on applying GPUs to specific problem areas such as volume rendering “and we have been pretty open about that,” says Chris Ford. “Any given integrator can be accelerated by the benefits of computational GPU’s and it is no surprise that this is something we are actively evaluating. There is no GPU enhancement in the latest RenderMan however, as establishing the RIS framework is the major focus of this particular release.” We asked Chris Ford to comment on the performance of RIS inside RenderMan. “For RIS compared to REYES,” he says, “we are seeing performance improvements of between 2x to 10x faster than REYES in various situations.”
  5. this article is a good reading the new RM RIS features are amazing, not only about render times... but how light is rendered in the new version http://www.fxguide.com/featured/rendermanris-and-the-start-of-next-25-years/ Along with a host of changes, Pixar announced their newest version of RenderMan today, including a new internal option for rendering or rather solving the rendering equation called ‘RIS’. This system of offering a range of ‘integrators’ inside RIS represents a major addition to the options for high quality imagery inside RenderMan. So what is a Bi-directional Path Tracer with VCM (vs a unidirectional path tracer) ? The problem with ray tracing is that there is always some limit on how many times rays can bounce, and making sure they accurately or sufficiently find lights. Imagine a room with a light bulb hanging in the middle – this is the easy case. The light is likely to be ‘captured’ in the render equation as rays are likely to find it. But what if that light was behind a wall mounted recessed bracket – classic stylish hidden light bulbs you might find in a cool modern apartment. If you walked into such a room you would not see the up lighting unless the lights were switched on. In this case unidirectional path tracing will also find it hard to ‘capture’ the light into the rendering equation. this is great
  6. oh la la, Volta is teh boom the big contenders are fighting for supremacy blockbusters films are land of heavy post production, and render times are still a slow and very expensive factor... renderman seat $500 vs arnold seat $1300... both offer amazing render qualities and are fast. film productions done with vray: i only find The Flight. With another renders duno, so i cant speak wel
  7. They are exporter for apps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RenderMan_Interface_Specification RM pixar plugin is native for Maya. It converts maya shaders on the fly and is fully integrated so you can use it without having to write your own shaders and such.
  8. Strong smoothing May 15, 2014by Farsthary Hi Smoothing algorithm seems to be a never ending source of inspiration. There´s probably as much smoothing algorithm as there´s researchers out there! So far 3dCoat has a plenty of smoothing tools, but nearly all of them suffered when mesh density is high or varies a lot across a surface. Every artist know this when a small dense area rebels against a smoothing eefort. We have tools like recently developed like Smoother, that ideally smooth a painted area, useful for pre-planned smoothing. Or powerfull smoothing, that performs a more aggressive smoothing but still suffers from the curse of the high numbers. well, Now i have added to TSmooth a third algorithm: Strong smoothing. it will always smooth the mesh under the pen regardless the base geometry, and vene better, in a consistent way! So be careful smoothing with this tool because it can obliterate the most stubborn details! hope you like it!
  9. Steam only upgrade to stable release versions. But any steam user is allowed to test the experimental version following the guide posted before
  10. Big news: http://renderman.pixar.com/view/DP25846 http://renderman.pixar.com RenderMan will now be a quarter of the price and free to non-commercial users – free and completely un-watermarked. Free non-commercial RenderMan will be availabe with the upcoming release of RenderMan scheduled in the timeframe of SIGGRAPH 2014. It is bold strategy – Pixar wants to focus on the high-end animation and effects companies, but build both a user base and open source contributions. -------------------------------------------------- http://www.fxguide.com/featured/rendermanris-and-the-start-of-next-25-years/ Today Pixar launches the newest in that long line of innovations, a new rendering architecture known as RIS, that supports plug-in integrators and comes complete with a new industry standard path-tracer as well as a cutting-edge bidirectional path tracer. The new release is built on a v19.0 baseline, and is a consolidation of the components of the previous RenderMan Pro Server (the batch renderer) and RenderMan Studio (the artist’s interface including RenderMan for Maya) into a single RenderMan product that will be continuously updated in both rapid dot and major releases, making traditional versioning more fluid than previously.
  11. CopyClay Laplacian Bending http://farsthary.wordpress.com/2014/05/15/copyclay-laplacian-bending/ For CopyClay I´ve actively researched several bending algorithm. Making the parts seamless blend with the base mesh is far from trivial, and many algorithms can be used. A membrane based algorithm was first develop, which strored an offest from an ideal membrane for each vertex, it turned out not very robust and limited. Then I cam up with an iterative, spring elastic algorithm that perform quite good and moreover, is fast. For most cases is the default. It has the limitation that for parts that required extreme bending over mesh, it requires a lot of iterations and thus, become slow and non optimal. So finally I’ve implemented a laplacian iteration-free method, completely based on linear system solution,wich has many advantages over previous one: it provides the best bending algorithm altough is not as fast as few iterations on Elastic method) but for best quality is unmatched! It accurately bend the part over the surface because in theory is the convergence mesh of the elastic method at unlimited iterations.
  12. Download MakeHuman 1.0.2 The MakeHuman 1.0.2 release is proudly brought to you by a team of dedicated artists, developers, writers, researchers through the support of an ever-expanding global community. This is an Open Source project and it is hoped that artists and developers will be inspired to join in and help accelerate the development of this innovative application. http://www.makehuman.org/content/download_makehuman_102.html
  13. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34697396/LongRockBakeProblems02.3b using Cook-Torrance shader and retopo option Scan Depth Inside 5 Outside 10
  14. Hi Send any technical and support-related questions, feature requests to Andrew Shpagin at support@3d-coat.com
  15. May 15, 2014by Farsthary Hi Working over few bugs in Bridge I realize that not always we need such a high resolution in bridging detail provided by the automatic splitting algorithm implemented in it. And the fact that in most cases tunnels are hidden from the actual models it can be good to fine tune its detail level so it can be less or perhaps more?, because there’s everything in this world :P So I add a slider to control that possibility if user wants too, but the default will be the automatic detail estimation.
  16. i found 2 links hope it helps http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1031
  17. oh every object have one layer
  18. Use more reply option that tuto was done with 3DC v3 some tools changed in v4 adding new features
  19. baked AO is blend using Modulate2x mode ? try to export without AO or... please share the project to see it
  20. can i ask how many... 2 -3 - 4 - ____ words ? a website generator or someone specific ? http://www.textfixer.com/tools/random-words.php ty
  21. which settings do you use in preferences for NM export ?
  22. a m a z i n g ty for your kindness
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