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  1. i got it once, but when a new version was installed, the problem was solved if not, right button refresh all icon shaders solve the trouble too
  2. similar problem nope reinstall help ?
  3. Andrew know about and is working in the next update. I just mailed some critical projects to show like always, the support is superb
  4. Hello Michalis, do you know how Blender handles Ptex textures from 3DC ? Im searching info about it ty. //sorry OT
  5. If i understood well... How -please- do you use the same texture painted on the high poly, over the Low LOD models with different UVlayout ? Are you baking only NMaps ? ty
  6. Why we need to download a full version in every upgrade ? Can be only a patch and nothing more ? Or only to patch 3DC is a license security break issue ?
  7. The polycount guide is very good to learn how to avoid this artifacts http://wiki.polycount.com/NormalMap/
  8. looks like a driver issue please try the DirectX 9c version anyway
  9. Thats the point To use only the tools isnt enough to achieve good results 3DC is very powerful about tool parameters but is WEAK in PRESETS management I think Andrew MUST: - focus in the PRESET AREA, - give a default set of presets in every release - and create a NEW subsystem to administrate its in a very clear way for the new and old users.
  10. Ah ok Going to voxel and hide one half of the head/body dont affect retopo visibility At Sculpt room = is hidden When switch to Retopo room = is unhidden is this ok ? ty
  11. I found it at Retopo Activate Hide tool the tool switch to Paint room so i can Hide the Sculpt mode object But now when i go back to retopo room... all the retopo faces covering the back side of the object are still here so... how can i hide the retopo faces and only let the base used for mouth cavity ? ty
  12. May be Merge without voxelizing helps V4 manual - page 170
  13. Do you use tools like surface textures, lighting, or rendering and if so, how? I often use 3D-COAT for my texture painting—it is very compatible with with LightWave lwo files. cool
  14. Hi Herbert Are you sculpting in VOXEL mode or SCULPT mode ?
  15. blending modes limited to just whole layers
  16. OpenSubdiv is a set of open source libraries that implement high-performance subdivision surface (subdiv) evaluation on massively parallel CPU and GPU architectures. The code embodies decades of research and experience by Pixar. Very interesting to see how they are using PTEX
  17. - BackGround images always show when jump to render room - Render room showed grid, and it wouldn't turn off.
  18. Page 73 The manual use the old Shaders Preview Pics
  19. Do you mean SKETCH function ? Sketch: This new tool is a very important addition the the toolset. It lets you create a volume object with 2 or 3 images -- if you use 3 images, the voxel object will be more detailed.
  20. News about this implementation Very Sorry but I have a LOT of work to do now with release of V4 Please remind me little bit later (after 10 days at least) So... we need to wait a little more
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