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  1. yes... but WAIT ! today i begun a NEW project and is NOT working I found the reason - Yesterday i test the option using an OLD project created with version 3.7 and loaded in 15a. The option works fine - making a new project option is broken I duno how its works BUT This for me confirms that some bugs are related to each version and are recorded in the project (.3b file), no matter what version you use. And know that last test I opened the version 3.7. When was trying to use GOPM off... is broken too !
  2. Randomly the viewport freezes for a brief moment never happened before 15a
  3. oups... airbrush in my version b15a is working fine using any brush pressure with GOPM off
  4. 1. Voxel Submenu Grow on pen motion = turn it OFF
  5. How 2 different new users ask the same question using the same words ? i duno
  6. How 2 different new users ask the same question using the same words ? i duno
  7. 0001122: Symmetry Plane Issues reopened http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1122
  8. hiring someone to help or releasing the SDK -like Andrew said sometime ago- could be an option too Angelscript is a good beginning to let the community to make addons... and yes, output can be quite similar to Marmoset with a bit of effort and luck The controls are there in the code... just let the user access it
  9. you work have a sense of shape equilibrium and well distributed weight, i like it ty for sharing your workflow... Curves i like to know if you use sometimes curves to make a basic "skeleton" ? ty
  10. small changes, right thats the point If its possible... to do the small changes needed in another rooms before V4 release -not only sculpt/paint- can help a lot.
  11. ah ok UVPatches = UVSets If you import a model with multiples UVsets, and every set have their own material, the Materials can be blocked, the pic was linked in the previous post.
  12. Its true... bpr is a liar you got the point i only ask for: - Fake fast SSS - Shader Mix/Add option (multishader) - Render Passes - Better light manipulation/creation (a 3 light point set in Sculpt Room) - Realtime render option in Sculpt Room ----------------------------------------------------- note: For fast previz i use marmoset, but export for any external render is not an option when you need to show a 19M mesh painted in Surface Mode
  13. Phil you are right But when you render the same mesh/polypaint in 3DC or in ZBrush... the ZB render shines to bake/export to another render engine take time, and sometimes we dont have time when is needed to show fast sketches for previz we work with images, we need a better render
  14. render room may be better of course but first we need to rethink how to make/edit shaders is build on. And to add new shaders type > SSS is a MUST my POV.
  15. Hi Igor Some of your points was talked time ago ready in this post. Its boring to read alllll the 85 pages, i know... but you can try. Every point was added to Mantis bug tracker like request. And all the possible changes are scheduled AFTER V4 release. Regards
  16. i used this Surface mode 1- go to paint mode and add a material place the material texture over the mesh add camera shortcut paint DONT close the material viewer 2- back to surface mode With the material viewer still visible you can surface sculpt over the same mesh using the same material like stencil i usually set depth limit at low value and brush type paint with rectangle
  17. http://3dcoat.blogsp...tion-paint.html look at 6:30
  18. [V]voxel mode, general shape form Sculpt mode, details and hard edges Live clay: very fine details then retopo, bake -old terminology merge- and go to paint room: here you still can paint normals maps in new layers adding more details
  19. For this model Is better to paint ref colors to the voxel mesh make retopo then bake the normals bump and diffuse and paint the low poly mesh with the normal map on it
  20. Uses 3D curves to shape clay forms or to tug the surface, i like it 0000616: Possibility to create and manipulate nurbs surfaces and transform them to voxels http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=616 3DC To change tweak room and convert it to surface modeler will help a LOT
  21. Hi Which is the fast way to turn on/off reference image plane ? ty
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