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  1. Hi there is a zbrush to 3dcoat applink addon http://3d-coat.com/f...?showtopic=7886 Nice reading: ZBrush to 3DC workflow http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10003&hl=zbrush
  2. Same situation here hobbist gamedev with very limited budget I use Blender + 3DCoat... and dont need any1 more both programs have pros and cons... but the integration is awesome... and you can supply the lacks of one software with the pros of the another. 3DCoat is a good Swiss army knife but... take in mind that is a step learning curve... the workflow isnt traditional... every room have to many features... and every room is like a program by itself.
  3. hmmm lets try Paint Room Menu Freeze Freeze painted pixels Use this option to freeze all the painted areas of the current layer. The freeze will be active for any layer when selected. (the freeze tool)
  4. nice reading any advice workflow to make a good bump map for Blender ? Export a displacement map is enough or i need to do some tweaks ? basically i need to add wrinkles and details of woven fabric, over a T-Shirt model made outside 3DC ty in advance
  5. source http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9839&st=0&p=75863&hl=+paint%20+surface%20+mode&fromsearch=1entry75863 ------- In another way I found this post too: I'm talking about a function to convert the color information of a paint layer to depth information. When you are projecting an Image by loading it under 'Materials' and you have switched Depth painting on you are converting the color information of that projection to depth information. I want to do the exact same thing with an already existing color layer, basically a function which would be called 'Convert Color to Depth', just like you can convert the color to specularity.
  6. Voxel Room At Voxels Menu > Define Measurement units Over Tools > Adjust Measure Im working in meters... the size of my models when i import/export are ok in another apps View > Grid Size > Customize Grid... i duno how to set it The default unit is pixels... if i remember well View > Grid2D mode is useful too Primitives Tool In the Properties Menu there is a Size x-y-z option... every 100 point is 1 grid size Use Size 400 600 300 ---------------------------------------- About Object Scale http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10549&hl=size&fromsearch=1
  7. A zombie (Haitian Creole: zonbi; North Mbundu: nzumbe) is an animated corpse resurrected by mystical means, such as witchcraft. According to the tenets of Vodou, a dead person can be revived by a bokor, or sorcerer.
  8. i was testing same procedure using 3dc.... Voxel room Sculpt an object Retopo Room Retopo the voxel object Merge into scene MicroVerts Paint Room Import a picture .exr from Textures, Import, Displacement map how can i set displacement height ? UVroom Make some UVset face tweaks At menu top right: choose checker, select custom texture... because we cant open the .exr... just convert the .exr to .jpeg to use the jpeg for image reference. Apply UV-set finally Paint Room File, Export, select High Polymesh The workflow Cycle begin again Voxel room Merge without voxelizing the High Polumesh exported from paint Room -------- the new mesh is loaded, and we can continue adding details with LC great technique ! ty for sharing !
  9. great! ty !! just learned a little but can not found a tuto
  10. mantis have a Roadmap http://3d-coat.com/m...oadmap_page.php may be... is useful to use it ?
  11. CLOWN Sculpt (using only voxels), Retopo, UVmap, Paint: 3DC Model Tweak: Blender (sorry but more options that Tweak Room) Color Retouch and some paint details: Gimp Render: Marmoset (diff, occlu, spec, norm)
  12. Andrew (administrator) 2014-01-30 18:06 Ok, implemented in 4.1
  13. Hi Abn Have you any news about this... or if there is a plan to add Coloured Specular, Gloss (specular Exponent) & Reflection masking ? ty
  14. Ctrl+V converts all voxel layers to surface... is this ok ? i cant use copy tool anymore (ctrl+C... ctrl+V)
  15. voxel tools - functions changed ? carve = 2dpaint closehole = cutoff --------------------------------------------------------- Just tested again, still here.
  16. Hi, sorry digging this old post. This option is GREAT. Let me manage uvmaps materials to/from any UVset. When i export uvsets as tiles... every uvset have their own material, and every material have a color map named like like the uvset. I was working fine using UV-manager at paint Room Texture -> UVmanager and when tried to open again, the tool is not listed anymore at the same menu place dissapear ? or im doing something wrong ? any help is welcome v3.7h and v4
  17. /minor Pick Color have this values R 255 G 255 B 256 color values are ok after export a test color map to external paint app... blue is 255
  18. For the UV map naming problem you're having, if you're using File>Merge, you'll be prompted to name and select the size of the image for each UV map contained in the file, you should name them each uniquely. For export... 3DC will combine several materials into single uv-set and you will get correct number of output textures.
  19. at paint room the voxel have a layer0, its default dont delete it.. just let it there add a layer1, paint when you back to voxel room -now at surface mode- and dont need to see the colors... back to paint room and hide the layer1 -pressing the eye-
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