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    add/ split snapping too sensitive?

    AbnRanger is exactly correct regarding brush size, I do the same thing and oftentimes zoom in more on the area which also helps control the position of the snap.
  2. paleojeepster

    Photoshop/3DC Brush library?

    Did anyone come up with the Brush Library? I have it as a Zip file if it is still needed and there is a place to deposit the file. Let me know.
  3. paleojeepster

    3D-Coat 3.3 updates thread

    Has anyone else had a problem with the installer for Version 12 (CUDA 32)? When I finished installation and tried to run the beta, I got an error - cudart.dll missing. In fact it is not in the version 12 folder. There is almost nothing in that folder, unlike previous betas that place many files and folders inside the main folder. I tried downloading the installer a second time - with the same results. When I "borrowed" the missing file and added it to the V12 folder, the program starts but has only a black screen with no tool bars, etc. This is the With CUDA - 32 bit installer. OS = Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit BOXX Computer running Dual Xeons Quadro FX 3700 (nVidia) graphics card
  4. paleojeepster

    3d Space Navigator (3d connexion)

    That is odd, I have two - one at home and the other at the office. I didn't have to setup anything and it works perfectly. My only complaint is that when I am in really close to a model, it can move very quickly off screen - which is annoying. Since I didn't have to set mine up, I am not much help I'm afraid -- if there is anything I can help with or if you know how to determine the setup I am using, I'd be happy to help you out. I love the devide and can't imagine not having it to manipulate the models.