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  1. Hi I am busy playing with the demo, and I have overwritten some of the default voxel shaders trying t o create some new shaders. How do I reset the shaders back to the defaults? (its not in the manual as far as I can tell) Also - It would be good to see some sort of hypershade tree (yes I'm a Maya user) of the voxel material so one can check out the defaults before i break em.
  2. Wow, I have to say- very impressed with the PBR material default set ups. I have yet to transfer the maps to my final render but the 3D Coat stuff looks stunning and nice and idiot proof (just the way I like it). Nice work guys - I look forward to when this all comes out in 4.5.
  3. Jake_H

    PBR : play - loving it!

    Cheers - I will try and get onto the other parts of my mech this week - its from an old project I have been meaning to get back to. The design is based off of a hermit crab.
  4. Jake_H

    Shader Share

    Hi J_BoneBump.zip J_Bone_001.zip ChocolateNSkin_Share.zip I just wanted to share some shaders to the community - they work fine on my machines (running 3.1) - let me know of any issues- the BoneBump is based off of the DirtyStone default shader but with the difuse map made up from photos of bones. The Bone shader is a little less harsh on the shadowing that the current default. Hope they are of use Jake
  5. Hi Folks Has anyone tested this in ZB 4.6 ? Thanks Jake
  6. Jake_H

    HSD v.01

    I haven't been trawling the forums for a while - just found your work - great to see what folks have been up to - Excellent work Fuad!
  7. Jake_H

    Free Seamless Textures

    Thanks Javis.
  8. Jake_H

    Photoshop/3DC Brush library?

    Hi Folks Its been a while - thanks for the brush library, much appreciated.
  9. Jake_H

    koji's Sculpture

    Lovely stuff as always! Especially liked the cat skull !
  10. Jake_H


    Nice work Andrew, good to see!
  11. Jake_H

    Kneeling woman

    I like this one Phil, very cool. Jake
  12. Hi Not sure if this is a Topic someone else has covered but I just wanted to share some reference/ resources that I rate and think would be of use (if you don't know of them already): Sculpting/modeling reference links: http://www.anatomy4sculptors.com/ http://fineart.sk/ http://gotwires.blogspot.ca/ http://www.posespace.com/default.aspx http://uglyoverload.blogspot.com.au/ HDRI and texture links http://www.hdrlabs.com/sibl/archive.html http://gametextures.com/ http://www.cgtextures.com/ Please feel free to ad/ignore Jake
  13. Jake_H

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Yeah I have a copy of that - did you also get into the mag called Revolver - same time period - another one of the 2000Ad spin offs -(Along with CRISIS magazine).
  14. Jake_H

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Nice work on the Tank Girl WIP. Ah good old Jaime Hewlett!!!
  15. Jake_H

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Love where you are going with the skeksis! One of my favourite films as a kid.
  16. Jake_H

    Marupura's sketchbook

    Have to say you really do get some great renders out of 3DC, Sculpts too!! Nice work as always and thanks for sharing your shader, much appreciated.
  17. Jake_H

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Nice work LJB - very clean work on the magnum.
  18. Hi I am working in 3DCoat 3.7 DX( (non cuda) and I'm now not able to see my newly drawn topology on my voxel surface. I have played about with the snap settings and extrusion settings, but to no avail. The geo is ther (if I select all in that group , it high lights the edges) butI cannot see the geo when not in this mode, is there a new visibilty feature in 3.7 that I am not aware of? Cheers Jake
  19. Jake_H

    Retopo Display Issue

    OK I only have this issue when in open GL mode running on Win7 64 bit, (so my earlier post was wrong - I must have been in Open GL mode) so all good switching back to DX64 version of 3.7, my work PC must hav crappy card/drivers. Cheers Jake
  20. Jake_H

    Anatomy workshop

    Thanks for the post/youtube vid spacepainter, thinking of enrolling. (I need the peer pressure - see it as a gym subscription - you pay then you exercise your skills - and yes you can do it by oneself) Cheers Jake
  21. Nice vid - cheers for the post artman - good inspiration - wonder how long the time lapse was over?
  22. Jake_H

    A few sculpts...

    Nice hard surface work!!! Suprised! I would have thought you would have gone batshit making a monster/zombie type creature using 3DCoat, knowing your previous stuff.
  23. Hi I (think) this fits in the finally finished section: I am having an exhibition of my digital sculptural works in Brisbane, Australia. The sculptural pieces are displayed via video projection, augmented reality (AR) and rapid prototype prints (RP). Most of the work created was made through a combination of unreleased photogrammetry tools developed at QUT, 3DCoat and ZBrush. Most of the sculpting work was in 3DCoat as I was intentionally working with 'bad data', as incorporating and interpreting digital detritus forms a large part of my artistic practice. The exhibition is part of my final submission for my Research Masters at QUT. Anyway I thought I would post the flyer for now and as and when have stuff ready for view for the exhibition will post again (gotta update my blog too and finish some of my writing - damn time is running out). See attached image for my artist statement and more info. Jake
  24. Jake_H

    Ancient temple

    Nice work Garagarape !!! +1