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    Issues exporting color layers as PSD

    Thank you Ill give that a look, I appreciate the response Gary!
  2. Not super sure what's happening but out of no where I cant seem to export as PSD. I just ge ta 0kb "file": Not entirely sure what to do, I tried uninstalling and installing the stable release and same thing. Has anyone else run into this? -Liz
  3. grixdale

    Grixdale's Sketchbook

    Thank you so much I really appreciate it!
  4. grixdale

    Grixdale's Sketchbook

    Thank you! I actually have to work at 1024 for stuff I make so it's what I'm used to. I try to avoid doing anything super detailed with a lot of little pixels to avoid blur. I really appreciate the compliment! Going to tweak the base of the bat tonight to get rid of some of the mirroring. Over all, quite a blast texturing with 3d-coat. I think it's my favorite software next to zbrush. -Liz
  5. grixdale

    Grixdale's Sketchbook

    Sorry just saw this, I saved them at 2048x2048, but ill size them down to 1024x1024
  6. grixdale

    Grixdale's Sketchbook

    Stamp work, it was quicker, I started in ps, saved the images and did stamps.
  7. I bought 3D coat back in 2011 and mostly used it for UVing. It's been quite a few years since I've messed around with texturing inside of it. I have been trying to find something that really jives with my work style. I tried quixel and I tried substance. On a fluke this weekend I decided to give 3dcoat another look and updated first time in a year or so. I had so much fun! I didn't know about the PBR stuff and oh my god, what a blast. I wish I could have gotten some nice renders from the render room instead of taking it to zbrush, but the render room kept crashing and throwing up warnings about my card. Which is weird, I have nvidia gtx 980s. Liz <3
  8. Hi everybody! Someone new to using 3dC but absolutely love it. I was messing around with a hoodie model and all of the sudden I just couldnt use my paint brushes anymore. I checked everything, made sure nothing was locked/frozen, tried to reopen it, reboot, reinstall, put settings to default..etcetc. Nothing seems to be working :/ I can use all the tools else where in the program, except the paint room. I wish there was a better explination for you all! I have googled answers and I am honestly at a bit of a loss. Thank you so much for reading my blabber, Liz