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  1. AbnRanger

    3D coat just refuses to respond many a time

    It doesn't matter what you originally created it with. From that GIF (we cannot see the polycount because it's too grainy/low res), it looks like a lot of LiveClay brushing was done, and that there is some self-intersections going on. Test on a new scene in order to determine if the mesh is the source of the problem. If it's still acting up, email support@3DCoat and send the work file through the HELP menu, so Andrew can take a look at it.
  2. AbnRanger

    Brush Enguine problems getting too much

    Oh, I see. He's doing a complete rewrite, it seems.
  3. AbnRanger

    Brush Enguine problems getting too much

    Didn't they just mention that the problems mentioned early in the thread, got fixed?
  4. Well, it's not an "either or" proposition. It's a "both and." Still, nothing really tops Voxel sculpting for freeform sculpting, without worrying about topology or self-intersection issues and other niggly little problems geometry sculpting can present. That's why I really prefer 3DCoat to anything else because of the flexibility to jump back and forth between the two, without having to worry about losing SubD levels and such.
  5. AbnRanger

    [Solved] Autopo freeze with simple mesh

    I think there was some issues with Auto-Retopo that had crept up in one of the recent builds, but Andrew applied a fix, thereafter.
  6. AbnRanger

    3D coat just refuses to respond many a time

    I think that mesh has issues and is the source of the problem. It appears to be super dense for one thing. Hard to tell the poly count because the gif was so low res and grainy. I couldn't make out any numbers in the UI. Possibly some self intersections and/or holes. That is why it's always best to test on a new scene with a sample object or newly created primitive. Another thing you can do when you run into problems with an object like that, is to basically "Dynamesh" it (3DCoat had this feature years before ZBrush) by hitting ENTER. That temporarily voxelizes the object > puts it back into Surface mode, with the polys all nice and even.
  7. AbnRanger

    3D coat just refuses to respond many a time

    Can you test on a sample object from the splash screen, to see if it still occurs. If not, that means the file you are working with is corrupted, somehow. You can send that to support through the HELP menu. Once it is uploaded, contact support@3dcoat.com and let them know you just sent it and what is happening in your scene when you experience these problems.
  8. AbnRanger

    3D coat just refuses to respond many a time

    Can you be more specific....maybe even do a screen recording. OBS is always a good free screen recorder. Upload it to Youtube (you can choose to make the upload PRIVATE, so only people with the link can see it). That will help us see what the root of the problem is. In the mean time, try to follow these steps to make sure they aren't causing the issues 1) Close the app > go to your DOCUMENTS/3DCOAT 4.9 directory and delete the OPTIONS.XML file. Once in a while, a crash or some other issue could corrupt that file and make 3DCoat exhibit bug-like behavior. 2) Install the latest version 4.9.05 (the SL version has Sculpt Layers which is still in a Beta State) 3) Install the latest drivers for your graphic card. A bad driver can cause lags and other strange behavior 4) Install the latest Wacom tablet drivers (assuming you have one). That too can cause lag or issues if the driver is bad or has gotten corrupted somehow. 5) Make sure the 3DCoat.exe file is added to your EXCEPTION list in your Anti-Virus and Firewall software. I've had my AV make 3DCoat unable to open once. I thought it was the application, but it turns out the AV was blocking it.
  9. AbnRanger

    blender to 3dcoat, dealing with edges

    Innovine, if you can screen record your issues (and post the link here), it can really help us understand exactly what the source of the problem is, and perhaps we can offer faster/better solutions. Sometimes it's just one small setting or one small step that can make a big difference.
  10. AbnRanger

    Bug with space mouse movement?

    In 3DCoat, change your rotational center (from the Camera list Menu, next to the Navigation bar at the top right, above of the viewport) to FROM CURSOR, when sculpting in Perspective. When you switch to Orthographic view, switch to FROM OBJECT BOUNDING BOX. That will center you model up each time you switch to a different camera view, and keep the position consistent in the viewport.
  11. AbnRanger

    Bug with space mouse movement?

    No, I haven't noticed any difference. In general, it works as well as it ever has. Blender's implementation is the one that gives me fits. I feel like I have to wrestle with Blender to orbit around properly. The is no object rotational center and that is one reason why.
  12. The discussion stems from the OP's post about the new ProRender update in Blender, so it's part of the discussion. I mentioned that I'd like to see that render integrated in 3DCoat, and someone disagreed. Would be nice to render turntables in Pro Render, in 3DCoat and if needed export to Blender via applink, ready to render in ProRender in Blender. That way, a user can do their look development in 3DCoat and send it to Blender to render animation content.
  13. AbnRanger

    Bug with space mouse movement?

    I would try to update the 3DConnexion drivers. Mine is working just fine with 4.9. No difference. I think the 3dx drivers can be a bit wonky at times. Half the time when I put my PC to sleep overnight and start back up in the morning, I cannot see all my button assignments on the device. Once in a while, it will be completely blacked out, and the only recourse is restarting my PC or unplugging the device and plugging it back in. So, I think the issue is on the device side.
  14. I'm asking what statistic data you are using to draw the conclusion that "Nobody uses ProRender." It's a fair question, no? For one thing, ProRender is still relatively new compared to most 3rd party render engines, and despite the fact that it is free for users and developers, alike, it is still being aggressively developed. My position is that, while it may not yet be mature enough to overtake expensive 3rd party render engines, it is a good alternative to iRay, which comes natively in Substance. It's MUCH better than 3DCoat's default render engine. It's certainly better than ZBrush's native render engine. So, that is the real comparison...not how it stacks up against expensive 3rd party render engines in C4D. Bottom line is that for what its designated purpose would be in 3DCoat, ProRender would be a great option, and not only for those with an NVidia card.