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  1. This sounds like your Anti-Virus software may be flagging/blocking 3DCoat. I have had this happen in the past. Turn your AV and Firewall off while installing it and see if that helps. If it does, make sure to add the install directory of 3DCoat to your EXCEPTIONS list of both your Firewall and AV apps. It's a good practice to do this with all your frequently used apps, as well.

  2. On 12/2/2020 at 2:31 AM, geo_n said:

    Ah I see. Would like to know asap before I spend all my money this holidays. Lol. Let people allocate the cash now. 

    If you need more confirmation, feel free to contact sales@3dcoat.com, where Stas will help answer whatever questions you may have. 

  3. 36 minutes ago, geo_n said:

    Probably the same price. Why make it lower?

    If the price of the upgrade is 100usd, then its just divisible by 12 months for the rent to own. Some people may want to pay upfront to support Andrew immediately. Some might want to pay the monthly dues until they reach 12 months payable. Its good for those people who A. Don't have the upfront cash but wants to own a legit license B. Don't intend to use wip 3dc 2021 right away.

    It's my understanding that the "Rent to Own" option is for a new license (no more Pro or Amateur versions), not for upgrades. We should expect the upgrade from V3 or V4 to 2021 will be close to the upgrade cost between major versions in the past (ie., V3, V4). The annual upgrade price (ie. 2021 to 2022) will probably be roughly half that. Pilgway is a very fair company. That much one can count on.

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  4. 18 hours ago, BenR said:

    Hello Carlosan, I think there might be a translation/language/cultural misunderstanding, at least for US English speakers.  I do not want to sound pushy, but I think it would be responsible for me to let you know how US citizens are likely to interpret the term "rent to own".  I do not claim that I know exactly how every US citizen thinks, but I believe I can offer a cultural context.


    From my personal experience, when we see the term "x to own" it means that, at some time, we will eventually have the product with no more payments and still "own" the product perpetually.   For us, in this context "to own" means we own it perpetually in the future.  I believe you are using "to own" in the sense that we have full unlimited use of the product while we are renting.  In this case, the word "to" is used in 2 different ways.  

    A typical use of "x to own" in the USA would be for a car:  We use the phrase "lease to own".  We make payments and while we are paying, the conditions are very much how a normal lease would work here.  However, the "to own" part means that the lease payments are going towards a goal where we will eventually buy the car at a reduced price.  The end point ("to own") is that we own the car forever.  (it might sound like nonsense, there are complicated details I am leaving out.)


    Another example: I pay rent for an apartment.  I have full use of the apartment while I pay rent.  We would never use the term "rent to own" in this case.  If we used the term "rent to own" it would mean that after 5 years of paying rent, I would have an option to buy the apartment at a reduced cost.  


    I am not perfect but I am trying hard to communicate clearly.  Please let me know if I this makes sense to you.

    Rent to Own is a common English term, this coming from a US citizen, native English speaker, all my life. Is it normally associated with household commodities? Sure, but it accurately describes what is being offered. I may not particularly like the phrase, but I personally cannot think of a better alternative. People understand exactly what is being offered. VRay, a premiere render engine, has RENTAL licenses, as do many other software vendors. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the phrase being used to describe payments to own a perpetual license.

  5. 55 minutes ago, bigsofty said:


    I have a license for Version 3 Pro, I was lately thinking of updating to Pro 4, how does this affect me? Will my license count from the date I purchased the V4 license update or from V3 original?

    It won't matter when, now that you would be within the window of the 2021 Professional license offered as a free upgrade, for current purchases of V4.

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  6. On 11/20/2020 at 8:23 AM, Rainger said:


    I hope I don't come off as rude; I am genuinely concerned about the pricing structure moving forward and I need some clarification.

    I have been using the free trial of 3DCoat and I really do like it. I am hoping there is a slight discount on Black Friday so I can purchase the full product. I am a little worried however after reading over the website and reading that the company has decided to go from 3DCoat V4.X to 3DCoat 2021. My concern comes from reading through the official announcement and its comments and not getting a clear answer. Will we have to pay an upgrade fee every year (3DCoat 2022, 2023) even after buying the perpetual license? One of the reasons (NOT THE ONLY REASON) I ended up testing out 3DCoat was that it was less than half the price of equally capable tools like ZBrush and Maya. I worry that if we have to keep opening our wallets every year it may be cheaper to just buy an alternate product that only has a one time fee that is actually cheaper after a few years than something that is cheaper right away but slowly takes significantly more money from you over time if you stick with the latest version of the product.

    Thank you,


    You have to pay annual upgrade costs for nearly all software you own, to one degree or another. Yes, ZBrush and Blender are exceptions, but with ZBrush, the focus is primarily on Sculpting alone and the upfront, lump sum cost is much more than 3DCoat. So, even if there were an annual upgrade (maintenance) cost of let's say $75, it would take several years to reach that $900 upfront cost in ZBrush, not factoring in the Painting, UV layout and Retopo toolsets.  A more accurate comparison would be between 3DCoat vs ZBrush + Substance Painter (which has a maintenance of $150 per year, IIRC). 

  7. 7 hours ago, LibitinasArt said:

    and in just over 18hrs the pro version will be reduced by $100, is that correct as another advert states "now", a little confusing



    It's $100USD off the regular price. It's been that way for years, during Black Friday and Christmas deals.

  8. On 11/24/2020 at 8:47 AM, LibitinasArt said:

    Sorry , just trying to understand what you're saying. Is the Amateur version finishing (being stopped) when 2021 is released.

    and only renting software will be available( no more perpetual licences)

    There is no subscription model, just a new Rent to Own OPTION (certain number of monthly payments rather than on lump sum cost upfront)...again, it is an OPTION. Perpetual licenses will still be the main license model.

    There is a 10% discount on the Amateur license for the Black Friday deal....however, when 2021 is released, there will be no future versions of the Amateur license, as it has been a terrible business model for Pilgway (too many professionals buying it for retopo, UV's and Voxel modeling/sculpting only, where it had no limitations; only few Paint-related limits). There will only be a Professional license and an Apprentice version (that is much more scaled back on features than the current Amateur license....much like ZBrush core is). Anyone with an Amateur license will be given a short window to upgrade to Professional with a very enticing offer of about 50-60% off the normal upgrade rate. 

    Pilgway added a lot of development help in the past 2-3yrs and they needed to adjust their business model accordingly, so they can not only keep the help they have, but have the ability to bring in additional help where it may be needed.

  9. 4 hours ago, Grimmy said:

    Hi, any news of a release date for 3dCoat 2021?

    I just can't wait.


    I don't think the staff has yet determined it, because of all the preparation for it. Lot's a major new features, a new website, purchase options (like a rent to own policy, and end of the Amateur version, etc.) and even a Texture Paint (Paint, UV and Render Room) only version. A GPU brush engine is an example of features being polished. Hopefully before the end of the year, I think.


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  10. On 10/25/2020 at 12:46 PM, gbball said:

    That sounds interesting. 

    To be honest with you I forgot that the brush tool was an option...

    I think you can go deeper and play with the order of clicks...some might like the brush functionality...and I'm sure I would use it/need it in certain instances...Especially being able to smooth things out.  

    Maybe you could do what you've suggested, but also remap the brush tool to RMB then hold ctrl and release RMB...while Ctrl is down, it behaves as it does now and you could press shift to smooth and use right mouse drag to adjust the size and strength...so the main difference is that you'd just have to have RMB engaged first to enter brush mode by pressing CTRL.  It's a little more advanced, but Zbrush does this for a lot of things...It also keeps all the vert movement mapped to the same button.

    So that way you could make CTRL + LMB do split rings, CTRL + SHIFT +LMB do a cap and even CTRL + SHIFT + RMB to refill.

    Perhaps this tool can be linked to the Tool Options panel, and let the User customize the hotkeys with the different tools they may normally use? It should have a RESET to default button, too, I think.


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  11. On 8/15/2020 at 7:29 AM, lemsway said:

    ok, but how come my other models..which i worked using 3Dcoat applink before..is not working now? other than this ship..i sent other samples. thanks for being patience.

    When I have trouble getting the applink to work, the first thing I do is delete or move the BLENDER folder from MYDOCS/APPLINKS/3D-COAT/EXCHANGE. Then,  export something from Blender to 3DCoat, to re-establish a connection.

  12. 10 hours ago, mhiatt said:

    I have been interested in the product for some time now but as yet not made a purchase.

    Lately, I have been seeing numerous feature posts/showcases on youtube and twitter about 3D Coat 2020.

    Given that currently upgrade fees seem to apply between major versions (e.g. from 3.x to 4.x) and 4.x seems to have had quite a long lifespan (multiple years?), I'd like to know what is planned for this '2020' version in regards to payment of upgrade fees and how often it is planned for a major (upgrade fee payable) release?

    In a hypothetical situation if I purchased a license today (4.x):

    • Would an upgrade fee apply to move up to the next release (2020?)?
    • How soon would the next payable upgrade be released (e.g. 1 year, 2021)?
    • Would this be more like moving towards a 1 year of included updates scenario?
    • Are the licenses to remain perpetual?
    • Are the license fee amounts to remain the same?
    • Anything that I should be aware of, that may catch me out?

    If I could get an official answer on this that would be great as it will be used in guiding my purchasing decision.

    Many thanks and Kind Regards,


    Pilgway is always extremely fair about things like this. They usually will offer free upgrades within at least 90 days of a major release. The only reason they haven't yet announced a "Buy Now and Get the 2020 version Free" is there are some HUGE additions, and they have a tentative target date early this fall, but in software, things are always subject to change...plus this whole Corona-Virus mess makes things even more fluid.

    As far as I know, there probably will be a change to a yearly release cycle, but the upgrade cost would/will be substantially lower than it's current rate. The main reason for this is because they have added a LOT of development help over the past 2 years, and they may be looking to add some more, but they obviously need the resources to keep and possibly expand their development staff.

    They will definitely offer perpetual licenses, no matter what, but there may be a subscription option added as well. I think they are going to do away with the Amateur/EDU license and offer something else. We will have to wait and see. In the mean time, it would be a good idea, as Carlos mentioned, to send an email to Sales@3DCoat.com and copy/paste your questionnaire in it, so the Sales/Licensing staff knows this is a legitimate concern of prospective customers.

  13. 5 hours ago, Ascensi said:

    @Andrew Shpagin thanks for that info about the seams splitting in PPP with displacement is only a visual preview (I hope can improve)

    but I was wondering if you can add hybridizing the paint room with a few "basic" sculpt tools like add, subtract and smooth to influence the original topology. Reason: Sometimes when painting the heightmap style displacement you can't get proper even texture displacement because the topology is unexpectedly too dense in one area and causes the displacement to bunch up.. or is expanded not being dense enough so by expanding the topology we would be able to see the texture expand to more of the texture's correct aspect ratio.  Not only that it can help create ideal dimensions overall. 

    Perhaps the tweak room and paint room combined.  The tweak tools by default could be locked and if unlocked a different color and text overlay "changing original mesh" could float with the brush or be a message at the top of the room.  I'd like to be able to quickly make changes and see improvements for the displacement painting. 

    I think the best solution is to now move the Paint tools to the Sculpt Room, with a Toggle for the Paint tools directly to the right of the Button Display Toggle at the very top of the Tool Panel. Merge the Retopo and Paint Meshes,  so they are one and the same.

    This might take a lot of coding work, but it will prove to be incredibly beneficial, as it consolidates the "Rooms." No more Paint or Tweak room. Just Sculpt/Paint, Topo and UV  

  14. On 7/5/2020 at 7:50 AM, micro26 said:

    The applink work for me to send objects from blender to coat but not from 3dcoat to blender. I use the latest blender build and latest 3dcoat stable build.  4.9.49 .

    I setup my exchange folder and exported inside it my fbx file from coat but blender does not update nor making the shader links with textures.

    I also use the 3dc  preset with blender applink.

    Anyone know why this is happening?

    You might try this trick to get it working. I noticed on a few occasions that it helped.:

    1) Go to your MYDOCS/APPLINKS/3DCOAT/EXCHANGE folder and delete or move to a separate location, the BLENDER folder. 

    For some strange reason, the contents of that folder mess up the Applink once in a while.

    2) Test a simple export of the default Cube in Blender, to 3DCoat and back

  15. 12 hours ago, lemsway said:

    HI I was wondering why the 3d coat on my side doesnt look like on the tutorials? its missing an update button and other. thanks


    Because the Applink developer has since removed the IMPORT or GET BACK button. Reason is because the Applink is supposed to automatically detect incoming assets.

  16. 12 hours ago, stusutcliffe said:

    Ta for the help,

    Im struggling to get my head around this. I think its because I have info in Layer 0  which I dont think you can get rid of. Think I am just going to have to live with it for this thing, then turn off sculpt layers for the next job.

    I hope ther is an option to turn off Sculpt layers in the final release . I can see their use, but when you keep sculpting on the wrong layers by accident things start turning messy ,a bit like when you paint on the wrong layer but doubly so.

    I just do simple stuff.

    Erase Brush in the Paint room (with just DEPTH channel enabled) will erase all sculpt layer info under your brush...or just hit the DELETE key to completely remove any Sculpt Layer information on a layer you may have accidentally sculpted on. I never found it to be a hassle in any way. You will get used to it, as it's very powerful and and flexible.

  17. 6 hours ago, stusutcliffe said:

    I find it difficult to explain,

    I dont like the sculpt layers because I keep sculpting on the wrong layers so when I delete a paint layer I no longer require I lose sculpt info I want to keep and vice versa.

    If I switch off sculpt layers in the prefs they get reactivated when I open the scene that has them.

    Basically I have a sculpt layer with vertex paint on Layer 1 what I think I want to do is flatten the sculpt layer and move the vertex paint to layer 2 then switch off sculpt layers in the prefs as I dont need them for now.

    sorry if this is just gibberish, Im confusing my self now.   I want to extract the paint and sculpt from one layer and make it two layers, paint info one,sculpt info in the other.


    You can always reduce the Sculpt DEPTH OPACITY to Zero on a layer, to basically hide/remove the Sculpt information. Or duplicate a layer that has both Sculpt and Vertex Paint > with only DEPTH Channel active hit the DELETE key. It will remove all depth channel information.

  18. 1 hour ago, Andre said:

    Ok, rebooted and deleted options.xml

    No change, all tools laggy, even moving the mouse w/i the program is laggy, choppy, stutters.

    DX version same.

    Move, Rotate, etc.. same as well. 



    Ok, that tells me there is something going on with the graphics card (or input device like 3dconnexion spacemouse or Wacom Tablet).Try updating your graphic card driver, wacom tablet driver + use the DX version of 3DCoat. It's not the application, because it's working fine on my computer, and I only have 64GB of RAM.