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  1. Haven't posted in ages. Been doing different things. I have some free time today. Opened some old and recent files (couldn't open some really old files sadly.. 3dc kept crashing) Also included some recent kitbashes.
  2. I freeze a part of the mesh with symmetry on. And it doesn't matter if I smooth with symmetry on or off it always makes the frozen area asymmetrical. How do I smooth a frozen area and maintain symmetry? (the image is a screen shot of a sphere that was frozen and smoothed with symmetry on. A copy of the image was taken into photoshop flipped horizontally and the opacity reduced and layed on top of a unflipped image.)
  3. 3dcoat really needs to just slice the polygons along the frozen sections areas and the push those areas in our out. As of now it doesn't extrude it just pushes in and out.
  4. I only get rough edges. But I don't want a separate object though. I want a clean extrusion.
  5. How do you draw straight lines with pose? (in tranpose mode) Like how in some 2d applications I can hold shift and it draws a straight line. How do I draw a straight that is either vertical horizontal. (and diagonal would also be helpful)
  6. Can anyone explain why I have to invert the green channel for normal maps to appear correctly in unity?
  7. Can I autoretopo a mesh. Then clean up the autorepo mesh with the retopology tab. Setup uv maps. Then bake? How would I do this? Because when I try this, the autorepo mesh that was created remains unchanged in the uv tab despite the changes I have done to the mesh in the retopo tab. .... Edit.... I guess I would have to use. "merge with (ptex, mv, or ppp)" to get this to happen.
  8. I'm not really sure how I am supposed to import multiple UV sets without automapping because when I do tell it to keep the UVs that are already established, it crashes. But if I do automapping it combines all the uv sets into one. Maybe it is because I am using the mac version?
  9. Unfortunatelly it still doesn't work for me.. When I do automapping. It just builds one UV set even with multiple materials.
  10. Sorry your example file doesn't work. Notice I see one sphere and the cube and plane are gone. How am I supposed to work with UVs like this. It doesn't support multiple uvs. 3dcoat really needs to support working with multiple sets of uvs.
  11. Yeah. Puntoit understands.. It is about uv pixel space. Carlosa. 6 uvsets... 6 materials.. does it still export 6 images or just 1 color image? Simple example. A floor and sphere. The floor is unwrapped and and when you look at it uv map. It takes up the entire space.. It doesn't take up a quadrant or a corner.. it fills the entire space. The sphere is also unwrapped and it fills the entire space.. And because of this they cannot share the same texture image because the UV for the floor and the sphere have overlapping UVs. But if the floor and sphere are imported into 3d coat. it merges the 2 objects uv maps into a single uv map even if you maintain uvs on import it still treats it like one uv map. So if I try to paint goes on the floor and part of it on the ball and vice versa.... see the images below. just need separate texture images for separate objects with separate uv maps. right now 3dcoat just packs it all into one image. Notice on the raw import. That when painting on the ball the same strokes appear on the floor. That is because they share the texture space and overlap. notice image Step 5 to Step 6. The pixel loss is obvious. If you notice the last picture the pixel loss that occurs with only 2 objects. The pixel loss for textures gets worse for every object that is added. Which is why they have to have their own separate images and separate uv maps for quality purposes.
  12. Can you show me a picture of your uv layout for one of the objects? How many color images were generated upon export (not spec or depth)? Can you show me a picture of the color image/s exported?
  13. I don't want this on one uv map. I want multiple uv maps that have their own space. And no.. ramming every single objects texture onto a shared 8 k square is ridiculous. Because for every single object that is added the resolution drops for everything as a whole because they would sharing the same texture image space. Even bodypaint3d supports that and maxon hasn't done much with that part of c4d for ages. Seriously nobody here textures rooms?
  14. I am a bit surprised that 3dcoat does not support multiple texture images at a single time. It only handles one texture image at a time that only has color depth specular. Currently. In order to texture a room properly. The user has to export each and every single piece of geometry that is supposed to have it's own uv map and texture. Then import it into 3dcoat. Not having the ability to paint a room all at once basically means I have to spend a bunch of time exporting and importing and exporting again from 3dcoat... So if I have 33 objects in my room that need to have their own unique textures. I am going to have to that 3 step process for all 33 objects. that is 99 steps of importing and exporting that will need to be done in order to texture a room. And that is not to mention the rebuilding of the shaders in the 3d application for each object but that is something else.. It just amazes me that this thing is approaching version 4 and it can't do this. Does the 3dcoat community just not make rooms or something? This is absolutely ridiculous. Why even support multiple shaders if it all gets packed into the same uv mapping space, that feature shouldn't even really exist because it doesn't do anything.. Why does it give me the option to have a texture for each object when in fact each object's texture is simply getting packed onto the uv space. Why even do that?
  15. How do I access voxel paint? When I go to the paint tab there is nothing there.
  16. FBX exporter is not generating fbm folder with textures. Lack of fbm folder almost defeats the purpose of having an fbx exporter.
  17. Standard polygonal modeling tools would really compliment the topology tool set. This would of course would be a huge feature to implement. Maybe something for 4.0? I'm only throwing this out there.. Cause Andrew does an amazing job with everything else. (I wonder if he ever gets tired of hearing that?) So maybe something to hope for maybe in the future perhaps? I admire Andrew's tenacity to continue working on the voxel tools and other tools.
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