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  1. No.. there are no layers. subtools yeah. layers no. background images kinda pointless without multiple view panes. As for speed. It's not a matter of hardware.. It's too easy to hit the wall on a multicore machine with cuda. Fine details can't really be sculpted practically. No layers and too slow... Retopology lacks realtime slider interaction. Not the same. Hopefully regular sculpting sees some love.
  2. Voxels are fun to play with and doodle with but is horrible when deadlines are looming. Great for hobbyist bad for production at the moment. It needs a lot of stuff to be production friendly. (meaning, when on a deadline..) Stuff that I feel is badly needed.. -Raise and lower subdivision levels to modify larger details. -10x greater speed. I hit the wall all the time. This really kills the creative process. -Layers -Sculpting fine details -Intelligent retopology with rings. Rings are everywhere in good topology. If I can draw two lines and tell use a slider to fill in that area with X number of rings and conform to the surface. That'd be a great start. Doing this manually is still very slow. -Background image panes. I always sketch out my designs in 2d and move them into the background. Voxel sketching is not a good way to rough out 60 or more designs especially on a deadline. -Masking tools. I've read that layers and subdivision levels are either really difficult to achieve or impossible with voxels. These things are needed. If they can't be done then I ask that voxel development be halted and the sculpting tools get much more development.
  3. Really? Well maybe you could hook us up with a zbrush camera navigation preset. I already tried making one, didn't seem possible.
  4. I don't think you need to worry about people misbehaving at siggraph like they do on forums. People are always going to act outrageously on the internet because they feel safe and anonymous. In public though people typically try to contain themselves. Also many companies are paying their employees to attend, so they have to act professionally.
  5. Voxel sculpting doesn't work anymore on my machine. It worked the first time I installed 3.00.05 cuda 32 bit. But now when I open up either DX or GL version and start with a sphere the surface disapears as I paint on it. Also it crashes now, says it's running out of memory.
  6. I doubt anyone is going notice these criticisms or care....
  7. In 32 bit windows cuda. 87. The voxel stuff always starts up with a solid black shader. It's no problem to get it out of that.. But it's just a weird default setting. As for v3 being released. Maybe wait til E3 is over? I would hate to see version 3 overlooked because of some video games. But whatever you think is best Andrew, I'm sure it will work out fine.
  8. Woo.. Just downloaded a85. Haven't done any texturing in the last few days. A few new UV tools is perfectly cool with me. I'd love to see more uv Tools. I think 3dc has the right idea for handling uv mapping. Just needs some expansion. I haven't sculpted anything in a while. I know the rapid tools were added a few months ago. I like em. New UI is also nice. Andrew, amazing as usual.
  9. It's a bit of a silly post when you can just as easily say that UV mapping, which is a basic feature in 3dc is already available so it should be improved. That and you can also say the same for features that you are asking to be improved. "You can't easily rotate your pen" "you can't save a pen with custom settings" Other free software packages offer those features, So Amber please don't ask for features that have already been offered in other applications. Just use the other applications that offer that feature. Basically your post says, you want your requests to be answered and don't care for the feature requests of other users.
  10. Ability to tweak uv vertices in the texture editor is now broken.
  11. When freeze and hide are active. It'd be nice if the icon was illuminated a particular color to or some kind of notification that freeze is active. Also be nice if there was a way to know the number of polygons hidden Maybe there is something like this already I just haven't noticed it. The freeze tool is a bit confusing to use. Maybe it could be easier to use. Combo tools might be interesting. For example. User left clicks the paint bucket and then could right click how it applies that operation. So if the user wanted to erase large sections with paint bucket. Left click paint bucket then right click erase tool. Maybe there could be a special way to illuminate the icons to indicate the tools are in combo mode. I miss the ability to erase a particular layers color, specular, or depth by just selecting the active mode and pressing delete.
  12. It's not my engine.. It's a commercial engine. The indie version is $200 and the pro version $1500, the difference being with realtime lights being able to cast shadows and materials with surface reflections. It's much easier to use than UT3 and source. In terms of technical sophistication I am not sure how it compares to UT3. The nice thing about the license is that there are no royalty fees if you try to sell your game or whatever it is you make, unlike source and UT3 which have various things in the EULA where you have to surrender certain rights in order to use their engines. My trial version is about to run out and so I'm probably going to just buy the indie version as the advanced features aren't things I would really use anyways. With anything, try before you buy. They have a trial version that allows you to save. Basically you just create a project folder and drag drop your FBX files into the project folder and it loads them up into unity and view them instantly. You can use prebuilt scripts like the first person controller to walk through your levels. It does all of this stuff pretty fast. Here are some really complicated demos built in unity that you can view through your browser. The island might take some time to load or might chug some as it streams in. As for models with lots of triangles, I know some people who built levels with millions of polygons and it still ran smooth and the graphics card was nothing special... Unity uses bones for animation and you animate in whatever package that supports FBX. You can use normal, specular, diffiuse, and it also supports parallax mapping. The avert fate demo is pretty cool. but you'll have to download it to try it.. http://unity3d.com/gallery/live-demos/tropical-paradise http://unity3d.com/ The unity forum where there are many people who know more about it than I who can probably answer your questions more thoroughly. http://forum.unity3d.com/
  13. The creator of zbrush owns a patent on the method for masking stuff on surfaces. Not sure what it entails or if Andrew can implement such functionality in 3dc and international copyright laws and enforcing them is concfusing.
  14. A few days really isn't that long to wait. A year or more, yeah that is a long wait. Realistically one build is always going to be completed before the other is completed. It is in the best interest for all users that when a build is done it be released so it can be tested. Delaying the release so that users of another platform don't feel left out is a bit silly. It's two days. Delays are apart of the market place and I just accept them. If Andrew is going to release the latest build of 3dc in some other language other than English, that is something I will accept. Similarly to how some movies are released in the US market first and then received in other countries much later. When I was kid, I remember all of the latest nintendo games and systems hitting Japan months before they hit anywhere else. I know a lot of mac users would be very happy about getting the latest version of any software two days later. If you are going to stop using a wonderful application like 3dc because of a tiny wait then I am afraid no one can make you happy.
  15. Not sure 3dc has such a feature.. If you have access to maya, softimage, or cinema4d. All these have baking tools that should give you the options you want. In Softimage (xsi) it's located in properties under rendermap I think. Just remember that in this menu checking on means to disable (contrary to common thought, where checking on means to enable). Final gathering thought is not supported with rendermap. Cinema4d has bake Object which is my favorite baking tool at the moment because it's fast, you see the results as it goes, and you can do multiple sets of textures for multiple objects at a single time. It also has the older method bake texture. Maya also has good baking ability and final gathering does work with baking. It's a bit cumbersome though and it can crash very easily and when it crashes there is no easy way to tell. Not sure about 3dmax but it wouldn't surprise me if it did have baking tools, everthing else does...
  16. It was an old project that was meant to be a game for timewarner to advertise their cable products, but somethings happend and well. I figured I might try to make a different type of game with it. I didn't build the water or sky. (although I could if I wanted to) I just went with prebuilt stuff in the engine. Everything else though, models, textures, baked lighting I was responsible for. You can construct projects inside of the unity engine and have it output a file that will load up in a browser as long as the client has the unity player plugin. Unity is similar to source and the UT3 engine that it can be used to construct games and simulations. Unlike source and UT3, models are very easy to drop into unity and view. You just have to use FBX format. Here is an early test version without hardly any textures except for a theatre wall that has a color and normal map. I decided to not bother with normal maps as it would take longer. http://www.cgbig.com/RW.html
  17. Bug... In UV mode. When using alt to rotate the camera while the "mark seams" tool is active. A seam will be marked on the release of left click while you still hold alt.
  18. Has different water now. Textures should be a higher res now as well. Same link as before. Also added a boat with particles trailing behind. Haven't textured boat yet. still redesigning it.
  19. Not sure if this has been mentioned. But uv unwrap is missing. Apply UV doesn't work, it just asks to save uv map. Load does nothing.
  20. The clone stamp tool sort of blurs the image it's cloning. Not a lot. But with continued use it does sort of obliterate the usefullness of the clone tool. When I reached the bottom I moved over some and started again from the top, cloning the previous text created. If it can't be fixed in 3d.. It'd be nice if it could be fixed in the the texture editor window. Also in the texture editor window.. Sometimes I like to paint with the wireframe on and when I adjust the radius size in the texture window it also moves nearest uv vertice. It's a minor problem.
  21. I own a zbrush license and I haven't used it much. Although the interface is frustrating, the more frustrating thing is the somewhat illogical workflow. For example painting in layers, if you want to delete a layer you need to make it invisible then delete it otherwise it is applied to the base mesh. Another problem are the zspheres. Zspheres are somewhat broken. In fact you can see Meats Meier break zspheres in one of his free videos, too bad he doesn't tell you the workaround. If all you want to do is sculpt and make normal maps, it's very strong in that area and I haven't had had any problems with zmapper with the exception of speed. If still interested in zbrush. Meats Meier put up a bunch of free zbrush videos in hd quality. http://www.3dartspace.com/index.php?option...view&id=304 As for silo. (I also own a license to this one... regretfully) Although it's cheap. Just be sure you plan to use it for organic modeling. Although they advertise their product as being able to do architectural and hard modeling. In reality it's a very poor hard modeling tool. The snapping tools are somewhat bad, they either work sometimes or not at all. The topology tools are okay but just about every other application with topology tools does it better. Basically silo 2 is a poor man's solution for modeling and sculpting but it does nothing better than any other tool that specializes in those areas. The two programmers at nevercenter haven't updated the software in about 6 months now or maybe longer. There are tons of bugs and silo 2 has been in development now for 2-3 years I think? Nevercenter has recently started devoting their time to making applications for iphone. So given the history, if silo doesn't fulfill all your needs right now, it probably never will. You get what you pay for.... 3dcoat has awesome painting tools. Lots of flexibility. Great price. The topoology tools are way better than silo, although it could use some work in this area, it's still very usable. 3dcoat has a very competent and intelligent programmer building the software. I don't own a license yet. But I will very soon. I've been using the alpha and it's much friendlier than bodypaint.
  22. This was an old project that was revived. About 85% of the geometry had to be rebuilt, UV mapped, textured, and baked in 2 days. I wish I had more time to spend on it. But I decided to live a bit dangerously and use the alpha dp for the painting process. Luckily it didn't impose too many problems and probably sped up the painting process. (Although there were a lot of camera navigation problems that hindered the painting of some textures) http://www.cgbig.com/RWBen.html You will need the unity web player to view it in real time. You can right click to full screen the image. Standard first person controls. w=forward s=back a=strafe left d=strafe right. camera pitch and yaw controlled by mouse. If you fall off, just reload. This is supposed to be for a boat racing game.
  23. It's not worth your time. I think we can sometimes be consumed with being right that we forget about our main objectives. Besides, most 3d artists are usually married to the first piece of software they learn. Then there are artists who are married to the hype or the artwork that is being produced in that package. You can't tell me that the pixologic gallery isn't full of amazing pieces. Migration only occurs when users are not satisfied with their software. Also everyone is able to say they've tried softimage or lightwave or maya but there are very few 3d artists that have gone all out in production using one piece of software. The most unfortunate thing I see more and more often, is a lack of credit for the artist. When someone sees a good piece of 3d art. Everyone asks, what software? As if the software made it all happen and that the artist is just someone who tags along and takes credit for the work. Anyways, 3dcoat is an awesome piece of software and if they can't see the potential, that is fine. It's their loss. Just make good work with the software that you use. The results do the preaching. This also the same philosophy I use for preaching the gospel, by living a life that honors and glorifies God. They see what God does in my life rather than me having to tell them. The results do the preaching.
  24. Feature I miss from old painting. Being able to delete the active paint channel. In the old version you could have depth turned on and press delete and it would delete the depth. same for color or specularity...
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