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  1. This was an old project that was revived. About 85% of the geometry had to be rebuilt, UV mapped, textured, and baked in 2 days. I wish I had more time to spend on it. But I decided to live a bit dangerously and use the alpha dp for the painting process. Luckily it didn't impose too many problems and probably sped up the painting process. (Although there were a lot of camera navigation problems that hindered the painting of some textures)


    You will need the unity web player to view it in real time. You can right click to full screen the image. Standard first person controls. w=forward s=back a=strafe left d=strafe right. camera pitch and yaw controlled by mouse. If you fall off, just reload. This is supposed to be for a boat racing game.

  2. I have not, but I found this old one on YouTube when I was getting the URL's from mine.

    It would be a shame if that's the case, but it may be. What's even more sad is that I mentioned the low price as such a great feature and they just said they get ZBrush from The Pirate bay. They seemed to all agree that they would just download whatever they needed until they could get a client to buy them software.

    It's not worth your time. I think we can sometimes be consumed with being right that we forget about our main objectives.

    Besides, most 3d artists are usually married to the first piece of software they learn. Then there are artists who are married to the hype or the artwork that is being produced in that package. You can't tell me that the pixologic gallery isn't full of amazing pieces. Migration only occurs when users are not satisfied with their software. Also everyone is able to say they've tried softimage or lightwave or maya but there are very few 3d artists that have gone all out in production using one piece of software. The most unfortunate thing I see more and more often, is a lack of credit for the artist. When someone sees a good piece of 3d art. Everyone asks, what software? As if the software made it all happen and that the artist is just someone who tags along and takes credit for the work.

    Anyways, 3dcoat is an awesome piece of software and if they can't see the potential, that is fine. It's their loss. Just make good work with the software that you use. The results do the preaching.

    This also the same philosophy I use for preaching the gospel, by living a life that honors and glorifies God. They see what God does in my life rather than me having to tell them. The results do the preaching.

  3. I'm no sure if this is related to importing of displacement. But it would be helpful to be able to import displacement for further editing and be able to paint with the tools in 3dc. Also it's nice to be able to use an AO pass on subdivided surface and edit the AO pass somewhat in it's own layer. All while taking that heavy mesh detail and transferring it to a a lower poly model.

  4. I really don't see why this is such an argument. Here's a video, I'm doing exactly what you said. No smoothing error.


    Lightwave modeler has a tendency to hide shading artifacts mostly due to the awkward shading engine which doesn't always display and shade geometry properly. Also depends on how you have smooth shading set in lightwave. As I already mentioned and others mentioned. It may or may not show up in the final rendered image, it depends on how the quad is tesselated during render time, also it can change in some instances depending on the angle of the camera. For best results try to avoid topology that stresses polygons in awkward ways such as your example. You are free to do as you wish, I just do not see it as a shading bug in 3dcoat. Just trying to help you out.

  5. Ok so after some more cleaning up I managed to get rid of all of the smoothing errors. It seems that while it works it's a lot more picky about the polygon shape than other applications. One of the trouble polygons was shaped like the attached image. LightWave and I believe other 3D apps, have no problem with this shape.

    I think some of the issues you are having would be resolved if you didn't stress the polygons so much. If I tried make those types of polygons in xsi, maya or c4d, it could potentially result in some strange shading artifacts. Part of the reason why it might is because when the computer is rendering stuff to the screen it is essentially breaking down everything into triangles. For some game models if shading artifacts are appearing on the surface, just simply splitting those trouble areas into triangles will actually fix those problems. They can also disappear if you are using subdivision surfaces. I would be careful about judging the appearance of models using lw modeler. It tends to shade in ways that hide trouble areas, and they may not show up until the camera hits a particular angle in a rendered animation (which is the worst time for such things to show up). In fact yesterday I was noticing such a problem on the shading on a cartoon tank game model while in c4d. I looked at the original model built in xsi and didn't display as awkwardly as it did in c4d but it was displaying with a little discontinuity in xsi. I just split the area into triangles and the problem area shaded correctly.

    You might find this video helpful. It's about shading. http://www.guerrillacg.org/home/3d-polygon.../smooth-shading

  6. I think there is something wrong with the way xsi handles normal maps from other applications. I tried the compound. I got better results but not quite right. Like you said, I ramp it up to high and it looks blown out and wrong. A strange effect I noticed was that some areas of the normal map were dipping in where it shouldn't be and some places were actually behaving correctly. This seems like a really old problem with xsi. Either the SI team or the Mental images team is to blame, or either there is some magic trick to getting it to work. I tried the normal map in cinema4d. It worked fine given I increase the intensity. I had to get rid of the ridges on the chest it created an odd optical illusion in both xsi and c4d. Like the rises sometimes look like dips and the dips look liked ridges it all changed based on the lighting scheme, I think normal maps probably don't work so well when placed on a surface that is rather convex.

    My last rendering using xsi. Still not quite right.

  7. It'd be nice in the UV mapping tools that when unwrapping the mesh that the user could specify certain parts of the mesh to have a priority over other parts.

    For example. I have game models that that are designed water tight because the game engine requires them to not have any holes. When a game object is designed water tight there are areas of the mesh that might not be seen by the player or won't be seen easily. So it is somewhat inefficient to give all areas the same priority in texture resolution when some areas may not be seen. So if the user could specify certain areas of a mesh get a larger piece of the UV space than other pieces this would solve the problem. This would increase the texture resolution on certain sections of the mesh that the user defined as more important than other sections.

    Also I'm not sure if 3dcoat supports multiple UV layers. But if does it doesn't. It'd be a nice feature to have. Multiple UV maps allows textures of varying resolution to place across the surface of an object.

  8. Basically this would be a masking tool that falls into the category of other tools like the, More on brightness , cavity tool, more on heights tool.

    This tool would recognize contrasting colors defined by the user. Then it would create a masking border between the two contrasting colors that could be set by the user.

    This a very specific task and I totally understand you are very busy at the moment Andrew. I appreciate your hard work and dedication.

  9. I think this would fit well in 3d coat. Integrating it into the workflow is what would make it apart of 3d coat and not just a side application. It'd be nice to load up images, turn them into some kind of bump data and stamp it on the surface of your object.

  10. Here is a gator. Having problems rendering normal map in xsi 7. I import the model in xsi, give it a tangent property (as advised on another forum) open render tree, you can see the setup I used... For some reason the normal map has seams and also it's rendering backwards. Where there should be grooves coming out they are pushing in... I know this isn't an xsi forum. Was hoping that maybe someone might know. I tried checking on unbiased tangents and it only gets worse. Aside From the problems with xsi. Painting in 3dcoat is fun and works good. I had to redo my uvs a little and it was great that when the uvs were redistributed the texture was as redistributed with the right uvs. (great feature)

  11. Just to clarify my previous post so as not to be misconstrued.I am very pleased with the brushes in 3d-coat as they stand now, so please do not tamper with them too much, if at all.Maybe work on scrape, it has a tendency to jump around a bit.But I don't need it too much anyway so no big deal.

    I wouldn't mind if Andrew continues to tweak/adjust/speed up the brushes if possible. As version 3.0 is still in it's alpha stages it is important for the testers to not be married to any particular work flow that might need to be changed for the sake of enhancing and/or speeding up the work flow.

  12. A really anoying glitch I've noticed when using smooth (shift) or thaw (ctrl) is that the cursor gets stuck on a particular part of the mesh and just continues to smooth or melt away at the mesh even while I am pointing at some other part of the mesh. Even if I am no longer clicking LMB it still continues with the operation. It seems to happen frequently with thaw when I have grow on pen motion checked off. But it happens either way.

    I'm using non cuda version.

  13. Some issues with overlapping geometry on the center seam involving symmetry. But still really cool to see.

    Additive and subtractive stuff is pretty cool. It'll be great to see what else you do with this.

    Still some functionality and spelling errors in right click voxel tree. Increase Desnity, Decrease Decsity. Their functionalities should be switched. Decsity should be spelled density.

  14. Curves feature requests.

    -A button to delete all curves, at the moment new curves have to deleted manually. Also to add to the problem curve information is still retained when creating a new file. I actually don't mind curve information being maintained in creating a new file just as long as I have an easy way to delete the curves instead of manually selecting each curve and deleting them.

    -Save curve profile so that the user can still keep the curve and modify it. Currently the user makes the curve and the curve is discarded when the user closes the program. Although you can save it in voxel form it's not as malleable as when it is editable in curve mode.

    -Save the curve as an obj that could be used for curves?

    -History mode for curves. This would extremely helpful. But no doubt it would be difficult to implement with voxels.

  15. Thanks for the kind comments.

    Also I didn't realize I could keep working inside 3dc and still save. But I guess if I ever want to get them out for animation. I'll have to get a license soon, must support production of good software. ;) I must admit I'm getting more done creatively in 3dc than I ever did with zb.

  16. I was looking through some patents and I came across this... I don't if this means anything or not.

    "A system and method for providing an intuitive and efficient mechanism to select areas of interest on a 3D model, and modify a pose or shape of the 3D model. A masking module allows an artist to interactively mask portions of a 3D object and leave other portions of the object unmasked. A posing module provides various tools to allow the artist to apply a posing or reshaping action on the unmasked areas of the 3D object. The computer artist masks portions of the 3D object by clicking and dragging the user input device on an area of the 3D object. All vertices whose topological distances are closer to the vertex associated with the initial click position than the final dragged position are masked. The artist then draws an action line on or partially on the 3D object to define a coordinate system. The artist clicks on a point on the action line, and drags the user input device for corresponding transformations of the unmasked portions of the 3D object."



    So does this mean that there can't be any masking features in 3dc? Seems like it's a patent for masking in 3d. I do have respect for Ofer Alon and everything he has done with Zbrush but this patent seems very simple and general in nature. I don't see how one can patent such a simple idea of masking in 3d. Maybe I'm overlooking something, I'm not a patent expert.

  17. I usually don't like posting work that is raw. But my trial ran out so I figured why not. :D

    I was trying to make a dynamic pose with the first two sculpts. Then some cartoon heads. Guitar pose, a very dynamic pose, very recognizable even without guitar. It was made with hemisphere curves. An updated version of the pilot head. An Elf ear. An old Bird that I meant to have shoes and and collar and maybe a jacket and suspenders, and of course a walker. but was having trouble sculpting in details on the low res and I couldn't figure out a good workaround to raising the resolution yet keeping the mesh sculpt able... Hope you like it.












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