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  1. I couldn't say I'm on linux ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. This has always has been an issue as far as I can remember, maybe things got worse but that's one of the reason I stopped using 3dc to sculpt.
  3. The original idea of freeform sculpting was to allow the freedom of not having to worry about topology, experiment, and if the result was good enough, push it the extra mile to the finish line. With this roadblock it's still a dream. So plan ahead is not acceptable.
  4. Hi, just passing by after testing the new beta build after a very long hiatus: Awesome updates. I'm just sculpting with it but it really feels neat and polished from what I've seen. Good job Pilgway !
  5. BeatKitano

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong (lot has changed since I've used 3dc) but I think the primitive tool in vox room doesn't work (trying adding a sphere, changing it's radius: impossible).
  6. BeatKitano

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I may confirm this soon. Started doodling to test the new cavity/bump/SSS changes on shaders. This is really nice to work with (especially with SSS I've been waiting for ages) .
  7. BeatKitano

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I've yet to understand how SSS works (EDIT: ok found it, I expected it to work with another shader with the SSS setting) but the cavity/bulge RealTime when sculpting is a stroke of genius. Thanks !
  8. So hum. I did use zbrush since "it didn't yet appeared". (dev version 0.88 and it was only pixols back then...) Do I win the game ? (seriously guy that was a ridiculous argument)
  9. "When it works". Zbrush. Period. Sorry AbnRanger, I was a believer, I tried it recently again... I just can't stand the uncertainty during a project. You don't label stable a release that has the same bug as it did 3 years ago. Nope, nope.
  10. BeatKitano


    I'm not too fond of some of those design, but the execution is awesome. Congrats.
  11. When you have a driver from wacom that works for you: don't update.
  12. BeatKitano

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Looks like you're hitting on what I've fighted against for years. You get that, you get the "everything looks fine I'm just gonna brush over this part wow... *boom vertice explosion* wth happened ??!!" one, anyway, it's all fun, once it starts it's a never ending death. The only thing I was doing to TRY to avoid that was save incrementaly very often, because you simply trash the scene file when it happens, no point on finding WHEN it happened, you can't know for sure. So you just trash the thing and restart from an earlier segment. This result in multi Gb projects... and so much lost work you just want to do damage to something.... GL. At this point, I prefer to use the much less practical alternative, it's much less fun, it's heavy on ressources, but at least you can work without expecting everything to fall appart because some bug is in a tool you just used. I hate to say things like that because obviously A TON of work went into this room, and it shows, but as long as those bugs exist... I prefer to use ZCrappySculpt at least I'm not constantly worried I may have done something that destroyed the entire project without even noticing.
  13. BeatKitano

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    You hit the two bugs I've had for years in 3dc. Some tools corrupt the geo, it creates the nasty geo you posted, and then since there are holes or non manifold geometry it slows everything down to a point it's unusable. The only solution is convert back to voxel, lose almost all the work... and the worst part: usually it all comes back... I've had a 3d break for personal work for a while, but the last time I tried to do something nice with it (a few weeks ago), it happened again and went "well so long I'm going to the other one"... Sad but true. Not hating on anyone here, but those bugs have been around for so long I see no point in trying anymore. I know it's not easy to pinpoint since I don't even know how to get there myself, but this is so frustrating it makes sculpting in 3dc both the best feeling and the worst experience possible when this happen.
  14. BeatKitano

    11th Challenge Hairy Creature

    I sleep 3 hours a night (except week end when I take 9-10hrs). I take 15 minutes naps on afternoon, just closing my eyes listening to music, feel refreshed after that. It's ok, some people don't need much sleep anyway. In the end it doesn't matter we end up sleeping a third of our life, no matter what (if you get my meaning)
  15. No, try clip studio paint. Then forget sai... it's that good.
  16. BeatKitano

    Move tool with edge distance

    Voted, good luck, I asked for this while we were still in 3.x cycle :/
  17. BeatKitano

    move tool with edge distance?

    Nope. Unfortunately... It's all screen based, one MAJOR problem while sculpting close surfaces...
  18. BeatKitano

    What Software Should Not Be . . .

    What software shouldn't be. Yeah PSmith, tablets pretty much suck for content production, get used to it !
  19. Now they're just merging all their meshmixer tech into maya. This always have been the plan since they acquired it, it goes along with 1,2,3 sculpt etc.
  20. BeatKitano

    Windows 8 Touch Screen

    THANK YOU Timmy. Yes CINTIQ SUCK. YES INTUOS ROCKS. And no buying super expensive hardware != better.
  21. BeatKitano

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Hmm, I don't know how you'll take this but hearing you talking about refactoring is probably the best news I've read in a long time here. Take your time
  22. BeatKitano

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I think your summarized the issue in your last line. You need sss everywhere that isn't full solid with large thickness. Think clothes, skin. If you do character, pbr only is usefull for accessories. :/ OFC, I can sculpt without it. Not a problem, but if I want to do an accurate portrait, SSS helps a long way... I can approximate depth much easier for instance.
  23. BeatKitano

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    And that's why I hate Allegorithmic, even if I have friends working there: all their tools are geared toward human made materials. And it sucks. All they have to show is hard surface textures and procedural concrete-like texture :/ Sure they do it well, but it seems this generation of games is all about super shiny chromy metals... Reminds me of the overdone specular days back when normal mapping was being adopted by the industry...
  24. BeatKitano

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Andrew, any vague ETA (even in months) when the SSS will be supported in 3dcoat ? I'm currently waiting for that to resume work on the software, so far I'm forced to use a competitor product and I miss the flexibility of freeform sculpting...
  25. BeatKitano

    Clip Studio Paint

    It's WAY better than sai. Which was the best for me before CSP. I can't go back to photoshop now, last few weeks I've tried painter, paintstorm, artrage. I still prefer csp over all of these, even if some features are missing.