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  1. BeatKitano's post in Re-simmetrize partial object and navigation frame was marked as the answer   
    You can deactivate navi-frame in navigation preferences (at the bottom of the scrolling panel I think).


    Note: hidding the frame doesn't change the hotzone I think (you may want to customize your navigation options to include (or not) the "Is In Nav Zone" option for that.
  2. BeatKitano's post in paint through option? was marked as the answer   
    Use lasso or curves in e-panel and deactivate "ignore backface" you can now select the "line" you want to be mirrored on the other side (you've got to be careful to have the camera properly placed or you'll get it warped or faded)
  3. BeatKitano's post in Brush Rippling/Stepping was marked as the answer   
    Don't use buildup, go slow with steady stroke (I usualy do 15).
    Some brushes behave beautifuly others... not. Buildup is one of the uglies. Try clay much better.
    And if you want absolute control over your stroke use splines... in fact everyone should just use splines...

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