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  1. Apologies accepted. Just now I was able to complete the upgrade process. Sorry for the noise.
  2. Hi I would like to know how I can best reach the company as it doesn't seem to respond to the mail addresses mentioned on the Contact page of the Pilgway website? I understand that these are trying times for the company and its employees, but it would be very helpful to know where inquiries should be sent to with a reasonable chance of a more or less prompt response... (or at least with an indication how quickly the response will be...)
  3. The problem started with not being able reaching pilgway through its official mail addresses. I sent a message to Mr. Shpagins Gmail, but I have given up hope quite frankly...
  4. Could someone please fix this? It cannot be that I've already lost my right to upgrade by one (temporary) cancelation of the upgrade process... The name on my account is Leendert A. Hartog. Thanks in advance...
  5. The "upgrade" button appeared, but after I canceled my original order,it disappeared again, so now I can't try again.. I wanted to figure out the payment method and the price, so I canceled temporarily (I thought) and now the upgrade button is gone again... My full name on the account is Leendert A. Hartog... Could someone please fix this. It cannot be that I am locked out of the possibility of an upgrade after one failed try...
  6. Could someone please post an update in this thread once the possibility to prolong the license has come online? Thanks in advance...
  7. Sure. Patience is a virtue and all that. Edited out the rest of my comment as it seems rather pointless to add anything to this thread at this point as I seem to only be getting the same response from the same user, not getting through to the company itself!
  8. Still cannot find any mention how to prolong my license on the website... And my mails also have been left unanswered...
  9. Oh don't get me wrong: I fully understand that these are trying times for the company and I am more than willing to keep on supporting them... It's just that I am a bit scared of losing my rights/license, coming from an Autodesk based trauma, where everything was very strict! But my previous question still stands: what are the current mail addresses of the company, if the pilgway.com addresses do not work anymore... Edit: thanks for the link to the upgrade policy, this is very reassuring!
  10. Calling this "solved" already might be a bit premature... The new question this has left unanswered is what mail address one should use to reach "sales". I sent my original request to sales@pilgway.com. Then I resent it to sales@3dcoat.com And neither have responded so far... I hope there will be some grace period for the prolongment of the license, so that I can still prolong even if it's not exactly on the Thirteenth...
  11. Last week I sent the following mail to sales@pilgway.com, but so far I haven't got a reply..
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