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  1. quick feedback. One positive and one negative :)

    - Positive = sculping feels better. There is less spikes which is very good. ( I mean situations where you move faces away from camera).Thank you.

    - Negative = taking rooms under tab icon. I'm not sure do I like this change so much. Before changing rooms were under on click. Now they are under two. For example I like to switch a lot between sculpt and render room. Now it takes a bit extra work to get there. 

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  2. @tokikake

    Addon should already support workflow you descripted. Do you get error messages when you try that?

    Every applink object in blender has unique address. That info dosen't dissapear when you close apps. So next time when you open apps, paint something in 3d-coat then press "open in original app" blender should detect that.

  3. @yoohasz

    Keeping this connection between these two apps even if you close them is one the main ideas of this addon. If there is issues with this regard please give me steps to see the bug and I will try to fix it.

    Main idea of this addon is just to create nodes for user. Thats the basic idea. Usually users wants to tweak textures in blender, so those extra nodes helps to do that. 

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  4. @tokikake Thanks a nice info. I may add this info too:

    • If you install 3d-coat into default “Program Files” into your OS hard drive. Then you good to go. It should work without need to set any folders. It will look for your “/Documents/Applink/3D-Coat/Exchange” folder. That is the link folder between how these two apps listens each other.

    • If your 3d-coat is different harddrive or you choose to change your exchange folder inside of your 3docat app. Then you need to tell applink where this Exchange folder is located. You can easily know where it is when you go to 3d-coat menu and choose. EDIT -> Relocate 3DCoat’s data.

    And if you need to set your folder manually. It will save that path and use it next time. No need to set up every time when you fire up 3d-coat/blender applink.

  5. @kenmo

    That was never problem. Problem was how you talked to me. And my suggestion for make the default data folder was just reason to narrow down possible bugs... not something for final thing. I feel myself stupid when talking with you so I dont want to continue with that road...sorry about it.

  6. When you set exchange folder in scene property. Then that info is saved into Exchange_folder.txt. And everytime you reopen blender. applink first checks if there is path in that file and uses that.

    So there is no need any extra step to save that path.

  7. @tokikake Could you try this version  io_coat3D.zip

    It's funny cause when I delete 3DC2Blender folder and press send. It gives blank box (no text) So I'm forced to select new path. What happens if you do the same. Even if you see path you would select it from forlder window again. Do you see that same error thou?

    I don't see any errors on my side even if I do same steps.

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