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  1. Hi! The latest alpha is just amazing again. I'm not quite sure can you do this already but I really like merge and cut&Clone tools when using "On Pen" option. but it seems that you can't rotate object anyway. This would be very important for me but what you think about this???
  2. Welcome back Andrew! Good to hear that you have made some good progress. Don't worry if you are not always here. I know some 3d forums that develloppers really never come to tell anything. This application is already so good that I would like to say that take a long holiday....but I don't. I'm excited to see what comes next. It's like a small Birthday present everytime when the alpha comes out.
  3. This is great! thank you some much. I have only one question. When I tried to follow how to make normal maps it seems that it flips my normal. details which should go up it's going down. I don't quite follow when you said "normal map on the texture tab and map it in UV space to the normal channel (negative, click twice)" is this and my problem maybe related.
  4. Hi Everybody! This is something that I would like to see too. I have been using View->show 2d grid and it works quite well with E-panel. I would like to have a option that I can lock 2d grid when I'm zooming&move viewport that it will follow my 3d grid if you follow me??. when using 2d grid you can press shift and press rotate button and it will rotate only 30 degrees. In the future I would like to see symmetry improves that I can scult using XY-symmetry same time for example.
  5. Thanks Andrew. That helps a lot me too.
  6. It's relly amazing piece of art. Everything is perfect. Good job. Do you have plans to sculpt a full body?
  7. I agree with parel. The smooth should be much stronger when you work with heavy sculpt. But you can avoid this behavior when you try to keep your resolution quite small. I have noticed when I'm working that too often I increase resolution too early and then It's much harder to do big changes to your sculpt. 3c-coat can do quite a good job detailing your sculpt even with lower resolution. If I'm not happy where the scuplt is going I'm using "Clone and Degrade" option and start smoothing again.
  8. Andrew... just take "Alpha" word away and start selling 3d-coat 3.0. Latest alpha is great.
  9. here is one more. 1. Open 3d-coat program. 2. turn off your combuter using hibernate. 3. turn on your computer and try to use 3d-coat.... I have Windows Pro 32bit and I was using alpha 49
  10. here is one. 1. Go to Volumetric Sculpting and do a model 2. Voxtree -> Quadrangulate and paint 3. Save your .3b file 4. RE-open your 3b file and go to Sculpt mode 5. Your model is at least 200% bigger than your orginal mesh. But in the end I have to add that this program is amazing... A big thanks to Andrew
  11. Hi! It's very good start. Your fur looks okey but I think that is maybe something you can try to improve a little bit. maybe adding resolution and then paint more fur is one way to go. Just keep Sculpting...
  12. It is looking very nice Artman. Your base mesh is almost ready so after that just start to add some detail. I wish I would see same memory numbers what you have. you have almost 10 million triangles and still almost 5 gigaa memory left. I'm excited to see your next dwarf version. And I hope everything goes well in your life. 3d-coat makes me smile everytime when new alpha updates comes
  13. Thanks Andrew for help. I decided to wait Linux release when it comes. Until that I will continue to work with Winodws Xp. But when 3d-coat linux comes I can finally say bye bye windows and start to use 3d-coat and blender with ubuntu 64. This is good time to be linux user.
  14. Hi! This is my first finished model done in 3d-coat. I have been using 3d-coat for 2 months. This is very nice program to use. I really like the inside renderer. It gives nice results. This was done with alpha 47.
  15. okey! now I downloaded the version without cuda support and I think that I'm heading to right direction. Now it is trying to start program but it gives an error and this is the error in opengl version.
  16. Hi! Can somebody help me. I try to install 3d-coat alpha 47 to ubuntu 8.10. I'm using Wine latest version 1.1.11 something like that. Everything goes well first. Wine starts installing program and install program to my computer and then adds 3d-coat to apps menu. But then when I press that name it only loads 10 second and then nothing. If somebody could help I would be grateful.
  17. Looking good. It's good to hear that you are A:M user. I was one couple years ago. I think that it can be very hard to add A:M to your workflow sometimes, because how it works it is diffrent. Maybe later today take my old copy and try it again. please send more pictures when you finish this character
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