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    Art, digital painting, drawing, 3D art. I enjoy the countryside, reading, and playing RPG's.

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  1. This looks really nice, and practical for many different uses. Adding dirt and grunge as a layer seems practical and convenient, in line with the functions of 3Dc. I'd really appreciate using this on a range of projects, and I would think that many other people would find a use for it too. http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/how-to-quickly-add-dirt-to-crevices/
  2. Congratulations everyone, and especially the ones who produced work to such high standards. Also congratulations BeatKitano on being chosen. To upload a turntable, I used lightworks to stitch all the separate images into one short video. It's free, and it's here: http://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=45&Itemid=184
  3. I'd be interested in watching as I'm not that great. Later I might have enough confidence with 3Dc to sculpt away live, but not at first. I use hangouts sometimes for the 2D art that I do already, so it's really more about my skill level than being potentially in front of the general public.
  4. Engaging in the challenges with 3Dcoat has helped push my art forwards, and not just my 3D art, but my 2D art has benefited a lot too, due to sculpting and having an artistic emphasis in the work I've done. While it's not quite hallows eve yet, this is my latest doodle in 2D art, and I wanted to dedicate it to everyone here in the community for all the help and advice I've received while I've been here. So here's happy Halloween to everyone.
  5. I don't know if I'm going to have time to paint my piece to finish it. This is what I'm calling done, with sculpting it.
  6. Yep we're in space. Some of us come from there too. I've not really had the time to work on my piece at all, but finding the peculiarities of the paint room await me very soon. >_<
  7. Yes, thanks for thinking of that one. I've used it quite a bit already, but it's no good for the flow of the cloth that I need. I need cloth wrapped around the side, as well as draped and folded over on itself. The basic simulation allowed in 3Dcoat is far too limited for my requirements, that's why I say about needing to sculpt the cloth and don't mention the simulation.
  8. Thankyou very much. I try I've found the workflow in 3Dcoat to be very difficult to produce the folded cloth on the back, and it seems it would only work by sculpting it, and as I'm not good enough at that aspect, so I've had to put this on hold for now, as the original project was supposed to all be done within 3Dcoat, that is no outside meshes bought in even as just a base etc.. I know how to do it using other 3D software, in slightly more usual ways but not sculpting. So until I know how to do it in 3Dcoat, this has to be postponed.
  9. So I was looking for videos for help with my alien sculpt last night, and I clicked the Free tutorials link on the home page here, and then the vimeo link, only to be met by an absence of any official videos on vimeo. Is Vimeo just not being used to house the tutorials any more, or did they do a bad thing to the 3D coat videos, and remove them?
  10. Gosh, blooming 'eck, as you're all so professional with your looks, I feel like maybe I shouldn't be posting here, but just in a WIP thread or something separate. I wanted to see what the turntable upload option did in 3Dc, and well, this is the result, with me as far as I am right now I still have lots to do. The turntable is here:- http://bit.ly/156EKfy
  11. Gosh, you're all so good at this. Here's another post update from my noob-like self. I've been having difficulties with the membranes of the fins, and really can't make them look how I want despite trying for hours, in lots of different ways, with lots of undoing or just completely deleting the layer and starting that mess all over again. The shaders I've used are only temporary, and I'll paint my alien as a final step.
  12. Yes indeed. I think I was inspired by all the recent talk of exoplanets, and how the nearest likeliest neighbour to possibly have intelligent life in our solar-system is in the oceans of Europa. I'm a bit of a science geek and love the possibilities presented by the whole Kepler mission. The spines on my alien, which look a little like spider appendages are in fact to support fins
  13. So I spent a lot more time refining and pushing this further. First of all I worked on the eye-type-things:- Then I went a lot further with my idea for this piece, though I still have a lot to do. I'm going to leave it there for now. I need to sleep and get on with my every day life.
  14. Slowly but surely, with some chocolate and a cup of tea or two
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