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  1. Hey Robert, this is what you want your edgeflow to closely resemble if you are trying to animate the face later on. Try to use as few polygons as possible. The feet look pretty good, though to be honest I've never had a model where I thought the feet would be visible so I never retopo feet in the first place.
  2. I don't KNOW it, but it is my opinion based on my experiences where I have seen perhaps a 5% increase in performance for every $150 spent on upgrades, but I have to admit I upgraded 3 years ago. But since then I've had no need to upgrade because 3dCoat runs just fine basically all the time. It doesn't slow down under reasonable strain. I might have upgraded if I felt there had been a need. But all of my programs run great on 3 year old hardware. No need to upgrade. That's just my opinion.
  3. Yup, no need to upgrade past a the first generation quad core + Nvidia 8800 GT really - and man those things are old.
  4. Hi, I think 3dCoat is great and your hardware should be more than good enough. Just to fight against your fear I would continue to try the demo with more complex characters, that would be the best way to get a good feel of 3dCoat!
  5. Hello, there was a horrific school shooting in US today. I was thinking it might be a decent move to start some kind of fund to go to the families, to maybe help them with funeral fees and therapy costs. Do you know a good way to do this? The easiest way would be to piggyback a famous Twitter user or YouTuber. Anyone have any connections or advise on how to do this?
  6. Well he didn't quite state it eloquently but he has a point. I get lost in the GUI of 3dCoat and the options that present themselves. I've said it before, and people didn't like it when I said it, but I will say it again. 3dCoat would benefit heavily from some form of modifier stack usage. Everything from Photoshop to blender to zbrush all utilize some form of modifier stacks. The only other program that I know which uses the "Rooms" concept is Carrera and it's not exactly the most popular software in the world. For this new curve tool it would be great if I could just pick up a Curve Tool modifier and snap down somewhere and whenever I needed to see the more robust options of it I can just expand the modifier in the stack by mousing over and clicking - it allows for a more forgiving non modular workflow. Most people arent going to be as expert on the purposes of all the tools as the software's creator is.
  7. Tbh, as a 3dCoat user, I think 3dCoat's workflow needs to be completely redone. From the ground up. The fact that there are so many workflows sort of implies that there isn't much confidence in any particular path and so Andrew continued to add more and more of them hoping to satisfy the various people's tastes. But instead, it just confuses me, especially when a bug shows up along the way - because you begin to wonder whether your workflow is the problem, or is there a bug, and if it is a bug, exactly at which action did the bug take place? I think the entire functionality of 3dCoat should be reimagined, and the starting that the starting point for this rework should be Sculptris. Which, to me, just feels open and friendly to start using it. 3dCoat feels like, "Let's hope I don't push the wrong buttons this time" I'm serious. Even for those of you who would knife me in a back alley for saying this, the workflow/UI is downright unfriendly. Start from Sculptris. Then slowly, and thoughtfully add 3dCoats features from there. Even the look needs to change. If a newbie joins and asks a bunch of questions about a weird workflow they want to try, only about 5 people on this forum would be able to tell him exactly how to do it, the rest of us would probably be pretty clueless. And we've been using this program for a long time. I just don't have the confidence that I could explain 3dCoat's workflow to ANYONE, in the same way I could explain other programs that I am familiar with. The overall concept behind the UI/workflow escapes me.
  8. Don't do any coding, save the magic hands for the missus =p
  9. another guy who had this problem figured it out, and it's the same thing I did to my problem files - even though the size seems to increase strangely though I'm not sure. Anyways do this: Convert all Surfaces to Voxel If there is any color information on any of your voxel objects you will have to delte that voxel object. But before you delete it, clone it first, that way you will be able to keep a copy of the object without color info. Save file and it will shrink down to normal size
  10. It may take me a bit of time to upgrade to V4, which is why I hope that whatever UI improvements and bugfixes that are made will stay with V3. As that UI improvement looks very exciting. I'm fine with the features staying out, but a UI cleanup could still benefit those of us who may take a while to upgrade.
  11. thanks for the fix Andrew, and thanks for the heads up digman a file that used to save as 2GB is now down to a managable 13MB
  12. Yeah, I just tried to save again and my computer become unresponsive. I re-logged and it was still super sluggish so I had to restart. Basically, I can't edit my save files anymore it seems. It's really sad there is no answer to this issue. You have to do so many things in 3dCoat, switching space density, voxel resolution, switching voxel to surface mode and back again, deciding on live brushes or regular ones, dropping info to HD and back, then the program storing color info on voxels at times even when you didn't tell it to. Between all these things it's really hard to tell which combination of actions is causing what to happen. I admire Andrew and this program is incredible work of art, however the complex workflow makes it really hard to isolate what might be causing a bug to happen unlike in other programs when you can think, "I did this, and then a bug happened" - so until the bug is fixed you can just work around it. With 3dCoat, I don't really know what is going on so it's not like I can tell him anything that would help him find the bug for himself, and it's not like I can just avoid doing whatever it was that caused the bug. What button did I press? Probably all of them at some point or another. I can't tell you what is causing this.
  13. This is what I'm talking about. Today, I literally cannot continue using 3dCoat on my model. I am being forced to switch to something else, because once this file size upgrades itself up to the 2gb mark, I won't even be able to open it anymore, nevermind the fact that it is cannibalizing my harddrive. This is on a 1million triangle scene. http://i45.tinypic.com/2zexbtu.png First of all a 1million triangle scene should probably not cost 300Mb, but then there is the fact that it DOUBLED on its own up to 700Mb. On its own! I'm being forced to switch to a different program to work on this model because I literally don't have the harddrive space to keep saving in 3dCoat. This only started happening after the changes where you could save color information to voxels and when you can drop the voxels to harddrive. But I didn't touch any of those settings in this scene. So I don't even know. I may sound impatient, but that is because I have been experiencing this issue with 3dCoat for the past 6 months at least. At one point each of my saves costs over a gigabyte which forced me to delete a lot of my old saves which I really wish I hadn't had to do that. And now here I am again, looking a 700MB save in the face, eventually I'm going to have to delete these models. I don't want to have to do that.
  14. Hello, I'm not sure if I should put this in the bugs section or not. But was curious of others' experience with this. Um, but one of my biggest issues with 3dCoat is the harddrive issue. Right now I have a scene with 850k triangles in it and everytime I save file it costs me 60MB of harddrive space. Is it supposed to save as such a big file? Because right now, I can open the same model as obj in Sculptris and it only costs 9MB. Basically, I can't really use 3dCoat in order to finish models because once I begin adding details it begins eating up my 1TB harddrive so much. I mean, I like to save after every other adjustment I make. I usually save about 20-50 files per sculpt - then after I finish the model I will go back and delete 90% of those interim saves. In blender and sculptris it isn't an issue, but with 3dCoat it is completely impractical. Should a 800k triangle scene cost 60MB to save? Is that normal? It's really kicking my butt. It's got me wincing whenever I go for Ctrl+Shift+S