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  1. little tests in ppp without using any conditons (just metalness/normal/glossiness ) Just seeing if I can match materials between Unreal4 and 3Dcoat. (Im using a build that was laying around on the google drive for a week or so, the build was probably not meant for us and and is very unfinished.I just downloaded out of curiosity... its really unfinished and release is probably gonna be soon anyway.Trust me guys you will have more fun with a more finished build)
  2. artman

    Physically Based Rendering in 3DC?

    shader in paintroom is pbr ..so what you get in render room is a pbr shader lighted by a selected cubemap...exactly like marmoset toolbag2 or substance painter. In voxel room pbr shader needs to be applied to your sculpt so you can paint using pbr channels (metalness).
  3. artman

    Physically Based Rendering in 3DC?

    What is coming in 3Dcoat is not just PBR display/support but true pbr painting as well. The materials are just painted/projected multilayered ,multichannels stamps (that were called before "materials" in 3Dcoat) Additional channels and painting conditions were added to the old spec,Depth,Color channels...now you will be able to paint metalness channel and masks ect..at the same time . The exported maps (metalness,Glossness/rougness,Diffuse, normal) will replicate the same painted look in other pbr renderer/engine like Unreal4 and Marmoset Toolbag2 ect...
  4. Is editing /closing stamp settings enough to update the cavity layer?
  5. cavities are updated,the material conditions are "live" but the painting/filling is final...so if you did a previous fill or painted the material on a layer you need to delete those and fill/paint again.
  6. the conditions inside stamp tools takes care of that (cavities,AO,convex.concav ect... ) it also take into account the normal map into cavities condition..like they are already taken into account in current heigh/color limiter conditions in paint room for example. It does not need object space normal map because it uses the volume itself I guess,from the early build I tried It works better than DDO because it is not hindered by Uv shells placement and Uv seams....it is also why it can work in vertex mode without any uvs. What allow the nice even projection you see in examples is cube-mapping mode...its really powerful mode of projection and its not even avaible in Substance Painter projection tool which provide only the usual oldschool 2d projection plane....very hard to do nice seamless texturing using only a plane. Its the rest on the implementation that Im worried about (access to metalness map in external editor,import of metalness map,interaction with clip mask...ect..) Anyway,I guess we'll see soon enough...
  7. it does not seem possible at the moment to use stamps without creating at least one mtl layer....so I don't see how they can be used "by themselves." Anyway, I tried a very early build so I'll see when complete version comes out...
  8. so no more "stamps"...I think it's really feels like materials now...even if it is just layered multi-channel projection. Its a totally stand alone painting module itself as complete as like zbrush lightspot....can't be called just stamps.
  9. Im wondering why Specular (Gloss) blending modes are no longer there?
  10. Andrew I just hope you can add those conditions to the height/color limiter conditions so we can use them not only to paint using materials(now called stamps) it would be very useful to paint clip masks ect....
  11. artman

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    I have this issue as well but only in GL builds. It happens with any input boxes . I already reported but nobody confirmed...probably because evrybody is using DX. (actually you can change the name but the box is hidden...you cannot see it)
  12. hmmm...can't wait to cook some of those delicious materials.
  13. Trying to shoot down ?!... I haven't replied or posted anything relative to Javis' request to put the PBR controls in the Tool Options or Brush Options panel....So please Don, don't make me a part of your little war here.You guys can do whatever you want with the Ui ,Im confident I'll find my way around...anyway,this has nothing to do with Andrew's twitter feed.
  14. artman

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    anybody is having issue deleting a hotkey using backspace?.....3Dcoat keeps assign the hotkey to "Back" instead of deleting it. It happens 90% of the time now.....
  15. Andrew,what Im worried is there is still no specular intensity/color channel in 3DCoat...only a blending mode that simulate spec colr/int. We only have roughness/gloss (currently called specular) PBR does not require that channel only metalness + gloss is enough,specularity in pbr is using mostly contant values and spec color gets sampled from albedo (at least thats the way it works in UnrealEngine4). But for the workflow without metalness (using gloss+ Spec color/int) its still impossible to make a brush with those 2 channels synched since in 3Dcoats it is only a blending mode and not a true channel. It would be great if this issue what adressed at some point because to make good brushes or filling presets those 2 channels must be synched.
  16. artman

    Just swapped my GPUs: Some observations GTX 580 vs 670

    Gpu ram is used for texturing in 3DCoat...it does not really impact sculpting,it allows you to work more fluidly with bigger texture space. Gpu clock speed and amount of Cuda cores do help for sculpting tough,especially smoothing when Cuda boost is enabled ... but 3DCoat rely mostly on CPU for sculpting. Polycount N' Stuff(export/import big files ect..) rely mostly on physical ram.
  17. wow.. even in vertex painting ...now thats gonna be invaluable help for doing preliminary texturing/shader tests. I just hope all channels will be thoroughly implemented across the painting tools (fill tool,textured stencils ect...)
  18. artman

    New feature just for UE4?

    Its already implemented,in preferences there is a UnrealEngine preset ...but I haven't tried it so I dont know if it works.
  19. artman

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    a little Tapered Sharp brush variation,maybe some of you will find it useful.... Really one of my main brushes those days, lenght is relatively short so you can't run it down the entire spine of a character for example but its much fun when doing wrinkles, hair strands ect... Tapered Sharp.3dcpack
  20. artman

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    on my side its day and night. Really killer Undo speed.
  21. artman

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    here are some cheesy Gigerlike trail brushes with tapering maybe some of you will find them useful (I use them a lot recently) ...they are both complementary...Giger1 work in add and Giger2 in inverted mode...careful as they are both heavy on the tessellation. cheesygiger.3dcpack
  22. if you are working on assets like those in pictures non-depth shader will absolutly not hinder your work....what I mean is you benefit nothing from using a depth shader there (they are better for organic hires LC sculpting )
  23. artman

    does 3d coat have the brushes i used in zbrush?

    well I would not go that far....I dont want to look like I blatantly tried to emulate Zb brushes (actually some are more influenced by MB ) I understand your intention you just want new users to find their way around quickly... but I think Polish is clear enough its gonna be a polish brush...same with Trim...and Im never gonna change sharp to damstandard as 1)its been coined by Damien Canderle 2)it does not work the same anyway... The main issue with presets imo is accessibility/visibility...that they are in the "background" of the app while in Zbrush the presets are the main toolsets and the basic brushes are more in the background. Im not gonna harass Andrew about that as anyway, some older 3DC users who dont really care about my presets might not like them to be in the fore front of the toolset....
  24. artman

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    love undo speed up...very noticable on my side