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  1. Can somebody tell me how works the "draw with lines" and "draw with curves" in the E panel are working?
  2. artman

    Feature requests

    I'm just posting this because I'm sure it's easy to do. When you set the brush radius above 50(like 150) it would be good that when you try to go down with the slider it didn't go back down instantly to 50 and expand the slider to 0-150 instead.
  3. Alright I managed to get your quicktime by saving the whole webpage on my hardrive As soon as I saw it I realised you were not working in volumetric sculpt mode (of the new alpha)so I tried it on a normal .ogj and it works fine. So it would mean that "draw with lines" and "draw with curves" are the only ones that don't work in volumetric sculpting mode which is weird because all the others (rectangle,polyline,closed spline ect...)work fine. I guess I'll just stick to "Draw with Closed Spline" thanx a lot anyway,
  4. can you attach the .mov as a .zip or .rar Firefox doesn't let me use the quicktime plugin it's blacklisted I definetely want to see how you do it
  5. thanx , but I'm talking about the "draw with lines" and "draw with curves" in the E panel not the curves tool it seams as soon as I finish making a curve or a line it disappears but thanx anyway for taking your time to answer me
  6. artman

    I need some artistic advice on human skin

    Hi there, here is a quick 10 minutes skin setup test using 3dcoat cube mapping(3dcoat's powerful filing) ----read about filing in manual and a cheap occlusion made with zbrush(I'll test 3dc occlusion soon) I used a very cheap lowres skin sample of about 200x200 and I played with the anisiotropy and scale settings. Filing with cubemapping is awesome and really a good start to baking shaders because it somehow conform to the highpoly version of the model. After I made my filing in 3dc I made a fast very blasted occlusion in zbrush and merged them in overlay mode. it's a quick test so the map is exagerated and a lot of part are off but it gave me a good idea of the possibilities note that what is displayed is the texture without any shaders (the lighting is in the map),which mean that it would still look like this even on a lowpoly ingame model. This was the main purpose of my test. maybe this will give you ideas.
  7. artman

    Feature requests

    Wow ,half of the things I wished are already there!! curves: thanx for the tip now adding and mixing curves works great. ...but sometimes when I try to bridge 2 points the program doesn't let me do it. scrape: I just found out that to me the scrape tool seems to work only with the mouse, this is why I wasn't able to see how great it is the first times. When I use the pen it really act weird even if I toggle off the pen pressure button (like melting with a flame) pinching in and out: Vox Pinch with +ctrl is giving me strange results. I don't think I understand what it is doing. What I want is to do is pinch in and out.(like combining the extrude tool with the vox pinch tool maybe) That would mean that if I would use it with the soft stroke on a flat surface it would carve in a nice wrinkle.This is one of zbrush most powerful features. cubic mapping: along a x,y curve the user could draw would be great! thanx again, I'll try to post a few voxel wonders before Christmas
  8. artman

    Feature requests

    I've been playing around with the alpha for a while now and I can say without a single doubt that this soft is going to be the most powerful sculpting solution and allaround tool ever. I just can't believe how fast it is growing. Anyway...I'm a very experienced 3d sculptor and I'm super deep in both zbrush and mudbox2009 and here are the things I think would greatly improve the sculpting freedom and power of the already superpowerful 3dcoat. Curves: -multibranching of curves(I've red you're workin on it : AWESOME!) also being able to add many curves all around(even over each others) and being able to press enter AFTER so they get all the same height or even negative height -being able to substract with curves (maybe it's possible already but I donlt know how:please tell me) -drawing of closed shapes with curves General sculpting: -being able to substract with the flatten surface tool (very important for efficient hardsurface work) -and also being able to add and substract with the Vox pinch tool(pinch in and out)-for wrinkles and clothes -a new setting for the soft stroke so we can make straigter less wiggly drags -being able to cut at various depths with the lasso and polygonal selection(didn't found how to do it) -transpose-subtools(already working on it great) Texturing: -a one click button that would copy a color or depth layer from on side to another across the symmetry plane (meaning without having to paint it all with the clone tool) -a new curve based gradient for the Cube mapping (if curve gradient not possible,3 points gradient at least) It's already so much powerful,but those few little things would greatly improve my workflow. I just can't wait to see what you'll come up with.It's very exciting to see this amazing software grow. edit:I just realised the last suggestion wasn't related to voxel sculpting,sorry Cheers