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  1. I have updated the hand sculpt file. The link on this post will no longer work. Please see my more recent post for the link to the modified file. thanks,
  2. It has been brought to my attention that there were some problems with my hand sculpt file. I have made the necessary changes and posted the modified file. The old link will not work any longer. If you downloaded the old file you might want to replace it with the new one. This is the link to the modified file. http://dl.dropbox.co...at/hand_001D.3b Regards,
  3. The link below is to the working file from which I created my hand sculpt. Each digit in each finger is on a separate layer and can be adjusted with the transform tool. Starting with the index finger the digits are labelled like this: digit 1 is nearest the palm of the index finger digit 2 is next toward the end of the index finger digit 3 is the tip of the index finger digits 4,5, and 6 are the middle finger from the palm out to the tip digits 7,8, and 9 are the ring finger from the palm to the tip digits 10, 11, and 12 are the little finger from the palm to the tip I am providing this file to the 3D-Coat community for individual personal use only. No redistribution in any form please. Give attribution when appropriate. Thank you, and I hope some of you find it useful. willt http://dl.dropbox.co...35/hand_001D.3b
  4. willt

    My first WIP

    Hey, digman and Britain, thanks for the input. Regarding the file saving I thought I had done exactly what digman says. I will go back and walk through it again step by step as in the manual. Not sure if my graphics card will support 32 bit rendering. ATI Fire GL V7350 with 1GB graphics memory. Nice to have met you, I' will post more when I have more to post. willt
  5. willt

    My first WIP

    Hello, I notice that my hand sculpt has been downloaded a few times but no one says hello. I would really appreciate some feedback from any of you simply so we can get to know each other. Regards, Willt
  6. willt

    My first WIP

    Greetings, I'm kind of new to this 3D sculpting. These are screen captures. I tried rendering in the program but only the background showed up in the rendered file. I walked through the manual steps and saved as a dot bmp file. Must have missed a step somewhere along the line. Any suggestions?
  7. willt

    Introduce yourself!

    Greetings from California, My name is Will and I was trained in classical art. You can see some of what I do here: http://bigsurfineart.com Looking to do some figurative sculpting in 3DC. Nice to meet everyone and I hope to post something before too long. Regards, Will