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    [Solved] Recovering my old 3DCoat

    Hi Carlosan, Nice of you to respond, been the first to do so in weeks! The thing is, my copy now works and the message is gone! So my issue got resolved itself, or did you do it at your end? But, I was inquiring about 3.7. Why do you ask about 4xx?
  2. Hello, I uninstalled the licence in my old computer for my 3D Coat 3.7.01B copy. Then I asked to resend the serial number here at this ne computer and I received the email. The serial number was inserted automatically to this computer, so I clicked okay. Now I get this notification: Although I uninstalled the licence and shut down that computer, the message still appears. So, I followed all the steps, and still 3D coat believes that I am using it on both computers when I am not. Here is my DxDiag Also, I have been sending various emails about my issue the last week and did not get a response. I did not post this in the other area because for now it is not urgent, but it may be. After I install my old 3DCoat, I intend to upgrade it to the latest one. I am among the first that used 3D Coat in its infancy, so please help! Regards, Diedon