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    планируются\ведутся ли какие либо работы по изменению интерфейса и если ведутся, то какие и насколько сильно они изменят существующий?
  2. Есть следующие предложения: 1. сделать фон форума таким, как и на сайте... соответственно поменять цвет шрифтов... т.к. не очень удобно читать "светлые форумы"... быстро устают глаза, особенно ночью 2. прикрутить шапку форума и к скину IP. Board Pro, а то как-то не хорошо смотрится PS при использовании IPB Default Skin иконки раздела не отображают наличия новых сообщений... прикрепил иконку для прочитанного раздела
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    What's New

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    Sand Art

    "nothing really special" except that such mastery owned about a dozen people around the world... theme of this animation is a huge tragedy of the Soviet people during the WWII...
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    3D-Coat 3.1

    я свои предложения дублировать уже не буду... и так уже надцать раз все продублировал... могит и про них кто-то вспомнит )))
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    International Translators' Day!

    Поздравляю... и как ты там говорил... Спасибо! Thank you! Danke! Merci! Grazie! ¡Gracias! Obrigado! Dank! Ευχαριστίες! 谢谢! ありがとう! за твой труд PS гы... судя по авторам коментов ты не в той части форума тему открыл
  7. При редактировании сообщения если нажать Preview Post, то вся кириллица идет... в цифры
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    New Forum

    It`s new version of forum ( IP.Board 3.0.3) and need time to redesign the skin under the new version
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    всем привет

    Паша ты отжог... дату глянь
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    Баги форума

    офф Пациент: Доктор, у меня проблема, меня все игнорируют Доктор: следующий...
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    can't run V3

    download and install CUDA Toolkit
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    Tinker's sketchbook

    я так понимаю нижняя часть еще WIP?
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    DreamsGate WIP Things

    интересный концепт и хорошее начало ДГ это как расшифровывается?
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    Cuda Question

    Try to update DirectX 9.0c Redistributable - mar2009 PS after installation DXDIAG will always show DX 10
  15. -Shadow-

    Tinker's sketchbook

    Первый шлем был похож на нлем из фолла, а этот похож на трансформеров покажи модель с других ракурсов
  16. комбинировано... погляди линки которые я выкладывал ... в тема на cgtalk.ru (где-то середина первого поста) и Making of NOX-2292 (видео 2) ответ на твой вопрос
  17. это реалтайм рендер на базе игрового движка... скрипт кроме АО запекает еще и спекулар а вот зачем запекать ГИ я не совсем понимаю
  18. Угу, Молотов дал джазу... текстуры по 2048 (правила конкурса) тема на cgtalk.ru Making of NOX-2292 NOX DW4 Mini Marmoset это только вьювер для маи скрипт появился, который может запекать с карты нормалей, но я его еще не пробовал в деле... линк на скрипт Baking AO map and SpecularMap Base on Normalmap 0.1.0
  19. Tinker, пока в коате рендер находится в зачаточном состоянии, можно юзать Marmoset Toolbag пример http://www.dominancewar.com/2009/images/vi...gatecentral.mov http://www.gameartisans.org/contests/dw/4/...als_1_2711.html
  20. я так понимаю вводишь серийник для второй версии...
  21. -Shadow-

    3D-Coat 3.1

    Вот это уже радует... хорошая презентация новинок новой версии и хорошо оформленный мануал...
  22. -Shadow-

    3D-Coat v3

    This is beta update for 3D-Coat V3. It is "beta" because new surface <-> voels workflow was introduced. Anyway, many but not all reported bugs was fixed. Changes: 1) New surface <-> voxels workflow introduced. Look new small icon in VoxTree. 2) I improved render - now you can render ny size images (for example 10000x10000), select render area 3) Incorrect tangent space calculation in UV->Apply UV set fixed (it resulted with incorrect lighting) 4) Retopo tool->Add quads fixed - no more strange snapping to original vertices 08A->08B 1) UV-Sets in DP/MV can be renamed in import dialog 2) smoothing in high res meshes in surface mode improved. It still has big potential to be improved. 08B->08C Upadated to 3.00.08C Changes: - Several useful items in VoxTree RMB menu - Flip (to flip by X,Y,Z) and To global space - transfotm space to be uniform and not rotated. It is especially important if you made something in local space and want to apply global symmetry. Also it helpful to avoid improper brushes work in non-uniform spaces. - I made possibility to bake normalmap to per pixel mesh directly from voxels or microvertices. There is new corresponding itm in Retopo menu - Baking tool improved - it bakes normalmap from voxels too. - fixed important bug - if some object was hidden and it's subobject was not hidden then undo leads to crash. It was reported on forum too. - STL export from voxels essentially improved - much much faster and without crasing on huge meshes. No limitations on export polycount. - fixed: add pens folder, pens previews flipped vertically in right panel (it is more correct) - fixed: incorrect work of topo symm copy in DP when initial mesh was subdivided. - fixed: pose tool leads to holes in CUDA mode in surface representation after dropping surface to voxels - Smooth brush is now separate brush - I strengthened surfacial smoothing and made that flattern tool will respect backfacing - new item in preferences - method of TBN normalisation for better compatibility with different game engines. 08C->08D - Surface smooth improves - it will not work on backfaces - I found the reason of constant slowdowns in some cases that was previously reported. - Merge tool has got better transform gizmo with possibility to enter numerical values - Fixed clearing selection with CTRL in pose tool - I made possibility to select with lasso, recrangle, etc in Pose tool - I made possibility to export - import voxels in raw form. It was done mainly to interoperate voxel data with other developers. Also it could be useful to handle medical data - Solved problem with uv-file mentioned in forum - It is possible now to change texture filtering in View menu - linear or nearest neighbour. It is especially important for precise painting and very small textures painting. - Fixed problem with delete material mentioned by Juan 08D->08E - inverted zoom direction issue fixed - cut&clone - improper start position of the handler fixed 08E->08F - Occlusion tool fixed for DP - no more noise or dark result if UV overlap happens. - I found reason of crash in Pose with rect selection. I was not able to reproduce it but bugreports helped me . - GL version works - 3D-mouse works 08F->08G - I made possibility to distort masks and materials with pen. - voxel layer can be renamed with doubleclick - Invert mask will work in voxels too - Symmetry issue in pose tool with rectangular selection fixed - Pivot point and handler direction in pose tool with rect selection is much more predictable and user-friendly. - If you will select mesh in merge tool and try to activate other tool without actual merging you will be asked if you need to merge object before leaving the tool. 08G->08H - I found and fixed the reason of unstable work and loosing sub-objects in 64-bit version of 3DC of several latest betas - I made possibility to store/restore mask/material distortion to disk - Also bug fixed - click outside 3DC, then click inside -> huge material distortion - Fixed possible crash while merging voxels->DP 08H -> 08I - I made hue/saturation/lightness/brightness/contrast/gamma controls for materials - in additional to distortion. - Important addition - possibility to merge in painting and voxel modes not only obj...lwo files but 3B scenes too. If will be possible from File->Merge or from Merge tool in voxels - fixed: marking seams when mouse released even during navigation - Strict function in UV tools and retopo strengthened essentially - fixed: clickng in palette in space menu leaves a spot on the model 08I->08J - Hide tool on per-voxel basis (works in all modes - with pen, rect, lasso etc, respects masks). New hide tool seems has great potential. Combination of hide/unhide/delete hidden becomes strong hardsurdface modeling tool. - Sketch tool - get model from 2 or 3 projections from reference images. Sketch tool is done. It's essence - you need 2 or 3 painted grayscale projections. White means filled, black - empty. - Hide in retopo tool (in Select mode) - found and fixed bug in retopo tool (points&faces) mentioned by Taros - Fixed crash in expand/contract freeze (reported by Juan Carlos) - It is possible now to view model with checker in UV-tool - Left panel sections can be collapsed/expanded by click 08J->08K - possibility to run brush along the curve in curves tool - possibility to limit rotation by space navigator around Y-axis for convenience. Look preferences. - hide tool is pressure dependent - radius and depth of penetration will depend on pressure - possibility to separate hidden part of volume as separate volume (Voxels->Separate hidden) - fixed : Undo after unhide all eliminates hidden volume - fixed: rough or obsolete erasing at the bound of the frozen area in DP - fixed: crash in sketch tool (very often on OSX and rare in Windows) - fixed: picking&deleting vertices in Points&quads mode - fixed: undo in retopo with hidden faces 08K->08L - I made possibility to bake occlusion while baking normalmap from voxels to DP. So after baking VS->DP you will get normalmap+occlusion. - Normalmap baking quality essentially improved - no details will be lost when baking voxels->DP - I have add button "Apply" everywhere in voxel tool when you need to press enter. Not everyone knows that ENTER should be pressed. - fixed space navigator pivot point issue 08L->08M - Possibility to bake color of materials to textures in DP (first version, will be improved much more) It works only in retopo tool, Merge for per pixel painting with normalmap - Fixed incorrect normalmap and occlusion baking, normlmap baking quality improved - Solved long standing problem - 64 bit executables will always be run as admin whithout manual choosing RMB->Run as admin - Space navigator update - in new Y-constrained navigation scheme roll will be optionally enabled 08M->08N - Finished baking shaders to texture in DP mode. The most work was in tweaking shaders setting. Shaders color baking is introduced everywhere - in microvertex baking and texture baking tool. - Drag&drop for layers done. Layers cam be moved between each other or to trash. Use ALT+drag layer to duplicate layer - support of triangles in topological symmetry tool for per pixel painting. Till this time only quads was supported correctly. - bottom panel for vox tree. It looks similar to layers bottom panel, trash supports drag&drop too. http://bit.ly/mFUxU - estimated polycount in merge tool - to get to know how much polygones will appear in scene after merging the object. - Estimated polycount is implemented for the sketch tool too. - Important improvement- when object will be merged first in voxel tool user will be asked if initial scale and translaton should be perserved. In so way scale and position of initial object will be preserved on all stages - export raw mesh, retopo object, painted model. - ortho-projection issues in retopo tool fixed - symmetry plane and ALT-TAB issue fixed - Long paths in input fields will be truncated from the beginning, not from the end. In so way file name will be visible better. In case of truncating hint will show full path. Also I implemented RMB menu in that file control to be able to open file or browse containing folder. It is important for render and baking. - I made other approach to solve UAC problem - if 3DC is not run as admin by some reason, 3D-Coat will work but show warning at the start. 08N->08O - Layers in retopo tool - Fit object in viewport (by default SHIFT A) Improvements in merge tool: - Possibility to merge mesh as thin skin - Possibility to merge separate objects in mesh to separate volumes - sub-objects with _negative in the name will be subtractive (optionally) - fixed bug reported by TonyNemo - strange layer that leads to crash. It was reported several times before but this time it is fixed. - Jitters behaviour improved - when brush stays it will not jitter at place, just one jitter per movement. It is important to make randomly oriented spots like poses. In older implementation one click was able to produce many spots, it was messy. - I improved algorithm for Apply UV - if indices of vertices was messed, positions will be used to find correspondence. 08O-08 P - fixed: Pick from all layers failed if current layer was empty in pick point. - Instability in topo symm copy fixed - fixed: right-left arrow over split line in interface not always leads to moving split line. Looked really strange. It will be much more easy to capture split line. - 3D-Coat will open 3B and OBJ files from command line. So you can assign 3D-Coat to be default program to open that files. But on Windows 64 bit it will work corretly ONLY if UAC is turned off. - Possibility to save/load hotkeys set separately from options. - Possibility to swap Y and Z while all import export operations. It is important for Rhino users. - Export of textures simplified, I removed UV Manager from textures menu and made export things more straight. Older scheme produced many errors and impossibility to export or dit in ext editor some uv sets - Fixed disappeared symmetry plane in retopo tool when empty voxel object selected. - "hard to click twice" issue for OSX fixed 08P->08Q - Great news! Global cavity detection in DP done! It works correctly with external normalmap too.So, condition "more/less on cavity" will work work correctly with geometrical details, displaced details and external normalmap. - "Cut through volumes" checker in Merge tool to cut negative volumes through all child volumes. - Bend tool. It allows to bend object very accurately and wrap around circle or segment. It is close to axial symmetry, but it bends objects instead of cloning. This tool is important for hardsurfacing and extremely useful for jewelry. With Bend/wrap tool you will also be able to twist object too. - Older version of Hide is enabled too - it is called Cell hide. - Picking edges in ortho mode fixed (in retopo tool) - fixed: incorrect baking occlusion from voxels->DP on OSX - fixed crash on osx/open GL in merge/spike/snake... tools when panorama background was enabled. It was really hard to find & fix it. - Possibility to create packages on pens for easy redistribution - fixed: rare crash when changing pens folder - fixed: incorrect work with negative volumes in merge tool if mesh is open - fixed deleting material crash Anyway I will continue hard work over all bugs that was reported during and after my vacation. Links: Windows version: With CUDA, 32 bit With CUDA, 64 bit Without CUDA, 32 bit Without CUDA, 64 bit OSX Version: www.3d-coat.com/files/3D-CoatV3-00-08Q.dmg Linux version (NEW!) www.3d-coat.com/~sergyi/3D-Coat-V3-RC4.tar.gz If you have any visual issues, please set "System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects -> None". Edit: all links updated
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    Идея улучшения Voxels: "2D Paint" brush

    интересная идея
  24. Tinker, если я тебя правильно понял, то имхо лучше добавить к объекту "настраиваемый бэвэл"... если такое технически возможно