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  1. angelia

    Liveclay speed sculpts

    Very nice sculptures!
  2. angelia

    the hammer

    Nice piece! The hammer looks coool.
  3. angelia

    Filagree Bird

    It is beautiful,just like a real product of art! Like your design so much...
  4. angelia

    Skeksis_The Garthim Master

    Wow,really great!
  5. Your sculpt is very simple but beautiful.Good work.
  6. angelia


    Your sculpt is similar with the references, nice work!
  7. angelia

    Clarisse, the future ?

    Render time is always a headache, isn't it? I think could have a try if we have some spare time.All different software is worth a try.
  8. angelia

    crazy hospice characters

    All your characters are quite great,like these design.And renders are good too.
  9. angelia

    Other Sites you Visit

    cgtalk.org is quite useful for study.I visit it everyday.
  10. angelia

    [WIP] Beholder

    Seems really cool. And fictional monster has an attracting style.
  11. angelia

    Spaceship Project X

    Unique spaceship,it is an awesome concept!
  12. It is good so far,the face of the character seems especially impressive.Keep on!
  13. angelia


    Wow,really like a real antique teapot.great work...
  14. angelia

    Carlosan Artworks & WIP

    nice work!
  15. angelia

    my wip

    The cloud or the naked user is funny,,keep on posting your further work.