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  1. I was glad to see the link. To help Ukraine right now with some insight in how from you guys was most welcome.
  2. I may not be on the forum much these days due to my current job, but I never stop using 3DC in my work and think about you guys frequently. I pray this soon ends and for you, Stas, Oleg, Daniel, Vladimir and all your families.
  3. The team in Ukraine sent out an email earlier Monday my time, with a way that can help Ukraine through this time. I pray this madness ends soon.
  4. That was a fun event! I talked so much I ended up losing my voice a little more each day. By the end of the 3rd day I could barely talk lol I love 3DC and the team, so it's hard to say, but I also find it buggy. I hope it does improve more over time. I am rooting for it.
  5. Hi there! I've complained about this for years. I even did a mock-up on a panel that could contain this, unfortunately nothing ever happened. I really wish this would change, because I can't tell you how often it's gotten in my way of working (hint: Every single time). Hears hoping this might change this time.
  6. Hey Tony! Try again in about 10 minutes, on Google Drive. It's currently uploading and has an eta of 2 minutes.
  7. I stand half corrected. Thanks. I never visit that site, only the forum where it is labeled correctly. Thanks for passing that along.
  8. You're doing a great job Andrew. Don't let one troll get to you. He's got nothing better to do with his time. Positive vibes and keep on doing what you do best, making rad tools.
  9. And further note for you Dmitry, it is clearly marked as beta. So saying the team is lying is a lie itself. Find yourself in the corner. Don't post like this anymore. Final warning I'll ever give you.
  10. Thanks for that Andrew! On topic 3, do you think though that you could make a new panel for this, and include all of these types of functions? It's especially maddening when using curves and that popup gets in your way. It's infuriating really. Years gone by now and that popup just blocks your view. Why not make a simple, normal, dockable panel for all this stuff?
  11. I could not agree more! Please put all of the curve modes, selection modes, etc. into a panel that can be docked, moved, etc.. One thing that has always caused a lot of pain, and frankly I find it a bit more than frustrating, is how the curves popup always ends up in the way and there is no way around it because it can't be moved. It makes it impossible to place down verts for a curve. It should just be a panel like any other in 3DC. Please Andrew, make this reality.
  12. First 5 posts are manually approved, after that you can post instantly. Still not sure why you couldn’t post in that thread though. If you notice it happens again, please let us know!
  13. Hi and welcome to the forum! Anyone should be able to post in that forum. I'm not sure why you couldn't. I've also changed your member group manually so you should be able to go post anywhere now. Sorry for any trouble. Cheers!
  14. Bug: The (Surface) pinch tool now causes overlapping polygons. EDIT: Default settings, alphas, masks, etc.. Just open 3DC, select the pinch tool and off you go.
  15. Hi! Welcome to the forum. In the other post you mention, I can see how the result could be different. If I remember correctly, it varies by scene scale as well as the depth. In your example though, you're using the same object and getting two different results, is this correct? Could you record a short video showing it happen? Also which build of 3DC are you using, and which OS are you on?
  16. Unless some forum rules have changed I'm not aware of, this is still the place for ideas. I also happen to agree with you.
  17. This would be excellent to have in 3DC. As it stands now I either have to do the displacement in another tool and bring it back to 3DC, making a static point in the workflow where if something goes wrong I'd have to go way back to that point to redo it, and potentially lots of other work (completely undesired). Or, use another sculpting tool. I'd rather stay in 3DC and have this as a function that you could have it toggle on/off. And if the UVs change it just doesn't work until you specify the UVs for it. Done and done. Any chance on this happening in 4.9 @Andrew Shpagin? Thanks!
  18. No worries L'Ancien! I'm going to quote Raben here This is exactly right. It's generally aimed but meant for specific people (ie, not you two for sure). You've got no worries. Carry on.
  19. Couldn't agree with you more. Reel in the discussion, folks. Or unfortunately, it could get locked.
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