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  1. It never appeared in my 3D-Coat 4.8.37 version. On the YouTube 3D Coat Training Channel, I seen a comment where someone asked the same question. It looks like their solution was the SL installer. What is the SL installer?
  2. bisenberger

    Swept Surface and probably Modeling Room

    Cool stuff! Thanks.
  3. bisenberger

    freeze to dark in sculpt room surface mode

    After watching this YouTube video a way around this was apparent. One can just create a layer and paint the areas to be frozen and then select Freeze Painted Pixels on that layer. It's also a good way to save selection areas. The YouTube 3D Coat channel is an excellent resource!
  4. bisenberger

    freeze to dark in sculpt room surface mode

    Carlson, the marching patterns have transparency, but are very distracting.
  5. bisenberger

    freeze to dark in sculpt room surface mode

    Changing shaders didn't fix it. Same issue in the paint room. I started a new project with Paint UV Mapped Mesh (Per-Pixel). I double click the sphere didn't change any import settings then used freeze on an area with default layers and same thing. I tried toggling through the freeze views, but the white and black are completely opaque.
  6. Freeze is to dark to distinguish the surface of the selected area. The image below shows what it looks like on my computer and what it looks like on a YouTube video. The way it displays on the YouTube video is much more usable. 3D-Coat 4.8.25(DX64) and 3D-Coat4.8.32(DX64).
  7. I deleted the Options***.xml first and that didn't work. Tthen I deleted MyDocs/3D-CoatV38. Still not working. When I select Show Beta Tools it does add ExtrudeFaces to the Adjust tools though.
  8. I'm using 4.8.32. I have tried with surface and voxel mode. Show all tools in section didn't fix it. I also tried a clean install.
  9. Hi Carlson, Yep. Sorry for the late reply.
  10. It's not showing for me in version 4.8.32(DX64) or 4.8.32(GL64). Do I need to do a clean install?
  11. bisenberger

    possiblity to request materials for PBR Smart Materials Store

    Thanks Carlson, and Merry Christmas.
  12. Is it possible to add request for materials to the PBR Smart Material Store? Stone materials such as marble and limestone, like those used for monuments and Roman architecture, currently seem to be lacking. The PBR Smart Material Store is an excellent addition!
  13. bisenberger

    normal not showing up in Smart Material Preview window

    Okey dokey. Thanks Carlosan.
  14. bisenberger

    normal not showing up in Smart Material Preview window

    Hi Carlosan, It looks like the issue relates to what channels were on when the normal was created. If the normal was created with color and glossiness turned off, the normal won't show up in the Smart Material Preview. If the normal was created with all 3 channels turned on the normal is displayed in the Smart Material Preview.