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    Thank you for your comment 3DArtist Here is another simple model Download link: http://www.ShareCG.c...l/3D-Coat-alien
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    Skias Onar Sketchbook

    Hello everybody, I'm a long time owner of an 3D Coat licence, but not a long time user of this program. I bought it because of it's voxel tool, but after using it for a few days, I wasn't really satisfied with it. I'm a long time ZBrush and Sculptris user too, therefore I was thinking about to sell my 3D Coat licence again since a longer time. But I wasn't here in the forum for an very long time, therefore I didn't know how much 3D Coat has changed since I bought it. I now have downloaded the newest beta version and I have to say, that it has changed tremendously. The brushes seems to be so much smoother and these Liveclay tools are looking great at the first look. And there are so many more tools I didn't know, yet :-) Therefore I have decided, to take another look at 3D Coat. I will challenged myself the next days, to learn all the new functionality. I will post my results here in this thread and if you want, you will be able to download all the models I do during the next days, to take a closer look at them. Sorry for my bad English, but I'm not a native speaker :-( Here is my first test I call her Kim and she is a little cartoon girl. You can download her from here: http://www.sharecg.com/pf/Skias_Onar