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    Flavietto SketchBook

    Oppss... I miss this tip. So i can put in this thread? like...: thank you all! Flavio
  2. flavietto

    Flavietto SketchBook

    Here is one of my first attemp with 3dCoat Voxel modelling. I hope will become a better artist! http://bit.ly/NOBuuo Bye bye, Flavio
  3. flavietto

    Zoodiacs W.I.P.

    Hy everyone. I'm very new to 3dCoat. Just 1 month ago i found this software and i fall in love! This is one of my forst WIP, hope you like it: I'm having some problems reguards detailing. I find very difficult, even on a 6x body piece, ti carve and push inside. Never get a very fine detail. Can some one help me? Thank you all. Fla'
  4. flavietto

    Hy Everyone!

    Dear geothefaust. Really i'm a very new user of Messiah. I boughtit 1 year ago while a great pmg offer, but i've never used it. Now, while studying animation with blender, i resume my license and i would like to try. But it seems quite instable proeject. I cannot sign in setup tab forum (due to a recourrent error while regitering), the setup tab shop seemd offline, the manual seems not updated and at last i cannot find good tutorials.... I hope for a best future! Thank you all. Flavio
  5. flavietto

    Messiah 5 AppLink

    Hy Everyone. I'm having a little problem. I've installed The applink to messiah studio 5 (64 bit with latest update from pmG) but it seems not function. Exporting something from messiah to 3dcoat it responds with the error: This version of LWO is to old to support. Please export again using the 6.5 version on lw or higher. Can anyone help me? My system information: Windows 7 64bit 3dCoat 3.7 Applink 5.0 to messiah studio Messiah Studio 5.0 + official update
  6. flavietto

    Hy Everyone!

    Hy Everyone on this forum! I'm a new 3dCoat happy user from Rome, Italy. I've tested for some day before buy it and i'm very happy. I was crying cause i was trying to buy ZBrush (too expensive and with an orrible interface to me) and when I discovered 3dCoat, it was a surprise. I use it with Blender, Messiah Studio and Octane Render Engine. I hope to let you see something interesting very soon. Bye bye. Flavio