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  1. "Screen space reflections and lights! " Options only visible in OpenGL, missing in DX.
  2. @Carlosan Radeon ProRender may have some licensing issues? Step 2 says "sign a Radeon™ ProRender Commercial Software Licensing Agreement" Have not looked into the details, but ProRender seems nice and cross platform. Now for Cycles and Lux, I integrated them into unity over 3 years ago. https://bit.ly/2UIZSt3 both are fairly easy to integrate, send mesh and shader/texture data...render to memory buffer, display converting shaders is not that hard with PBR, they are "physically based" which is kinda universal. any path tracer will be noisy (cycles), but just as example...32 samples (a few seconds) with my unity plugin using optix
  3. same, and I did redownload the latest build (as of 1PM 4/5/2018) crash when I selected voxel scene (empty or with model) --- got it working by uninstalling, then deleting all the folders left behind. 1. delete 3D coat folder from program files *or 4.8.14# folder if you have multible versions installed 2. delete all 3 3D coat folders from your Documents folder 3. reinstall now it will open scene *If your model is red, it's the bug I reported a few weeks ago *to fix it, right click a shader and click "Select as Default Shader"
  4. I don't know which version it started, but 3D Coat does not fully uninstall and leaves these files which I have to manually delete:
  5. also doesn't work for me exactly as you describe...
  6. @Oleg_Shapo last time i'm going to report this bug...it's been since 4.5, and I posted on mantis, I give up. selected curve points with symmetry are moved when you rotate the view across the symmetry plane.
  7. Thanks that does seem to work! Recap for Andrew: V4.8.9+ clean installs the default shader is not set. which causes the glitches seen in the video.
  8. I did some testing and found V4.8.8 was the last working version... Here is a video showing the same steps 1st half of video = 4.8.8 (how it should look) 2nd half of video = 4.8.10 *also note on 4.8.10 how the start mat is wrong, and open new file it's wrong + glossy
  9. I think it's more then an instance issue...as you see, when I assign to the left arm..it changes the right arm, head, and legs.. hiding the torso causes the legs mat to change.. also note the orignal model does not start off with the default mat...and using the clay mat is red. something is really messed up.
  10. any ideas what is going on with materials...makes 3d coat completely broken. *I've uninstalled...deleted folders in program files and documents...reinstalled, registered. system info: Windows 10 - Version: 1709 Build: 16299.192 Nvidia 1070 - Driver: 388.71 it assigns wrong materials...assigns to wrong objects (ie assign to left arm..it does both)...hide object materials change...
  11. reported 2 years ago...Status still "New", and still broken in 4.8. http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1992 Does nobody use curves?
  12. had the same audio problems when 10 first came out...had to uninstall/reinstall drivers each reboot to get sound working again. (back to Windows 7) BUT...A few weeks ago decided to Try it again since creative have released audio drivers for Win10 and no problems now, sticking to 10. Look for some updated drivers for you sound card, the ones installed with windows 10 suck. Windows 10 is faster and has some cool features for multi monitor support like each monitor can have it's own task bar. Windows 7 is still great, the audio issue was the only thing keeping me from upgrading and now that is fixed. who ever is still on vista should upgrade to 7 to 10...you can always install it on a new computer later (worst case you just call the automated microsoft number to reset the hardware)
  13. My testing it seems to be a focus issue... Not working: Explorer open (window over top 3D Coats), drag image directly to 3D coat..Nothing happens Working: Explorer open (window over top 3D Coats), drag image to 3D coat in taskbar so it gets focus, then drop into 3D coat..works Also working using your method of Alt-Tab first so 3D Coat has focus works. Seems the "drop" doesn't register unless 3D coat has focus.
  14. This is the last i'm going to post about the seam problem, it gets fixed or not. I just can't use 3D coat in this state cause just 1 pixel in a low texture size really stands out. *256/512/1024 sizes are the norm for mobile and web games Of course trying to make a video I find another bug... *can't draw pixels at the angle I have the view rotated Besides the issue of not being able to paint pixels at certain angles.. I was trying to show how the padding seems to be calculated from a 4x4 blending Not what I want! Also seems to be a "off by .5" error, at the end you will see you can't paint the "1/2" pixel closest to the seam. Anyway, I suggest an option to not blend and just copy the pixel to the padding.