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  1. dyrwoolf

    Paint images on objects

    Found the answer to this in a video. One have to choose From Camera in Preferrd Mapping
  2. dyrwoolf

    Paint images on objects

    Hi, I have used 3D Coat before thw update. Before i could use a texture in paint room and paint through on to the model, I saw the image transperant and just painted. I cant find that option anymore? I just se the "Smart Material" tab, before the update it was only called "Material". The "Smart Material" that dont let me paint through. Has this option been removed, or can I paint like before some how? Sins Dyrwoolf
  3. dyrwoolf

    Morps dont work(I think)

    It seams to work when im in Microvertex mode, as it says under the video:)
  4. dyrwoolf

    Morps dont work(I think)

    Hi, Im trying to do as in this video http://vimeo.com/9394361 Its about getting morph targets into LW. I cant get this to work in 3Dcoat v4. The tab isn't called Sculpt anymore, its called Tweak, but I asume its the same, is it? When i try to change a Layer in Tweak room it says its no ide to do so because Tweak room always work on the current layer. So I cant toggle my morps on and off. Its seams to change the mesh and not create a morph target on a specific layer. Anyone that can help me with this? I would be very appreciated. Sins Dyrwoolf
  5. Hi, Is there one hot key for this? (I tried to search this forumbut the searchfunction dont seam to work,i write hot key and no result is showing. Even thou i know post with this words exists.)
  6. dyrwoolf

    Newbie questions

    Hi, I have just started and try this excellent program. I have some beginner's questions, however. I made a stone wall yesterday which was very good, now I would like to make another one with the same settings as the first wall. Color, depth, etc., but even if I enter the exact same settings, I get not the same result? The only difference between the two walls is the first I created mev voxels in the 3d coat, the other I imported from another application. Then I wonder if you can add an item to an already working with. thus it add it to the scene so to speak.