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  1. What is the best way to move multiple voxel layers into the paint room?
  2. aidenvfx

    Object will not become voxel

    The scale up worked. Thank you all for your help
  3. aidenvfx

    Object will not become voxel

    Thanks for that information. However it appears to be a bigger problem when I click on grow volume 1 shows up as a blob. 2X model shows nothing when I click on grow the object disappears.
  4. aidenvfx

    Object will not become voxel

    So not sure what I am doing wrong. I used a basic test file object and tried to convert it to a voxel and from what I understand the object when it becomes a voxel will change to a different shade. However I am getting different results. I have tried a number of different objects and am wondering what the issue might be. I can load straight 3DC files that are voxels no problem. Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks. My system is a Mac Pro 2.66 Quad Core Xeon running 10.6.8 6 gigs of RAM ATI 5770